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  1. OMGosh, if this is what I think it is you have one heck of a find, if I'm not mistaken I believe this is a Hunzinger barley twist rocker and is valued at about 500.00-800.00 I would look and see if it...
  2. yep its a wine cooler
  3. it feels like resin, but yet also its colored like a granite but is see thru, just never saw anything like it
  4. I know this piece, it is a rococo period piece its usually made of cherry or mahogany and if I'm not mistaken has a marble turtle top, there was only a couple of craftsmen that did this kind of work, ...
  5. It might be wise to look at some Fisher bar pins from the 1920s, this one looks like some of theirs
  6. They also resemble the working dolls of Israel, you may want to check it out...nice lot...
  7. Zowie, I believe the earrings are from the 6os, due to the popularity of using aurora borealis and faux pearls, the style of your earrings are starburst, and quite beautiful and I would value them at ...
  8. I found one identical to yours on etsy, she is valued at 40.00
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