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I am 19 years old and i like to collect just about anything old that catches my eye, most of the stuff i buy is vintage and usable and i use it everyday. i love vintI am 19 years old and i like to collect just about anything old that catches my eye, most of the stuff i buy is vintage and usable and i use it everyday. i love vintage electronics, vintage stereos, old clocks and i love classic cars. Check out my Flickr page: (Read more)


  1. Yes its a really great looking and sounding amp. When I first got it had some cold solder joints which was making a channel drop, got that fixed and she's back up and jammin'. Haven't had any problems...
  2. Cool, i love it.
  3. Awesome, its great to hear that somebody actually had one.
  4. I know! It has the buttons set up like a regular analog clock for easy time setting. The first row of buttons start from 12, 1,2, and end at 11. The second row stars at 00, 5, 10, 15 and ends at 55. ...
  5. Yes me too, I saw your clock on your page thats nice. I was going to get one like yours but i found this one on ebay and i liked the design better.
  6. Thanks, i love it, it plays like it was new.
  7. Thanks guys, Merry Christmas to all.
  8. thanks guy for loving it.
  9. miKKoChristmas11 - I agree its a great lamp to have.
  10. BELLIN68 - Thanks.
  11. So you can use it for both?
  12. mrmajestic1 - Thanks for the info.
  13. Its fine, i knew it was LivelyAire but i wasn't sure on what year it was from, now i do, thanks again.
  14. Thanks for the info, mine is a 10LA so its an earlier model. Its not LovelyAire its LivelyAire. You can see a video of it working here:
  15. Pop_abides - Thanks this helps a lot.
  16. PhilDavidAlexanderMorris - I have two so far.
  17. activel - That is cool
  18. activel - Cool i'm looking for classic rock tapes. packrat-place - i think its in very good shape i play it every once in a while and its sounds good.
  19. blair - Cool, does yours have the dump bed, i have no clue what happened to it.
  20. Thanks stonesfan1
  21. stefdesign - Thanks.
  22. Thanks FineLines
  23. Thanks vanskyock24 and ThriftyGypsy!
  24. Thanks collecting
  25. Thanks cocacolakid97
  26. No not about the whole thing but i did find some history on Devoe Paint. Here's the link:
  27. Good shape too....!
  28. Thanks again BOGIE262.
  29. BOGIE262 - Cool.
  30. BOGIE262 - Haha, thanks i'm glad you like my collection.
  31. Love them all.
  32. dstruble46 - Yea i was told it was used for that, if you enlarge the 2nd picture it tells you what it's used for. Thanks cocacolakid97
  33. Real nice find.
  34. Thanks singervitagebigfan.
  35. Thanks officialfuel.
  36. Thanks oilman514 and officialfuel.
  37. Thanks chevy59, stonesfan1, Rickster, and metalman.
  38. Thanks stonesfan1.
  39. Thanks metalman.
  40. Thanks benjclark
  41. Thanks for the information AR8Jason.
  42. Coastalteach - Okay thanks, do you know where he got it from, because i want to know the manufacture or something.
  43. Thanks stonesfan1
  44. Thanks oilman514, glad you like them.
  45. Pop_abides - Yea somebody told me that and they said it was from the 70s Thanks toolate2
  46. Thanks VintageTAKER54
  47. Thanks
  48. Was this suppose to have a base?
  49. I was looking on ebay and they have one and the Part Brand said: Vintique Inc. I dont know if its a reproduction but heres the link:
  50. Love it!
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1920 Coca-Cola Tray Monarch Cocoa Tin Pepsi Clock art deco airflow fan DRIVE IN SIGN my paper ads general electric fan


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