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Not much to tell,collector,fixer,auction junky,always looking for something to tinker with or a big score.


  1. Great bike!!
  2. That bike looks identicalto a 1953 Schwinn that I had a while back!
  3. Don't paint it,that bike will clean up nice with some WD40 and some elbow grease,I'll bet the paint willeven polish up pretty nice!!
  4. I guess the bike is a BSA,I found one that sold on ebay a few weeks ago,that was a 1930s model,it didn't say anything about wood rims and it had different toe clips.This one is probably a little older.
  5. They used wood rims into the 1920s on some bikes,I've seen that chainring before but I can't remember where,I'm still looking.
  6. I believe your right Kerry,I thought the rear roof line looked different but it looks right from the front.
  7. That car has a European look with the laid back grille,did you ever look to see if there a door tag or anything on it?
  8. I think they went out of style as a way to cut costs,that is a great old Pontiac hood ornament.
  9. That is a cool old bike,what kind of engine is on it,I think the name is on the flywheel but I can't read it.I never saw one with a front kick stand but I guess with the engine in the front that's whe...
  10. Camillus was a big company at one time,they actually just went out of business a few years ago but they made knives for about 100years,I have quite a few and usually keep any decent ones that I find.
  11. Jim Gaddis,I'm sure they were made for a lot of different companies,is yours stamped at all?If so what is the stamp on the tang of the blade?If it's Camillus or in the case of mine Syracuse which was ...
  12. Jason,I just saw your comment,no it's not MOP,more like mother of toilet seat,actually I think they're plastic,these must have been made pretty cheap.
  13. Are you sure the serial number is correct,I find that in 1973 the serial numbers start with H but then it's suppose to be 4 numbers after it.It looks to me like a 1960s or 70s bike but I'm not sure.
  14. Craigslist is about the best for bikes,I sell about 1/month on there,some bikes will do ok on ebay but I wouldn't bother with that one.I have been using local bike trader for a month or so now but I r...
  15. There's just the single pen blade besides the hook?Are the scales wood or horn?
  16. How big is the knife,closed length.The hook looks to me like a button hook,they put them on some knives but I've never seen one on a pattern like that.I'm showing that stamp as Central Cutlery Co of E...
  17. Does the bike have coaster brakes?The handlebars have been changed and I'm wondering about the caliper brakes,I don't think they came out until the late 1950s or early 1960s.Still an early Schwinn fra...
  18. With that original Shell decal on it,I wouldn't even consider restoring it,it looks great.
  19. That is a great old survivor!
  20. Really nice old Schwinn tandem.
  21. Are there any serial numbers on it?Is it a 5spd bike?With the hand brakes and being a multiple geared bike,I believe it would be from no earlier than the middle 1960s,it looks to be in decent conditio...
  22. A beautiful old Schwinn!
  23. I've seen a few of these they also made a '57 Chevy couch.
  24. So that also works as a tripod mount.These cameras were pretty neat.
  25. Is yours marked at all?This one has no markings what so ever.
  26. Was that attachment on the bottom a stand for it?I never saw one of those or the flash.
  27. That bike doesn't need much,I think I could have it looking pretty good in a couple hours time,that old chrome will clean right up.
  28. Maybe we could workout a trade for that handful of Case trappers you picked up.LOL I tend to find that a lot of those places that sell on the internet seem to keep prices pretty high but I don't kn...
  29. I'd try this one if I could find a way to replace the missing handle,I have a nice Horrocks- Ibbotson 7' Tonka Princess 4 1/2 weight bamboo rod that it would look real good on.
  30. I guess I should put that in the safe instead of keeping it in the gun cabinet.LOL
  31. More like Case especially,but I have Queens,Camillus,an old Schatt and Morgan,An old Tidioute,a few Kutmaster and a few other odds and ends.I trade off an odd one occasionally but not very often.I do ...
  32. That's what I was thinking too,I've seen the home rolled cigarettes and that's why I figured that's what it was,I just couldn't figure what the felt bag was for.
  33. I have a couple of Robeson pocket knives but they're from the 1950s or 60s,I'm trying to collect at least a couple of knives of each of the companies that were related to the Case family.
  34. I know it's not bone,I can tell bone from delrin or plastic just by look and feel,but I've never been around much ivory.But with the faux ivory,you can see the lines in it without a loupe,this one you...
  35. I'm pretty sure it's ivory,I'm not 100% certain but I can usually tell the French Ivory pretty easy and it's not that.
  36. It's bigger than a business card,not quite as big as an index card.
  37. I never got real deep into the sx7 culture but I believe the cameras have more than just a collector value,I think there are people that use them for some type of artistic picture taking.I know the pr...
  38. I should get a picture of it from the tip,it reminds me of some type of tool that would be used in the same general manner as an adz but I don't now what.
  39. Is that a 20" bike?That front fender ornament is probably worth a bunch!
  40. I remember having a hard time spotting them the first day or 2,she was picking them up left and right.The ones we found came in with the tide,just small ones maybe 1/2-3/4" but your right,it was a bla...
  41. That's a Sonar isn't it,they aren't quite as popular as the earlier versions of the SX70 but people are still interested in them.
  42. Are you sure?All the adz that I ever saw had a wide blade,not a point.
  43. I spent a week with a friend on a beach just north of Myrtle Beach about 12 or 14 years ago,we hunted sharks teeth most of the week in the mornings,we did pretty good,I'd like to get back and try it a...
  44. I remember having one like it as a kid back in the 1960s,nice radio.
  45. I was looking at these a few days ago,I'd like to find more with tractors on them.
  46. I only have a couple others besides those,occasionally I'll see one somewhere that I'd like to have but it always seems that someone else wants it more than me.
  47. They aren't marked,I figure it could possibly be that old but I'm sure they made them for along time.
  48. I don't think you could put a regular matchbox in this one,this one has looks like it had a little cardboard box in it with strikers on each side,the strikers are wore out but I hate to try taking the...
  49. This one has no markings,not even a name.When I got it I did research it some and found a company name that made them,I don't remember anymore what it was but if it's like most military items they wer...
  50. The other item is a single row transplanter,they can be used for planting any bedding plant,tomatoes,cabbage,tobacco.I don't know about a price but someone that wanted a nice single row would probably...
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Anvil with a history Drew Silver Corp 10.21 ounces of 999+ Fine Silver Small Bird Knife ? raleigh bike 1959...Cadillac Couch Purple Glass Ashtray some of my vintage petrol cans 1969 Gambles Drag Duster Mark II Eliminator Polaroid SX-70 SE Land Camera With Flash Attachment A Sampling of a few knives Dating From 1915-1970 Pepsi:Cola... Six Pkg. Carrier...With Bottles Esso Gasoline Garbage Pail Give Away OLD ZENITH RADIO, COULD ANY ONE GIVE ME INFO ABOUT IT 5X7 film Camera from Indiana Watch Fobs Allis Chalmers and Lawn-Boy United States Auto Club lighter


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