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I've been a collector of antique/vintage cameras for over a year now and I'm still very active with it. It all started when my dad gave me my grandpa's old Kodak BroI've been a collector of antique/vintage cameras for over a year now and I'm still very active with it. It all started when my dad gave me my grandpa's old Kodak Brownie box camera and that's when I was hooked. I don't really have a category, as to what cameras I like to collect. Pretty much whatever strikes my interest and looks cool. Anything from the coloured box cameras, to the Art Deco/bakelite cameras, to the folders and whatever unique designs are out there. WARNING: My photos aren't the greatest as they're just quick snaphots to show off the cameras. So bare with me. (Read more)


  1. Very cool collection.
  2. I think if I wasn't collecting cameras this would be something else I would collect. I love the vintage artwork and colors on all of these. Very nice.
  3. Very nice. If I wasn't collecting cameras, I think this is something else I would collect. Love all the different colors and graphics.
  4. Yeah, Argus made a few cameras like this. The more "candid" camera look. Great to see you on here CW.
  5. Welcome CW. I'm another avid camera collector as you might've see. On my Instagram page too. Your father had an amazing collection. I've seen your store but after talking to you unfortunately found ou...
  6. If I collected radios, this one would be on my list. Awesome color combo.
  7. Fantastic.
  8. Awesome.
  9. Sometimes it's just sheer luck finding them with box and manual/paperwork. I have quitea few of them in my collection.
  10. I love Etsy as I find it's so much easier to grab up stuff sometime. Well, if you ever see another one of these anywhere, you'll have to let me know ;).
  11. Hahahah!!!! Whoops my bad. Meant to say add. Thanks John.
  12. Yep, I'll be posting more in the next little while, as well as new stuff when I get it. So be sure to keep an eye out.
  13. I agree Austrohungaro. These are one of my faves too. The green and rose colors are a little harder to find, so I'm atleast going to try for the tan and maroon colors next.
  14. Thanks. That's not even half of my collection.
  15. Thanks. Yeah, it is a pretty cool little camera. A lot smaller then I thought it was.
  16. Thanks.
  17. That's a toy?? Holy! I wonder how many of these were broken by children?
  18. Great stuff. Coming from a camera collector, those two cameras in the one pic are a nice touch..haha.
  19. Thanks Rob, I do have more to post so keep watching. You have a fantastic collection btw.
  20. Pretty much just call it the camera body....haha. Thank you though, much appreciated.
  21. Awesome little camera.
  22. Wish my antique shops had cameras like these. Very nice.
  23. Very nice.
  24. Awesome.
  25. Very nice collection Amanda.
  26. Very nice.
  27. Very nice Rob. I need to ass one of these to my collection.
  28. I have both the ostrich skin and the silver fox in my collection. They're pretty cool looking.
  29. Very nice. I have one of these too in my collection.
  30. Another one in your collection I'm jealous of. Love the design.
  31. You're not kidding about them being uncommon. I have yet to see one pop up on an online auction other then the common black ones.
  32. Awesome.
  33. One of the cameras you have that I'm extremely jealous of. Love it John.
  34. Thank you.
  35. Thank you Sean.
  36. Thanks Alan.
  37. Thank you Sean.
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