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Elf oil/Concorde Melamine ashtray - Advertisingin Advertising
British airways travel bag - Mint. - Advertisingin Advertising
Rothmans Sports calendar board. (Update 10th September)  - Paperin Paper
Benson & Hedges NoS matching pair Lunar New Year wall hangers - Advertisingin Advertising
Marlboro point-of-sale acrylic display case. - Advertisingin Advertising
Rothmans (50) presentation tin. - Tobaccianain Tobacciana
Consulate acrylic change tray. - Advertisingin Advertising
Beck's beer ceramic ashtray. - Tobaccianain Tobacciana
Chesterfield 'They Satisfy' ceramic ashtray. - Tobaccianain Tobacciana
Nissan/Datsun ceramic ashtray. - Tobaccianain Tobacciana


  1. Thanks for the feedback, folks. Much appreciated to read your positive thoughts. I've never witnessed an SR-71 in flight, although I did see one on the tarmac at Farnborough many moons ago. Lucky yo...
  2. Thanks racer4four. It's certainly a pretty unique item. And I totally agree, along with the SR-71, Concorde is one hell of a sexy machine.
  3. And he was so impressed that she'd written "yes". The beginning of the love affair at The Indica gallery.
  4. Great little set.
  5. Very nice ashtray, Ted. Thanks for sharing.
  6. I agree, there's something 'jet-set' about them, isn't there? Thanks for looking and liking it.
  7. Great album, great musician and vastly underrated. I too have this on vinyl and it's great to see another Scaggs aficionado. Thanks for posting this.
  8. Thanks, buddy. Much appreciated.
  9. Fantastic stuff, John. I've seen your site and the collection is mind blowing. Excellent.
  10. Simply the best album Macca ever made. A real gem. I have the 25th anniversary CD boxed set released in 1999. It has two CD's, one is the album, the other is a selection of alternate takes along with ...
  11. Excellent information and a great read, thanks buddy.
  12. Hi Jenni, I believe that Camel came in filter and non-filtered types. Thanks for liking my ashtray. :)
  13. And I thought I was the only Boz Scaggs fan in the world. Good to see another fan of the often overlooked genius.
  14. Great find, buddy.
  15. Ah, Curved Air. I have 'Back Street Luv' on a 45 and my brother has a picture disc of one of their albums. I had a teen crush on the band's lead singer, Sylvia/Cynthia? (if I remember correctly she ...
  16. Great find.
  17. Thanks to all of you for loving this interesting ashtray. Much appreciated.
  18. I tried so hard to 'get' prog but failed miserably. I still remember seeing fellow students at my Grammar school ostentatiously carrying their Prog albums to and from the common room. Damn, I used to ...
  19. Spot on, blunderbuss2. It's amazing to see that combination in these more enlightened days, isn't it?
  20. Yes, you're right. My only thought is that back in the eighties, American football made something of an effort to make itself popular in the UK. It had limited success but it did peak and I'm wonderin...
  21. Excellent find and thanks for sharing. I remember in my father's collection he had an album called "Songs for Gay Dogs". The artist's name escapes me, I'm afraid. Unfortunately, it's gotten lost over ...
  22. Absolutely Fabtastic. I love them all. Good for you, they're wonderful.
  23. Thanks, Thomas. I really do like them and would love to get my grubby hands on some more, especially if they're bigger names (no offence to those artists pictured!)
  24. Ha ha, it was actually those damn pigeons that got me thinking about Trafalgar Square. lol
  25. Indeed they were. Still can't fathom why they came in for so much flak as they produced some world-class music. Top live band as well.
  26. Thanks. Glad you like it.
  27. Hi Newfld, I may be mistaken but I think the building is the National Gallery in London. If it is, then the couple are standing in Trafalgar Square.
  28. Ha ha, (rimshot from the drummer). "Take my wife, please......"
  29. Thanks, racer. You're absolutely right, its elegant simplicity is very attractive.
  30. Thanks for the comments, very nice of you. Agree the tyre is a corker. Actually, I've some more that I really should put here.
  31. Great write-up and a nice piece. Thanks for sharing.
  32. Wonderful. That's a great sign.
  33. Thanks, buddy. It's a fine piece.
  34. Those were the days, indeed. Great anecdote about the shot in the Telegraph, thanks for sharing.
  35. That's a stunning ashtray, buddy. I love the look of those graphics. Tremendous find.
  36. Thanks everyone. AdeleC, like you and your sister, my younger brother and I were regulars on the BOAC VC-10s down to Nigeria in the 60s where my father worked. I don't know if you were members, but bo...
  37. Thank you.
  38. Superb piece.
  39. That's brilliant. I'd love to stumble across a firearms sign but given where I live, it'd be highly unlikely. Great find.
  40. Thanks folks. Yes, Bill you're right. The 'for real smokers' is fantastic, isn't it? Not much chance of seeing something like that written these days!
  41. I forgot to add that this was released as a single in the UK.
  42. Great track and thanks for posting. Remember watching Top of the Pops and seeing them play this track. Of course, the double entrende for 'Little Willy' elicited many schoolboy guffaws at the time. Gr...
  43. @Caperkid. Thanks buddy. That's a great piece of information you've shared.
  44. Great to see this Caperkid. It's a fascinating bit of history with a twist as I was born in the town of Halifax, West Yorkshire in the UK. Halifax UK, is nowhere near the sea, in fact Halifax was foun...
  45. Hi Ted, it'd great to see your collection. Thanks.
  46. Great work. It looks fabulous.
  47. No mate. I'm an ex-pat Limey living in Malaysia.
  48. It's certainly a fine looking sign, buddy. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you that's it's the real McCoy.
  49. Good luck with the resto. Hope you'll share the results.
  50. I hear you, loud and clear. I'll cut down on my British over-politeness.
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Marx Six Inch Cavalry Soldiers 1965-1970 RICOPY FT4060 ceramic 'photocopy machine' ashtray