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British United Airways ashtray - Advertisingin Advertising
Saunders Valves ashtray/trinket tray - Advertisingin Advertising
Enzo Ferrari Memoirs: My Terrible Joys  - Booksin Books
Whitbread ceramic ashtray. - Brewerianain Breweriana
Tetley Special Pale Ale UK ceramic ashtray.  - Brewerianain Breweriana
Tetley Special Pale Ale UK ceramic ashtray.  - Brewerianain Breweriana
John Smith's 'Big John' bitter glass ashtray.  - Brewerianain Breweriana
Dewar's White Label whisky UK ceramic ashtray.  - Brewerianain Breweriana
Tetley Bittermen UK ceramic ashtray  - Brewerianain Breweriana
White Horse whisky ceramic ashtray. - Brewerianain Breweriana


  1. Thanks for the positive thoughts, folks. Much appreciated and glad you like it.
  2. Hi Neil, I wonder what long forgotten treasures are laying in your loft?
  3. @Neil, it'd be great to see some of your treasures, buddy. Thanks.
  4. It's quite a good read and I agree with you one hundred percent. In my opinion, the late Mr. F was the last of motorsport's true mavericks, and a hell of an enigma, to boot. One thing's for sure, we'...
  5. Great feedback, much appreciated and many thanks. :)
  6. 'Every mornin' at the mine, you could see him arrive, he stood six foot six and weighed two forty five..." @kermamikos: yes, you're right. That North/South divide has existed and still exists to this...
  7. Thanks. It's a real looker, isn't it?
  8. @Newfld, thanks and agree. There's a bit of Scritti Politti going on with this ashtray that's why I like it so much. In my 45rpm's that I posted a while ago, there's a sleeve for 'Asylums in Jerusalem...
  9. Thanks, Gillian. Much appreciated. :)
  10. Hi buddy and thanks. By way of background, I was given a stunning Bakelite and wood ashtray about five years ago, it was promoting a freight company and to me, it looked absolutely stunning. (I've act...
  11. What a fantastic collection. Absolutely stunning. Roll on the 3000th post :)
  12. @MsCrystalShip: Lucky you. :)
  13. My five standouts are (in no particular order): Back in the USSR Helter Skelter Everybody's got something to hide... I will Birthday (of course this list will change in the next five minutes.......
  14. Hi Gillian, yes, you're right. It seems so long ago now but I still believe F1 was more interesting and compelling to watch back then.
  15. Hi Newfld, I must admit to have fallen out of love with F1 these past few years. I was a big fan and would religiously watch each GP, subscribe to F! magazines and generally immerse myself in the who,...
  16. Thanks, Coke1234. Much appreciated.
  17. Hi Thomas, you're absolutely right and I forgot to mention them. The four photos are included inside, along with the other goodies.
  18. Thanks, Sean. Much appreciated.
  19. Thank you for that comment, it's exceptionally thoughtful of you. Glad you enjoy my treasures! :)
  20. You have great taste, Sean. The clock you've featured is really nice.
  21. That's a real beauty. :) Thanks for sharing.
  22. True, true. I have to admit that one or two ashtrays have (*cough*) accidentally fallen into my briefcase when checking out of a hotel.... :) "Gosh, I wonder how that got in there? "
  23. Cheers for that feedback. All great stuff, thanks so much.
  24. Fantastic information, my friend. Yes, a box will fit on the rectangle and the case will slip down a few millimetres into the slot. You've made my day. Thank you.
  25. Ha ha, I'm sure it was given to me...errr, I think... ;)
  26. Now I can't get that damn jingle out of my head. Thanks so much for that in-depth info. :)
  27. Cheers, Thomas. Interesting stuff. Thanks buddy. :)
  28. You're absolutely spot on. It seems strange now but air travel really was for the jet-set, wasn't it?
  29. My father's favourite cigars. Thanks for sharing.
  30. Fantastic. I absolutely love it. Good for you.
  31. Hi Thomas, I'll definitely dig out 'Every Little Thing..." later today. Another great track. Good piece of trivia you shared there about Sir Elt. Cheers, buddy and have a great weekend. Si. :)
  32. Talk about serendipity. In the office this morning, catching up on a few admin things. Switch on the MP3 player and on comes "Bed's too big without you." What a track. A perfect single. Time to dig ...
  33. Brilliant sign with a witty position in your home. Great stuff. :)
  34. A die-hard Police fan, eh? That's great you've seen them three times, lucky you. And thanks for the info on Fiction Plane. I didn't even know his son was following in his father's footsteps. :) I'll G...
  35. Thanks for the tip. I've had a look and it's beyond superb. I love it. Thanks again for pointing me in the right direction. Much appreciated. :)
  36. That, buddy, is a work of art. I absolutely adore it. Fantastic ashtray. :)
  37. A great PoS piece. I'd love to get my hands on some Pennzoil stuff, but am I right in thinking it's a US domestic market product only? I've never seen anything in the UK and the same goes for out here...
  38. Ha ha, not only is Charlie Rich floating round my head, it's jostling for space with Donovan and his flower-power anthem I alluded to above. It's going to be a great musical themed day. Have a great...
  39. Definitely mellow, in fact distinctly mellow yellow, my friend. :) Now about that pipe, was it made in 1960? Nice mention of Mr Rich's classic, but now it's floating around my head, I'll be singing ...
  40. Apologies for my sweeping generalisation regarding pipe smokers, given you shared the information about your father. It was sloppy writing on my part. I should have qualified it and write the few pipe...
  41. @keramikos. Hi buddy and thanks for taking the trouble to post such positive and interesting feedback on my ashtrays. The 'pipe-knocker' thing is quite intriguing and can only assume the logic is corr...
  42. Wonderful.
  43. @keramikos. 'Tis a puzzlement indeed. :) I thought the pipe rest idea was on the money until you raised the point about the star/notch muddle. Actually, having never smoked a pipe, I'm oblivious to th...
  44. @keramikos - so that's the reason for the one 'cut-out'. Thanks for that information and glad you enjoyed the write up on Papaya. If ever anyone's in Bangkok, I recommend it immensely. Take plenty of ...
  45. Thanks very much. Yes, it's pretty nice, isn't it?
  46. @Brunswick. Thanks for the feedback and you're right, there's a lot of mentions of Tom Selleck and cigarettes. Just wanted to clarify that I was looking for State Express 555 which I didn't make clear...
  47. Thanks for that feedback, folks. Much appreciated. :)
  48. Those are tremendous find, well done. They look absolutely brilliant.
  49. Thanks for the feedback, folks. Much appreciated to read your positive thoughts. I've never witnessed an SR-71 in flight, although I did see one on the tarmac at Farnborough many moons ago. Lucky yo...
  50. Thanks racer4four. It's certainly a pretty unique item. And I totally agree, along with the SR-71, Concorde is one hell of a sexy machine.
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Marx Six Inch Cavalry Soldiers 1965-1970 RICOPY FT4060 ceramic 'photocopy machine' ashtray