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  1. just lovely,.. Jenni................
  3. Ya for sure's Tommy Dorsey & Benny Goodman...roll
  4. I have a lot of their Records.....
  5. Cute.... next time add some carrots...smiling
  6. Love the frame,.. much less the picture ...smiling that's me at noon after lunch love the post....
  7. It took me a week to reach the bottom of the comment list theirs just so many loves and great comments All I can say is love there shapes & the colours bet they have a special place in your home ....
  8. That was big to do in it cards...
  9. I thought it was someone one here Cool
  10. The Five tubes you should be able to find on line ...the batter pack you can replace with a 12 volt converter or 6 volt .. nice radio .. I have one not like yours, but built in Conn.. in the 20's as ...
  11. Don't make me go tearing through the Garage looking for my mothers country records to cold ..nice record 'T '.....
  12. Cards are Cool.. Is that a Gulf Gas Station ... Cant tell that fella needed a few more signs...smiling
  13. going to have to fire up my welder this summer ,,,lol cool bird
  14. Nice Collection...And great fine on your new tulip vase..
  15. Miss my old mule.... had a lot of screw off time with' cool pics
  16. Sweettttt.....
  17. Like for a lambo ....AnythingObscure ,, If it was mine I'd have someone X ray it .. like a friend or family member .. years back I had Quite a few things x rayed from my girlfriends grandmother who...
  18. Well now that I have some time speculate on this wonderful gem you came across I be leave it has thing to do with our planets ,. weather use by seamen or followers of the planets like monks me...
  19. Glad you got something out of it bud...'-))
  20. ifen you don't get lucky here then maybe you will here ...'-))
  21. Its so two people facing each other can see it at the same time no Idea real but there cool...
  22. smiling...
  23. Nice 'T"..I wouldn't know this info,.. But I bet the other 1/2 would, just loved everything about Patsy and people around her ...way ta go bro..
  24. Shoe Buckle???
  25. Really neat wedding vase...
  26. heres a couple more....
  27. That's pretty high end Valet...nice find,.... Scotty ...
  28. you can by a adapter for this to make it fit most other cameras ..
  29. I could of fix that ..I stayed @ a Holiday INN.. smiling ...nice job
  30. Now that you posted more and better pic's I can tell its Pentax's K-Mount lens
  31. It very cool ,Wonder if the bar is made to pop out at the added piece and pops out with some sort of secret code or jem or sign for mankind ...or it was meant to just hold it together... ya just never...
  32. Hell of a write up ... '-))
  33. Sure is Sweet,,,,.and jumbo size ...nice
  34. Nice one ..Malkey!
  35. Growing up I had a friend who's father own and ran and lived in a funeral home...we played in there at night when no serves going on ..hiding in the coffins ... but we had to take are shoes off and...
  36. M42 lenses have threads on them, which I have 5 of them mostly 's takumar's..these arn't threaded in less my eyes $hit the bed on me Vynil33rpm, Canon has Styles: EF Lenses, L Series Lenses, E...
  37. Like fhrjr2 said there really no t a problem unless u blow the fuse and take a piece of copper pipe and flatten the ends and pop it in place of the fuse, till the store opens then you might nee...
  38. sigma made them for all camera.. 24mm,.. nice wide Len's but not to wide ... good for low light ...1:28 speed ..and fast.. do the blades open and close .. any fungus when looking through the lens...o...
  39. lol Nope not for me ....But thanks for showing it ....
  40. This is lovely ...
  41. try here ..
  43. ForgottenMCs Research on face book ..
  45. I was lucky enough to know a women who volunteered in WII to help the returning vets who were hurt during the war ... she did want to be a nurse and felt she could do more for those that lost their ...
  46. Speaking of arrows...I Hey even the original advertisement now that's quite the find.... Scotty
  47. lol its not going to fire up till ya hook up the second spark wire....just saying,... but I would give you my wife , house and car for it ,.. but not the dog .....
  48. Not to often I see someone pull one of them out of their pocket to take off or put on there shoes,.. ah the good old days ...smiling ... nice score Scotty...
  49. that's a sweetheart Rose... nice score..
  50. Hmm still some left ...just add a little water shake and your ready to go ...'-)) I'm sure it can hurt ya nice find.
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Difficult Listening 22 - DIAMANDA GALÁS - A girl and her piano Rare cameo of lion stealing a nursing baby


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