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Upstate NY

Collecting for 40+ years with a passion for the unusual. My latest interest is in old knives.


  1. Does anyone recognize the people in the portraits?
  2. Your item is called a spoon. It's used in the paper/book binding industry to measure/count sheets of paper. Used primarily for making pads.
  3. I would guess that it is from the late 30's to mid 40's and manufactured by Animal trap Company of Lititz PA.
  4. If it is cast iron, it is more than likely an original piece. Here is a link to a recent auction. http://www.americanmemorabilia.com/Auction_Item.asp?Auction_ID=24555
  5. What you have is a two piece railroad bagage tag used by the luggage handlers of the day to determine the bags destination. It has a very early date, these are very collectable, some worth hundreds of...
  6. Your knife is a traditional Finnish knife called a Puukko. Check this website to find one similar. http://suomenmuseotonline.fi/en/selaa?freetextSearch=puukko
  7. Rodonstahl would most likely have been the name of the merchant that sold the knife. The part of the handle that is scratched off would have had a Hebrew inscription that translated to "Holy Sabbath"....
  8. It's a measuring device called a "Biltmore stick". Do a google search for more information.
  9. Search and save the search on ebay for Handel painted lamps to find current value. my best guess would be 2 thousand +
  10. German hunting knife called a Hirchfanger. The larger blade used to dispatch { kill } the game and small blade for field dressing. Check this site for aprox. value, taking into consideration that pric...
  11. It's a kerosene can that was attached to the back of an old cook stove or gravity feed heater.
  12. I would call the color " Honey Amber"
  13. You are correct, watch makers pinion remover.
  14. Looks like Savoy nailed this one with an old ad he found for a personal vibrator. Thank you.
  15. Thanks Savoy for the help on my old gadget. It looks like this ad pretty much confirms the purpose of my gadget. Since the end piece of the one I have is removable, it's possible that it came with dif...
  16. Just an afterthought, the battery packs and clips in these things are terrible and most of the time need replacing, they are tricky to do, I have replaced many, but sending it to Keith would be your b...
  17. You have a very early Teck, it was one of the first that George Payne produced when he left Whites. Check with Kellyco to see if they have a manual for it, if not check on one of the metal detecting f...
  18. The cobalt lens normally signifies the use of a "car knocker' or inspectors lamp, not sure why these lenses are in a signal lamp but a cool lamp nonetheless.
  19. A couple of things you want to look for. Is the bottom marked, other than Germany? Mettlach or Villeroy & Boch will add much value, also open the lid and look through to the bottom, if you can see a s...
  20. Looks to be hand forged by a skilled blacksmith. It is probably a one of a kind, made for someones specific needs. It sits too low for fireplace use, so I would guess it was made for camp/trail cooking.
  21. I passed up on one of these at an estate sale last fall, it was $275, I kick myself in the butt everytime I think about not buying it, it must be worth double their asking price.
  22. With the short handle, this would be called a saddle axe. Nice neighbor. Queen is still in business and make some very well built pocket knives.
  23. Domestic was one of many manufactures during that period, along with Standard, Jones, White, New Home, Princess, Franklin, Household, Westinghouse, Remington, Greybar, Minnesota and of course Singer....
  24. Pop is correct, most of these were pretty generic and don't have much value. I have a couple, one with a Packard emblem and another from a Cadillac or Duesenberg, neither have a great deal of value.
  25. Take a look through Franks Knife Knotes and see if there is any discussion on the early 05's. http://www.usmilitaryknives.com/Table%20of%20Contents.htm
  26. It appears in the photos that the Ricasso has been ground down somewhat and may be missing pertinent identification marks. My best guess here, considering the swivel scabbard and unique guard, would b...
  27. It is a cool find, the original packaging is not rare, but most boxes are in terrible condition.
  28. Vesta, my wife spells legs the same way, think it has something to with hosiery or pantyhose or something like that. Anyway, a Victorian vanity would never sit flush with the floor, it most likely had...
  29. The packaging on yours looks to be late 1950's. A real rough guess on value would be in the $100.00 to $150.00 range.
  30. Dave, there is a similar cased set like yours on gun broker, they are asking $3,900 as a buy it now. It hasn't sold yet for whatever reason. This might give you a rough starting point as to value.
  31. Hey beau5278, I agree that the hook was probably a button hook for ladies gloves and it's either bent or the end is broken off. Both Levine's and Goins show the CC mark as Central City out of Phoenix ...
  32. Slight correction. Should be Phoenix NY, my fingers got ahead of my brain.
  33. CC knife Co. = Central City Knife Co. of Phoenix AZ. 1880 to 1892. I can't tell much from the photo's but if that is a hoof pick it could be a cattleman's knife. If the pick is just a scribe I would g...
  34. Your knife is a 285 UH Pro Trapper, the UH meaning Uncle Henry. First introduced in 1969 and last listing in 2002. Not sure what year the 95th anniversary would have been. They sold new for $34.95 and...
  35. Since they are dated they should also have US marked on the tail piece, these were military issue. I just bought a pair at auction last weekend for $60.00, retail would be $100.00 to $125.00
  36. I was wondering the samw thing AR, I like the pattern and match strike pulls.
  37. Very nice, you sure have an eye for quality knives. Check out blade forums to increase your knowledge base and converse with like minded people.
  38. Nice start to any collection. If you are truly interested in collecting, this site is a must, lots of information and great people. http://www.bladeforums.com/
  39. WOW, just wow, what a great piece of history, I have no doubt that it is original.
  40. Most definitely General Motors, my guess would be for a 98 Olds and maybe not hood but grill ornament.
  41. Your lamp was produced by the H.J Peters co. Chicago. It is a stock #208 and lists in their catalog at $20.00 circa. 1920's.
  42. It's in nice condition, on a rare occasion one might bring 5 to 6 hundred, I would guess $400 would be a good asking price.
  43. Emil Thonfeld would more than likely have been the retailer for this pipe. A similar one sold on ebay a while back. I do not have a worthpoint account to see what it sold for, but here is the link. ...
  44. You have your work cut out for you. http://www.auctionflex.com/showlot.ap?co=31120&weiid=3847121&lang=En
  45. Tom, you need to format your photo to a jpg image instead of bmp.
  46. If those long rods seem like they are going to twist off, just stop and get a nut spliter, you can always re-chase the rods and get new nuts, you don't want to break those original rods.
  47. Nice pick, looks like you have a lot of rusted bolts to work through, a daunting task but should be well worth the time and effort. Your local hardware store should be able to hook you up with a rust ...
  48. Sometimes you bite the bear, and sometimes the bear bites you. Hope you didn't pay much.
  49. The style of the handle design would lead me to think 1930's or 40's. These were sometimes sold as skeleton knives to jewelry stores where they would add their own sterling or gold covers. Are your co...
  50. In the 40's the tang stamp would have had a script Remington and the UMC would be the same font.
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