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Saint Louis, Missouri *63129*

Toy Collector & Dealer ! Please ask Permission Before Using my photos. Everything posted i own!


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All original Early Porcelain Bread Sign ! 36 inches - Signsin Signs
1940's Porcelain Dr.Pepper Brick Sign ! ~ - Advertisingin Advertising
Marvy Light-up/spinning Barber Pole!!  - Advertisingin Advertising
1960's Monster Popcorn Buckets !!!  - Moviesin Movies
Recent find. Buddy L "Daytona" Race car hauler.... @@ - Model Carsin Model Cars
1960's Ideal Robot Commando  - Toysin Toys
1950's Battery Operated Robby the robot ! - Toysin Toys
1940's Marx United Van Lines Truck - Model Carsin Model Cars
All original Smith miller LAFD Fire Truck ! - Toysin Toys
1960's Marx Nutty Mads Target Game !!  - Toysin Toys


  1. Thank you guys , Nice addition to my monster collection.
  2. Yes, Its original, Japanese. 1950's. Not the 1990's reproduction. Or current reproduction. Thanks.
  3. Yes, A Magic Slate !
  4. Thank you. I agree !
  5. Yes, A must for my monster collection
  6. Thanks !!!
  7. Thanks
  8. Thanks !!!
  9. Thanks
  10. Sorry didn't realize we were not allowed to buy on here..... Thats my mistake, Not sure how to delete my comment, Nice truck. i have a buddy looking for this one.
  11. Thank you !
  12. This toy was made by George Borgfeldt & Company!!!
  13. Thank you (:
  14. Thank you (: ***
  15. Made in japan by "Eldon"
  16. thank you.....
  17. Walt disney introduced Mickey mouse around 1928, I would think Pluto was Introduced sometime after that, Possibly early to mid 1930's.... I own a Wood Pluto and dog house with original box, made in th...
  18. Feels like a composition Celiene .
  19. Thanks -Racer4four
  20. very interesting. Thank you for the information (:
  21. Thank you
  22. Thank you
  23. Yes they eyes turn it on & off, Also controls the channels (:
  24. Paper Mache (:
  25. Thanks.
  26. Hasbro toy company made them in the 1960's.
  27. Thanks.
  28. Thanks
  29. Thanks !
  30. im in several facebook groups, Might have posted it there before.
  31. Thanks !
  32. Thanks !
  33. thank you
  34. All depends what kind of setting you sell it in. I dont suggest ebay, Auctions go low and high on there. Hakes online auction would be a good idea. Just a tip !
  35. Anytime, Glad i could help. Yes these are Rare, And very desirable .... Mint in box, Well over $1,000 .... I think in the condition its in, You should expect $5-700 Depending on the auction, and how m...
  36. Thank you
  37. Thank you !!! took awhile to find the devil lantern!!!!!
  38. Thank you
  39. Sorry, Did not mean to send that message 2 times.
  40. Very nice piece. This is called The Arctic Explorer Sled..... Made by Bandai..>Sears Exclusive. Early 1960's
  41. Very nice piece. This is called an Arctic Explorer Sled..... Made by Bandai..>Sears Exclusive. Early 1960's
  42. Thanks !!!!!
  43. The toy is great. But that box is off the wall !!!! Love it !
  44. Thanks !
  45. thank you !! any idea on value
  46. thanks
  47. Thanks !
  48. Walks forward, Eyes light up, And also the arms swing.
  49. thanks
  50. thanks
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Old monster model. Vietnam Vet's 1960's Psychedelic Hippie Pendant with Glass Eyeball 1960s Peter Max Sneakers with box - Toddler Size! Just found a Philco Predicta! Candy Container Witch Vintage metal toy made in Japan - never seen one and don't know what it is?  Boat? Plane, Spaceship? Mickey Mouse Keystone Projector 1948 Kendall sidewalk sign Art Deco Saturn Lamp Fraiser Tin Wind-Up Car Red Indian Homoil tin Baby Pontiac Occupied Japan Sign Hunting


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