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50 yrs old. always looking for that next treasure, any and all. Really love all metal signs, clocks, and coca cola. Most of all love my Harley. When I grow up I want50 yrs old. always looking for that next treasure, any and all. Really love all metal signs, clocks, and coca cola. Most of all love my Harley. When I grow up I want to pick full time! (Read more)


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ART DECO COCA COLA CLOCK - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
1940s LIME COLA SIGN - Signsin Signs
Vess Cola Thermometer - Advertisingin Advertising
1972 Honda 350 cl Scrambler - Motorcyclesin Motorcycles
Coca Cola Button Signs - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
Cleveland Spinner Neon Clock - Clocksin Clocks
Vintage Neon Vacancy Sign - Signsin Signs
1940's Hires Root Beer Thermometer - Advertisingin Advertising
Hires Root Beer Menu sign - Advertisingin Advertising
Hanging porcelain "Fountain Service" Sidewalk Sign - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola


  1. Is this for sale
  2. Thank you Lostinspace !
  3. MickeyH, im looking at a Koken#140 and wanted to know if there should be a panel on the back side or was this to be open to access the light bulb. Any help would be great. Jeff
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  11. Hey thanks much tommy1002!
  12. Does anyone have an old Petretti 's they could look this up for me , thanks much
  13. has anyone seen this clock before?
  14. thank you ThriftStoreAddict!
  15. Thats great armyrn , l love that site
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  22. Thanks for the comments MarilynD826 I love that show but didnt see the episode where he restored this machine , I will look it up .very cool , have a great day
  23. Heidi, congrats on your new store, looks great!
  24. Thank you Artstudiomgr for the comment , love your collection!
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  26. That sounds great Brian congrats, where did you find it? Jeff
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  31. Thanks alot Signaholic , haven't collected any masonite signs before but couldnt resist on these babies .
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  33. Very cool would love to own it .
  34. Beautiful , love to take her for a spin !
  35. That is one sweet bike, congrats!
  36. Going to look at a Belfast water glow dial , it is blue and white glass can you tell me if these are reproductions. Thanks
  37. Love your neons !
  38. I love it !
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  43. nice , I have one just like that enjoy!
  44. Very nice collection
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  46. Had one just like it when I was a kid ,love it!
  47. Heidi, that's a good idea been thinking about it just have to do it .
  48. Looks great , just plug and play !
  49. Thanks for your comments magcag03 , best thing its never been touched 100% original .have a good weekend
  50. Maybe I will someday , maybe I could pick your brain someday . Ive owned 7 eleven stores for 25 yrs so have the business part down just dont know if I could make a living . Thanks for the comments , J...
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