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Parsons, Kansas, USA

I have spent the last 10 months healing, and, I AM BACK FOLKS !!! I now operate 2 Face Book collector grops - 1 is aimed at all collectors, all collections, worldI have spent the last 10 months healing, and, I AM BACK FOLKS !!! I now operate 2 Face Book collector grops - 1 is aimed at all collectors, all collections, worldwide, and it's a fun-loving group of folks! NO selling is allowed https://www.facebook.com/groups/thecollectorsguild/ The second is my newest group on FB, where we talk about Premiums, or Freebies...selling is allowed using exacting standards - https://www.facebook.com/groups/freepremiumsguild/ I am also presently involved in the building of a new on-line newsletter, presently aimed toward premiums of past and present, and Community Kids (hints and suggestions for bringing a child's interest to higher levels than Xbox, easy and cheap craft ideas, small business ventures and challenges for them)...any suggestions or storylines are given consideration there ;-) at www.premiumsadvert.com - as we grow, so will our storylines and advice in many areas of collecting and being a young person Though I no longer sell, I am considering again selling in order to support the newsletter demands, which I sincerely believe in...visit us, give thoughts and feedback, see what we offer ;-) (Read more)


  1. Amazing
  2. all amazing
  3. What a fantastic artist...I adore, especially, his view
  4. whoot-whooo - LOL...awesome!
  5. I have the same ball and holder...love the old jars...used to enjoy canning also...and the memories of mom and grandma canning up a storm
  6. A beautiful piece of historic folk art...even not considering its value to the family, t def holds monetary value. There is nothing like folk art with the history that created it...Im glad to see this...
  7. Thanks Jay...let me know when things chill for you some...if you need to talk then talk, I listen good
  8. Thanks Jay...I still owe you a call...LOL - I get lost so easily in doing nothing in order to get things done right. and, godsss (the stupid spell check is telling me that ain't a word hahahaha), that...
  9. Jay, you missed life at its finest......I feel sorry for you youngsters...LOL Signaholic - me and Jay? or barnabus and Quentin? LOL...Thanks. I haven't found too many who didn't like it, even the o...
  10. Thanks Jay and gargoyle...can you imagine waking up to the noise you would hear? LOL When I saw it closed at the auction I just had to see it, and when I read it I burst out laughing...the box it was ...
  11. is that the secret? I wont say what I think about dating, marriage, and the cost of a hooker.............funny is, I still want to date, not get hooked
  12. Thanks Phil...yeah, it made the mind work, unlike shows from today. Valentino, Barnabas was perfect for that show, his eyes and face were darkly. Quentin wasn't dark enough for my taste, but he sti...
  13. Sounds interesting...that's more tornados than any place needs at once. They take out towns here, even parts of this town on rare occasion. I love road cuts. If I ever find myself driving through your...
  14. LOL...St Martin, huh? I could use a refresher course. Kansas is said to have one of the highest female to male ratios, but you couldn't prove it by me.....OMG...I tell myself that I'm looking for qual...
  15. Ive been going between auctions, posting to new online shop, and trying to keep my sanity...I'll def see that jay, and call you after while
  16. SE kans, blunderbuss...we have a lot of old rock quarries, mostly just corals and crinoids, but we find land creatures and fish also. My first brachiopod casting I hollered like an idiot, proclaiming ...
  17. LOL...mom used to hold down 3 jobs when I was a kid...one was waitressing at an eatery/beer joint when I was like 2nd grade. She also dated the owner. I would go with her as much as possible, and even...
  18. To pry it from her and bring it here to photog might be a long aired time...she's always at work or on the run...I'll try though...even though I am fairly certain it is a claw, I'm not a paleontologis...
  19. LOL...ah, Val, give yourself a chance...give it your best shot...we'll all defend you
  20. LOL...a long work night? Hi Jono ;-)
  21. Hi Jay...I figured it would have been from like Dairy Queen or something, but somewhere someone here told me they were from a sort of collectible spoons and whatever set...eha-ha has them, but to me i...
  22. LOL...more so than told, Jay ;-)
  23. There are still multiple thousands uncovered yet...talk with bulldozer operators, street repair people, city employees, road builders...at my last rummage sale I was visiting with our water dept guy. ...
  24. Thank you Jay...since I have the story written and with it, this might stay in our family longer than memories
  25. Thanks Jay
  26. Thanks Jay and Blunderbuss...I wanted to lock down my 3 girls the day they hit 12...grandmas and moms won out...then they discovered I was right..boys? slap em upside the head...girls, ???? My girls u...
  27. LOL...you guys kill me Val, thank you, like these other two yahoos up there I followed you after looking through your stash of collections...cool Jay..........they always recat mine, or a lot of...
  28. Thanks Amber...I appreciate that thought Jay, LOL...you only sent part of the danged gremlins to me...been running around half exhausted and half with my head stuck up my..............and that posi...
  29. Aimathena, want two fractured IVY design Franciscan plate and saucer to go with your shattered Depressionware? If you throw them at a wall it helps to relieve stress......but I hate further damaging v...
  30. AMEN, Brother! I hear ya....wreak havoc, the only way!
  31. LOL...hey, they did move 2 others since then...I must be fitting right in Blunderbuss
  32. They recated my penny, but not this one yet...yayyyyyyyyyyy...LOL
  33. I messaged them about the cats limitation, they basically said what you did. So far, they have a good, workable way - as you pointed out...LOL
  34. That's awesome info, CanyonRoad. I like knowing as much as I can about my collections Thank you Aimahena
  35. LOL....how do I answer that Blunderbuss?????? LOL....funny! Thanks for the great advice
  36. Tom, Manikin, my thanks. I wasn't certain how this story might be received, or even the new penny allowed, but your comments, and all I have seen here on the CW, are special to me.
  37. LOL..don't I wish, Blunderbuss! LOL...I would hope youre enjoying your sat night, but that's apparent...
  38. LOL...I should'a stopped at silence...thanks for the stop by Blunderbuss
  39. Aimanthena...if I ever find a ginger root with eyes, I am stopping the magic mushrooms...LOL..thanks for stopping by
  40. You lucky dog, you...very nice!
  41. Thank you Sean. It's different to what I mostly find in those hunts
  42. and thank you and Dr Fluffy for the loves
  43. Thanks Sean
  44. I have seen the USA mark many times, sometimes associated with McCoy, Shawnee, and others. The USA mark can be very generic, but a USA mark with numbers or artist signatures/initials gives you a real ...
  45. These old kitchen gadgets are pretty neat. The best part about antique gadgets is you can still use them, and they will still outlast any modern gadget you can buy today.
  46. Love advertising, and the mortan salt girl is a highly iconic piece. I hadn't realized that porcelain was actually fired glass. I always thought it was just quality heat treated paints. Good info
  47. Yeah...Dracula, Wolfman, The Mummy, Elvira, and the Hebie-Geebies Thank you Aimathena
  48. I agree somewhat with buyer beware, Scott, and that these are period and original reprints, compared to modern reprints, which as you point out are entirely useless except as a way to cover holes in w...
  49. Thank you Tom...I played it on 45RPM, played good, but one area on alma mater has a deeper groove and it sits there till adjusted
  50. Tom, I love Cherry too, but they aren't normally vine twisted here since they are more protected. I found out that Blunderbuss's first thought was even more accurate toward this piece, since it's neit...
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