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hi there,paul from Tasmania.collector of petroliana,vintage toys,pedal cars and ride on toys,old bicycles and tools.old signs.anything old and interesting.


  1. thanx all
  2. thanx all
  3. Thanx all
  4. thanx all.
  5. love your collection,paul,shearwater.
  6. thanx all
  7. Thanx all
  8. Thanx all
  9. thanx al
  10. great find,stuff like this keeps you pickin.
  11. thanx all.
  12. thanx all.
  13. thanx all.
  14. Love your collection
  15. I think you are right.my father is standing behind it,he said the supercharger would make the carby freeze over.got another pic with rider on it,will post later.
  16. apparently the bike went back to England so it probably still exists.alledged 3 riders were killed on this beast.
  17. Great sign.i like a bit of wear on them.
  18. what a great find.its stuff like this that keeps you going.
  19. wow,i reckon i would sell a kidney to own one of these,a beauty.
  20. i can just see myself sitting out the front there with a bottle of pepsi,great stuff,paul,tasmania.
  21. that dummy sure is havin a good time,great stuff.
  22. hi there,a bit of rust converter and then fish oil and i reckon it would come up a treat.i like them with a bit of wear and tear.
  23. hi there,i found one of these recently in tasmania in good condition,dont know how it got here.good find,any idea on age,cheers paul.
  24. wow,great find.finding treasures like this keeps you going.
  25. thanks all.
  26. thanks to all.
  27. thanks to all.
  28. thanks to all.
  29. thanks to all.
  30. this is a great old pedal car,will you restore it.
  31. i have an almost identical car made in australia by wyn-toy,i reckon they got the press off marx or copied them,cheers paul.
  32. thanks to all.
  33. this is so good,great stuff.
  34. yes im on a slim budget myself, on a disability pension but you can still find great items without spending a fortune.a lot of my collection was found when times were better.cheers paul tasmania.
  35. yes its terrible,i even collect in my sleep.every day i am on the hunt for that piece of treasure.my local dump is only 2 mins. away,i go there twice a day and have found some fantastic stuff over the...
  36. great old toys,look good with some restoration.
  37. what a great old toy,its amazing these old pieces still turn up.
  38. WOW,great ride.
  39. HI THERE,you can order the crane from dave the pedal car guy in australia,he has a web site,cheers paul.
  40. by the wheels and steering wheel it may be an australian peerless,just a guess.
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