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  1. It might have. The part on the frame where the missing bar would be is more like something that would have had something that could have been removed. If you zoom in on the picture you can see little ...
  2. I would raise the seat and then ride it.
  3. 1953 not 1948
  4. this bike is not from the 30s. It is from the 60s or 70s. It is missing one of the original back wheels, original seat, basket, chains, all form of brakes, pedals, gearshift, and lots of other things....
  5. pop is right I got fooled by on of these earlyer. There is another one posted
  6. If I had that bike I wouldn't care what is original and what is not. I would get it to ride it
  7. Wow what a beautiful bike. I have the front wheel to one, tire is in nm condition(no cracks) but the rim is in really bad shape
  8. not from the 40s
  9. WOW what a great find
  10. The red bike has a skiptooth chain wich means It could be from pre 1955
  11. The red bike actualy may be older than the 60s. Is the chain on the red bike different
  12. It was not built in the 40s it was built in the 60s
  13. looks like early 50s to mid 50s
  14. I would put the fenders on and by a chain and you would have a pretty nice bike
  15. Very very cool b6 schwinn. If you get tired you have a motor or if you run out of gas you can pedal.
  16. I want to say that it is an old bsa bcause of the foot crank but if it has a schwinn head badge I dont know what it is!
  17. If I had a girls bike from the 30s I would ride it because most people don't know the frams
  18. thanks Rick
  19. This is a late 40s early 50s jc higgins girls bike
  20. Yes AMF had a bike brand called AMF ROADMASTER
  21. It looks like amf
  22. thanks
  23. ya I am trying to get I bike from the late 30s but where I live they are hard to come by
  24. that isnt true they made bikes with the serial # on the rear axle into the 70s I have a tiger from 62 and the serial 3 is on the rear axle
  25. my dad has a 71 450
  26. did you paint it
  27. that bike is in really good shape
  28. wow geat bike! To bad the pedal pads are gone
  29. I wana say late 40s
  30. its been rat roded
  31. you got the year right
  32. wow that is a good day
  33. wow that is a good day
  34. wow that is a awesome cruiser!
  35. wow great bike!
  36. The one on the left is in exelant shape for being out in a sandpit. It looks drivable but I would get differant rims because of risk of damaging the wood ones. Great find
  37. It was made in december of 1961
  38. wo super neat bike. wish I had one like it
  39. old not trash
  40. I should restore my schwinn tiger. I would need a whole new fram and decales though.
  41. Played with one just like this when I went to preschool!
  42. I don't think the handlbars are original
  43. it is a firstone not a n.i.d.a
  44. The royce union bike is older than the brown one.
  45. I love riding old 10 speeds
  46. Hey how did you get those white tires?
  47. do you have the serial number?
  48. It was made in august of 1952
  49. cool bike Old schwinns are great when you get them they are all rough(my tiger is a good example) but they are all diferent
  50. Wow It makes me cringe to think of this being trashed. Lovely lovely schwinn. Most likely made between 1948-1957
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