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Hi, I love vintage and Antiques Items.. I'm so glad I found this site and seen all the great collections out there. i have a few posted and will add more.. I love anHi, I love vintage and Antiques Items.. I'm so glad I found this site and seen all the great collections out there. i have a few posted and will add more.. I love anything general store related and trains and vintage jewelry. I also collect old books (love the childrens books) My friend gave me A Roy Rogers Book & A Red Ryder Book from the 1940s. I love these... I also Love Medical Items. I was going to be a nurse The first time I took blood well I almost lost it, Should of stayed with it.. But I never cry over what if..... :), (Read more)


  1. Great Sign... love it :)
  2. Its like looking in a museum!!! Very nice sign....
  3. WOW!!!! is all I can say... I never find anything like this..Awesome..
  4. I love this bracelet, Love different things and the turquoise and the red.. great as usual!!!!
  5. Love~Love~Love~
  6. Why Can't I ever find Garage Sales like that... Never going to happen.. :(
  7. I grew up drinking rc cola.. Brought back some memories...
  8. OH Wow this is a great sign....
  9. Love~Love~ I Want it....
  10. I so want this... Great sign
  11. I love the root beer soda another awesome find....
  12. Love your sign... you always find the best ones..
  13. Love this clock.... Love all the advertising things....
  14. Do you delivery? Lol Yep Im back.... Been really busy.....I will be putting on some pictures of more of my finds too..... Thanks
  15. Is that a cranberry lamp on that table?? I love the lamp too......
  16. Love your tables, love the glass ball and claw feet I would love this for my house too. Thanks for sharing...... Lovevintage :-)
  17. Thanks junkmanjoe,for liking the stove..... Lovevintage
  18. Thanks chevy 59 for showing the love..... :-).
  19. I love this cooler! Dr.pepper is my favorite soda to drink...I have to keep looking to find some awesome things like you... Thanks for sharing Heidi
  20. Thanks! I have been so busy with the shop we have a market night on thursdays and its like where do the days go..... Will have new photos real soon ( I HOPE)
  21. I love the orange crush the thermometer and the rc one. love love love... Lovevintage Heidi
  22. Thank you! TGBWC THE NAME OF MY SHOP IS AUNT BEE's ANTIQUES & CONFECTIONS. it is so much fun to go work everyday... I love my job.. I will post more pictures soon. Thanks for loving my pictures. He...
  23. I love coke stuff! i have been collecting since late 80s. I will put some pictures on... I have never seen that coke holder... Very nice Heidi
  24. Thanks! My store is doing pretty good... I love going to work everyday its a blast, I work way to many hours and never have enough time to get everything done.. But this is a good thing. Hope you and...
  25. I love your scooter! I have all of the hallmark scooters.. I would love to find one like yours. Way to awesome Thanks for sharing Heidi :-)
  26. Really cool! I love red this is a beautiful ornament... Thanks for sharing Heidi lovevintage
  27. This is a awesome sign.... Always love your stuff, thanks for sharing. Heidi :-)
  28. Thank you pikrknows and stepback-antiques. I love going to work everyday it is so much fun..... Alot of people do ask about the dentist too. To funny lol thanks again for the love..... Heidi lovevi...
  29. You know i will. Thanks for the idea. love vintage
  30. This is a great picture... Alot of people don't make it to 50yrs, then have the whole family in the picture is very touching. Thanks for sharing ur picture. Heidi
  31. I love your umbrella, my mom has one she bought at a yard sale. This is soo cool. Thanks Lovevintage
  32. Kerry10456, thank you so much for loving my store. I love doing this so much i was i had opened along time ago. Thanks lovevintage
  33. Show me an adult that dosen't love candy too.... But I limit my candy to 1 piece a day.. well ok today it was 2... (couldn't help my self) gummy bears there my favorite.
  34. Thanks chevy 59, if your ever in california. bring your kids in. Thanks again chevy59... Heidi :)
  35. signaholic, thank you, I wish i had ice cream too... maybe down the line Thanks lovevintage
  36. I have never seen one like that either, its really cool it would look nice in my shop. So im going to have to find me one. Thanks for your awesome picture. Heidi(lovevintage) :-)
  37. Thank you, lundy,toolate2,rocker-sd. I really do appreciate all your comments. I'm having the time of my life doing this. So Thanks again.... Lovevintage (Heidi)
  38. Thank you officialfuel,hotkitties,tommy1002,chevy59,hedgewalker. This means alot to me that you all like what im doing. Will post more photos soon. Lovevintage (Heidi) :-)
  39. Wow!!! Your finds are awesome....... Thanks for sharing this great piece... The details are great your right they dont make furniture like this anymore. Thanks Heidi
  40. Wow thats awesome. Does it work?
  41. You have to be kidding $1.00. Well I'll give $2.00. What do u think???? Can I make payments I'm kind of low on funds. Do you deliver???? Do you give lessons... lol .... Another great find.. Thanks F...
  42. Another awesome find. I want to go to the sales you guys go to. I never seem to find the same awesome items you guys have, I think Im going to rent a truck and hit the road. (well one day) Thanks for ...
  43. I love your rc sign, I grew up drinking rc
  44. This is a Awesome coke machine....
  45. Well I didn't have a moon roof. But at least other people have had car they wish nobody ever knew about either... We can laugh about it it now but back then, it sure wasn't funny!!! Lol
  46. Well, i drive a toyota truck. But once i had a real awesome red 2 door (pinto)... Yes it was the worst car, i have ever had.... And getting a date yea right. They would be making fun of this red ...
  47. Thank you scandinavian -pieces, thats my favorite piece also... :-)
  48. See I knew it was the car......If the first thing out of someones mouth is what kind of car do you drive and how much do you make.... Then you just keep walking. .. Not the type of person you would w...
  49. Thank you so much.... I will put on my pictures when i get everything done... Thanks again metalman :-)
  50. Love that too! !!!!!!
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