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Paris, Tx

Originally from small town Clarksville TX. Love to collect old motorcycles parts and work on old motorcycles. I have loved motorcycles since I was about 7 or 8 yrsOriginally from small town Clarksville TX. Love to collect old motorcycles parts and work on old motorcycles. I have loved motorcycles since I was about 7 or 8 yrs old. Collect old Valentines. Collect Jack Daniels items. Collect old tins and love to research antiques, prefer primitive. (Read more)


  1. Thanks so much for the info...I really cant thank u enough..I have heen searing for info for years..The lady it came from actually visited England..Italy..France. .Europe and etc several times a year....
  2. The first picture is the top. (I just added is the top shelve with different size holes....some are are about 1\2 " long..some are 3\4 " long..but for the most part..the holes are close to the same s...
  3. Still trying to upload pictures..trying to load from tablet as opposed to my laptop which has crashed on me..
  4. Very nice..I have a very similar out my site in a day or so and see mine
  5. I did understand what u said about ur pipe rack. Im just puzzled about the different size holes. I took new photos but having trouble posting them. It nayb tomorrow before u see the new pictures......
  6. I can get this real quick but I will need to delete one of the pictures. ..and I am familar with the pipe racks as well. Notice how the openings on one shelf tmight b large enough for pipes..but the ...
  7. A side view wa not originally posted but will be available soon
  8. I wish I could ask her several things about items we came across...she sold antiques in her home by appointment only is how we met and she is no longer with us and we had several ideas and research in...
  9. If u notice on the side view on the construction..each dowl was made to fut very nails or glue were used..just wedged together..A very good engineering thought...I might add..
  10. The date has been determined by 2 factors first, the owner of the item in Pittsburg..she and I have swapped stories and items for 30 yrs plus..we could write a book...the original home for this item ...
  11. I will post the clock and pictures in a few days...for toolate2..and if ur a clock person. .u should email me I collect circa 1800 clocks
  12. Ur right I should of taken it out before I took the pictures
  13. Please forgive me for the delay of response. additional photos
  14. send me a picture of front and back let me see what I can do. It might help me determine mine as well. If you would you can send it to
  15. I need help identifying the carving I found under the lip of the seat of this bench. It was purchased in Penn. and is a deacon's bench I believe. The markings looks like ia on the end or possibly n...
  16. thanks Bellin68
  17. Anyone have input on this oil painting?
  18. I don't believe I properly thanked TallCakes for the info, I really appreciated it.....
  19. Thanks for comment ARBJason I am going to try to post better pictures but when I came across this I was so excited about sharing it I just put the first picture I took of it out there.
  20. I love this, could you look at my picture of hanging of Jerrry Blaybuck tell me how to find out info on this, please
  21. Love old tins
  22. check out my bugle if you havc time course I don't have a story behind it
  23. Oh thank you so ever kindly for sharing this story with me.
  24. OMG there are people out there just as crazy as me!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  25. I have looked the eagle over very carefully, no markings at all and I am getting pretty good at finding markings as much as I deal with my collections.
  26. Love your stories, I always listened very tentatively to my Grandfathers war stories from 5 yrs old i till he passed away when I was 12. I miss his stories even today. Check out my metals I have pos...
  27. check out the 1847 by Amy M Lezter I just posted, lover yours.......
  28. I am 58 I remember folgers that cheap and in a glass jar. To me it smelled so much better contained in a jar like this, and I'm not a coffe drinker.
  29. Thanks everyone for your comments!
  30. Thanks yardsaledave, what you replies with is about what I was thinking it is. Appreciate it.
  31. love the pantry boxes watch for my round wooden box, I think you'll love it.
  32. then if your first guess was flask you might be right, curious does the cap seem to fit well enougt to be the original way it came?
  33. This is just an idea, but from the pictures, the opening in the top, could this possibly be a lamp but the insides are missing?
  34. Try browsing retro lamps, there are a few on ebay that might be from the same manufacturer that yours is made from. Look on the bottom of the lamp and see if there are some letters engraved, might be...
  35. I may be way off on this but I think this is an avon bottle that had lotion in it.
  36. This could be what they use to use as a pic keeper, although the pie keepers usually had glass panels and glass doors, try looking up oak wood pie keeper on the internet.
  37. Look on the back of this hutch and see if there are some numbers or letters stamped on it. I could possibly be under the hutch. If there are email me at I seem to have good ...
  38. My grandmother and mother use to buy these in the early 70's from the Five and Dime store in Clarksville Texas. They appear to be printed on flour sacks, I have probably 20 or so I plan to use in a q...
  39. I had several of these at one time, probably still do somewhere, if you get time look at my Cast Iron Hot Water Heater I put out there today.
  40. need help idenifying this item
  41. See more


Westclox "Clock of Tomorrow" boy on beach, Cliff House, San Francisco CA Matches 1920's Toy Train 1917 Henry Potter & Co. Brass Bugle Large blue glass jug bubbles in glass 1974 calendar tapestry


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