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Skaneateles,New York

46,married,3 kids, 1 large slobbering black lab.New to collecting,antiques and picking. I like finding and learning just about anything that has some age to it . My46,married,3 kids, 1 large slobbering black lab.New to collecting,antiques and picking. I like finding and learning just about anything that has some age to it . My interest is 19th to mid 20th Century American made items. Iam very excited to learn and it will be a never ending challenge. Like my Father use to tell me, " Son, they just don't make em like they use to ". (Read more)


  1. I have one that is a mermaid. Must say she has pretty good hip movement.
  2. Would like to see them. There is a Drive-In theatre that I pass by everyday to work .It has a old Red Chevy car parked in front and I will take a picture of that and post it. Not many of those left to...
  3. Thank you ,All
  4. Great photos , and love the story behind them.Thank you
  5. Thank you Lee Sayer for trying to help.
  6. Looks really nice officialfuel.
  7. Nice looking cans.
  8. Looks like a good one.
  9. Thank you lisa , pwsest1944 and stonesfan1
  10. Thank you Kerry10456
  11. Thank you officialfuel
  12. Thank you officialfuel
  13. Thank you for information Pop_abides and AR8Jason
  14. Could be a token for Temperance Movement
  15. Pop_abides, I can not find one like it any where on the internet, yet. I do not have any coin id books. Thank you
  16. Thank you AR8Jason and officialfuel the length is 3 3/8 inches long.
  17. Nice Picture of woman on rock,would look good hanging on my office wall.
  18. Great job ,very creative use.
  19. Thank you Kerry10456
  20. Beautiful ring
  21. Thank you Kerry10456,AR8Jason and Mark
  22. Thank you r.collins for the information on the light.
  23. Thank you for the link Steve
  24. amy smith Thank you for the post.Very interesting, I bought this one for $30.00 from a local Gentlman on Craigslist.
  25. elaine Thank you for the link.The bag looks just like mine , but is in better shape and looks so much brighter in color.Mine is very dark in color on the outside,maybe it is dirty. I have not heard of...
  26. Thank you bossy
  27. Beautiful register
  28. Thank you VikingFan82,vintagemad,ttomtucker
  29. Thank you electobacco
  30. Thank you eletobacco for the information.
  31. Thank you officialfuel
  32. Thank you officialfuel
  33. Brian glad you like the sign,but as of right now not for sale.Thank you
  34. Thank you Pop_abides
  35. Thank you officialfuel
  36. That is a cool looking pipe.
  37. Like that is says Made In USA
  38. Thank you BOGIE262
  39. Thank you Kerry10456
  40. Thank you officialfuel
  41. Thank you vintagemad
  42. Thank you officialfuel
  43. Thank you vanskyock24
  44. Thank you officialfuel
  45. Thank you Vontrike
  46. Thank you peabody
  47. Thank you blair and kerry10456
  48. nice tin electobacco
  49. Thanks for sharing , great piece of the past.
  50. Nice looking pump
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