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I collect many primitive, vintage and antique items. I love handcrafted items also. Whatever pleases my eye or tells a story. I also have many family heirlooms whicI collect many primitive, vintage and antique items. I love handcrafted items also. Whatever pleases my eye or tells a story. I also have many family heirlooms which are my most valued treasures! (Read more)


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  1. I always fall for the well loved stuffed animals and dolls. Brings to mind the Velveteen Rabbit. Makes you wonder who loved the toy in the past.
  2. Seems we have similar items! My husband is a fan of squirrels. We have a pewter nutcracker and a wrought iron one. This one is cute. thanks for sharing.
  3. I had two of these guys. I was told they were pajama bags for children from the 50s. I displayed them at Christmas with my other Santa collectibles. Never thought to use them as a substitute for stock...
  4. "Dr. Pepper, so misunderstood. If anyone would try it, they'd know you taste good!" Anyone remember this commercial jingle from way back? Also one thing my husband and I agreed on back when we met in...
  5. I love hares! This is lovely and what a great find. Thanks for sharing.
  6. hello RonM, Mikelv85 and Windwalker. Thank you for appreciating my dad's pictures from WWII. My dad passed away at the age of 62. I was a young mom with very little interest in a war that ended before...
  7. thanks to Caperkid, Newfld, SpiritBear,Blunderbuss2, Manikin,pwcollector.Anik. bobby725.vetraio50, fortapache. TassieDevil, BlackWatch, and valentine 97! And thanks for all the great comments from New...
  8. I have those dog pins. They were my grandma's. I had never seen others until yours. Yours are in better shape than mine!
  9. thank you all for appreciating the significance of these photos. I look at those faces and wonder what became of these children. Their shoes look well worn. What did it feel like to see the tanks roll...
  10. My sisters and I memorized the songs, loved the boys and even attended a performance by Davey Jones not long before he passed. My sister caught a towel he had used to wipe his brow. We were thrilled e...
  11. my big brother's favorite. I got to read them when he shared!
  12. I have always loved brooches. I only own a handful. Yours are lovely. Thanks for sharing.
  13. post, not past. darned spellcheck!!
  14. thanks to Manikin, vetraio, ttomtucker, fortapache, TassieDevil, ho2cultcha, mikelv, caperkid and SpiritBear.\ for loving my past. Much appreciated.
  15. Thanks to valentino for loving my story! I both loved and laughed at the personal aspect of a small town paper. Ours reported if someone had a guest from out of town, a bridal shower, baby shower, bi...
  16. Hello jscott! I really enjoy this site and all the interesting collectables and items of interest and I like sharing my own. I try to remember to post when I think I have something others might enjoy....
  17. I am a fan of birch bark too. I have a few baskets and a round container.
  18. hello fellow collectors of all things interesting! Thanks for your comments and interest, buckethead and jscott! I'd not seen a needle case before a few weeks ago when I found these. I do have a cou...
  19. thanks for the love, Brunswick. Today I could not stop thinking about the two needle cases and needles I left in the I contacted the owner and they are on their way. I'll post when they arr...
  20. There are few things more loveable than an old well loved teddy bear or doll. thanks for sharing these. mary
  21. Thank you jscott! I went to see the Sequoias and mountains of CA and found it to be even more spectacular than I'd ever imagined! Of course, I had to make time to step into a couple of my kind of shop...
  22. scottvez, I remember my parents displayed a paper one in our front window when my brother was in Vietnam. I bought this one in memory of him as well as every man and woman who have served and are stil...
  23. Much obliged to vetraio. aura and jscott!
  24. thanks for the loves vetraio, jscott and pw collector. I do appreciate you stopping by.
  25. The sister on the far left was the youngest. I met her and had some wonderful visits with her a few years back and enjoyed her stories about my mamo and the Marchand family. I believe they were a tigh...
  26. They are still displayed in windows in the homes of soldiers. I used to see one in the window of a house on the drive to town. Thanks for loving the flag to mikelv, jscott, artfoot, ttomtucker, blunde...
  27. Thanks for loving my prints to mikelv85, jscott, aura, blunderbuss3 and TassieDevil.
  28. Welcome mahprim! I cannot wait to see your posts. I happen to know you have many interesting items and stories and there are many folks on here who will welcome you and enjoy your shares!
  29. thanks for the love blunderbuss2!
  30. thanks to scott for loving the bunnies!
  31. I was one of five siblings. Many of my friends came from much larger tribes! I recall spending the night with a friend who had 8 sisters and brothers and meal time was carried out assembly line style....
  32. I smoked Players when my sister and I went on a school sponsored tour of the British Isles. Your post brought back some awesome memories. thanks!
  33. Always love your posts. Along with the others, am happy to see them again. I received a small rabbit from a friend for Easter and I purchased a prim rabbit for myself at a thrift shop. In the past I'v...
  34. I grew up in a house steeped in history. My mom and dad were both journalists and my dad in particular, loved to share family history. I don't think I fully appreciated the gifts my parents shared unt...
  35. my brother built one from parts. my friend and I took a ride down a long hill only to find there were no brakes!
  36. so pretty. reminds me of the lamps my mom had. thanks for sharing.
  37. Yes. I think you folks are correct. Steven Tyler it is. thanks once more jscott.
  38. Thanks jscott! I thought of your hares the other day. My friend gave me a rabbit on wheels. It is not old, but meant to be a reproduction of a child's pull toy.
  39. It amazes me and saddens me when I find photographs and other personal things at thrift stores. I hate to think relatives have given them up so I tell myself that all the relatives are gone and the it...
  40. thanks for the love to jscott.
  41. Good to hear from you again jscott! thanks for loving my family postcard. Family treasures are by far my favorite.
  42. thank you for the love kimpcfan! I always appreciate others input.
  43. Wow! Love this set!
  44. I have this in a book of favorite quotes and sayings. I believe with all of our technology and advances...some extremely important values and thoughtful respect for future humans and this planet h...
  45. Well, you know, blunderbuss....if you are a farmer with fields full of growing things to work on, cropping would be in order! haha. On the other hand, if you have a photo with unwanted things in the b...
  46. Hi PostCardCollector. Thanks for the love and the advise. I've never tried to use a photo edit on an old photo. I've only cropped things. Anyway, I gave it a shot and added a couple of attempts to thi...
  47. I always appreciate the "love its" on my posts. It is fun sharing things I treasure and finding that others share my interest in the old, the quirky, the pieces that evoke good memories, etc. and I al...
  48. thank you very much to PoliticalPinbacks, fortapache, mikelv85, brunswick and buckethead. I appreciate your interest.
  49. thanks for the love americanstationer!
  50. I am pretty sure we had this bear back in the day. I remember having this one, a big panda and a little red crouching bear-all well loved! Thanks for the blast from the past!
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