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Hello I hope you all enjoy all my collections.I work very hard searching and picking the items i come across. Some of the items I have are family items that have beeHello I hope you all enjoy all my collections.I work very hard searching and picking the items i come across. Some of the items I have are family items that have been passed down to me because the family knows how much love I have for them because of the history I love all types of items even if they are not from my family. I always cherish them because of there history. I love collecting and learning about new items after I get them. I feel the same way about my home in jonesborough TN (Sisters Row) The oldesst brick structure in TN built in 1820. You can google and see its history. Thank you for looking and reading I hope you enjoy all my collectables I post on here. Toyman (Read more)


  1. I see we have all these collectors on here that love this mask but nobody has information about it.I can't believe nobody knows about it? There has to be someone? Thanks john
  2. Please help me identify ?
  3. I disagree with fortapache and I have many myself . You need to do your homework and look each one up on eBay some are more rare . If you search them desperately on eBay you will see . They have gone ...
  4. Who don't like the duke?
  5. So were you just looking or did you buy any of those old cars? I also made changes on my post thanks for sharing your thoughts.
  6. Thanks petey
  7. Thanks clockerman
  8. Thanks clockerman
  9. That's what I'm good at if your ever in Jonesborough look me up (sisters row)
  10. You are alright petey I should have known you would see those ? You are alright you know I gave 10 dollars for those at flea market about 4 years ago what a great deal
  11. Am BQ247 Gia Tempini Brescia It is nice to see there are a few gun collectors on here. Thanks toyman
  12. That is nice that is what collecting is all about. I am like that too I have a lot of items in my collection that are very sentimental to me too like my grandfathers duck decoys and my grams quilt. I ...
  13. Thanks for your love fortapache
  14. Thanks for love racer4four hope you had a great xmas
  15. Thank you so much blunderbuss2 you should see some of my other toys on my site. I even have a bug Lehman toy it is sweet and it works great too
  16. Thanks Roycroftbooksforme1 for the love
  17. Thanks fortapache and vetraio it's nice to see other collectors out ther love the same things I do. I have been collecting all my life I have so much stuff if your ever in Jonesborough tn look me up....
  18. Thanks for info I'm always looking to learn more about antiques and collectables. Thanks for love
  19. Thanks jewles this face jug means a lot to me because all the memories I have fri my friend who gave it to me. I m sad I don't have him in my life anymore he was a big collector too. He died too young...
  20. Thanks for lov
  21. Thanks jewels for all your love have great new year
  22. Thanks for your love petey
  23. Thanks thefasionstudio I love this sexy art too I also love Vargas stuff too!
  24. Thanks zoie this is a rare beer light it is the one of the fist beers out when they legalized beer sales . Iv never seen one like it
  25. I have about 6 vending machines myself too. I love all kinds of advertising and toys radios fishing stuff old classic cars too. Plus I live in Jonesborough tn and have the oldest brick structure in ...
  26. Wow that was a great deal very nice and it's not a common machine either. I love soda advertising
  27. I love old toys and coin operated machines this one is sweet
  28. This is just a few of my marbles?
  29. Oh thank you so much cindB,
  30. I love these they are so fragile though!
  31. Did you see my cameo like this?
  32. Yes when I bought this big house on Main Street that dental stuff was in basement it was from dr Byrd this place I live in is the oldest brick structure in tn google Sisters row thanks for the love
  33. Thanks riverspookyguy
  34. Has anyone ever seen a beer advertising light like this?
  35. Yes this is not a small sign. It is also very heavy and it is double sided its not a tin sign. And It's older than 1936 .The sign mfg is in Texas
  36. Iv never seen another sign just like this one has anyone else?
  37. Hi Yes I have all old daredevil and fantastic four some old action and old adverture .I have some old 10 cent batman.tales of suspence I have the first layout of iron man 39.Silver surfer first isues....
  38. Open up wide. It wont hurt?
  39. This needs to be in my house.They are great decor and nice to protect your valubles from the cat.
  40. Thannks modernscavenger And thanks feliciageoff Soon comics will just be a thing of the past.
  41. Thanks shottims Isee you have good tast in toys.
  42. I have one too and it was in the house when I bought it. Do you know if it has a bar accross inside of banjo base if you remove the back.Im just not sure if mine is a gibson.Someone else said it look...
  43. I have all kinds of comics My favorite artist is jack kirby.
  44. Yes its like my dr pepper sign I have.I never seen one like it.You almost can put your price on it.How bad does some one want it?
  45. Hi timaddog Yes I think the f-1 was intrduced in 1971 by sizzlers.Does your motors in cars still work ? Thanks blair for the love
  46. I have a red one in box also.
  47. Thanks electobacco
  48. I have the set of 8 in original box.Great piece for bar.
  49. nice piece
  50. Yes I have been reading about it more and your rightit is for sure more to it than tie die.It makes me feel like im back in the 60s
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