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Recent retiree starting to collect vintage stuff some for my own use and other stuff if can turn over for good profit.I enjoy most of all the research part of the coRecent retiree starting to collect vintage stuff some for my own use and other stuff if can turn over for good profit.I enjoy most of all the research part of the collecting process as it has facts that never entered my life previously. (Read more)


  1. Thanks Trevor I get what you're saying but the good news is it's NOT RUGGED and looks like a one punch mold.
  2. I love old games because of the artwork and the colours and will be posting lots of them in the near future.
  3. It's basically the same idea as the one that I posted,colour and bottle on a coaster style base.
  4. kid,i was joking
  5. ya but if i drive to quebec would it be worth $500.00(ha ha)i drive there quite often.
  6. thanks ttomtucker
  7. Would you have any idea to it's worth?
  8. Hi trinket Marvin,I was referred to you.can you look at my trunk pictures and give any info,it's supposed to be over 200years old as I bought it yesterday at Ann estate sale and the info was that it's...
  9. I used a flashlight and saw black material underneath.I bought this trunk at an estate sale yesterday and they had it in the family for two hundred years with it also crossing the prairies of Canada a...
  10. It was printed in 1933 which makes it the 1932 edition including the "N"words being used many times.There was no reproduction that I know cause it was banned by Walt Disney from publication under the ...
  11. Underneath the outer shell the straps are also leather.everything is made of leather including the handles.
  12. There is nothing else on the lock and the only thing written on the trunk is Mackay New Glasgow,which is the old name for the Canadian province of Nova Scotia now.
  13. yardsaledave,thanks for pointing it out,i checked closely and the metal lock is Brass and says "Double Level Lock"as you see in the pictures everything else is made with leather including the corner s...
  14. Ya,why would anybody do that?
  15. Yes it is belt driven
  16. I love the borden's stuff since I delivered Borden milk in 1958 as a kid at the age of 10.I'm looking for some borden's stuff in Canada.
  17. toyman i just saw ur stuff and like most of the items the problem is that i am not that familiar with the formality of exchanging comments on the internet.i will try to post and comment more as i get ...
  18. what do u mean listed pics
  19. they are,they came from an estate sale so they were taken care of and framed nicely.
  20. thanks ray Checked 1 and 3,couldn't find a date looks recent.
  21. ray,let me explain to you who i am.I'm a 65 year old handicapped person that just retired and was told to get into collectables cause they will keep me occupied.I live in Toronto,Canada.The antique st...
  22. will do when i find anything.
  23. thanks kid.I just started to collect,any future help would be appreciated
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