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Wood carved Buddha - Asianin Asian
Victorian Parlor Organ - Musical Instrumentsin Musical Instruments
Chinese brush pot - Asianin Asian
Russian Samovar - Kitchenin Kitchen
1900s French country style Maria Theresa - Lampsin Lamps
Alice in wonderland - Booksin Books
My ships come in - Asianin Asian
large figural lamps - Lampsin Lamps


  1. I still got goose bumps from my even more amazing find yesterday!! In that same pic lower left is a chando. I pinched 2 chandos that came out of a huge mansion outside chicago one is a 19 light baccar...
  2. That's my wife's she got that from her mom it has the original cushion too I put a hat box on it to keep the cat off
  3. You Know where it originated from. Mine came from an estate near Chicago, I'm doing circles tryin to nail mine down.
  4. Also the palm columns slip out, and the foot under the door also. The cabinet is 4-6 inches deeper than the drawers and that's a hidden compartment also.There is 7 secret compartments in my piece.
  5. I have an almost duplicate posted here with a bookcase on top.What are the makers marks on the back of the drawers? Mine are WO16 NP 24. On the rail under the bottom drawer is WO16 NP 24 WAL/ W.E. An...
  6. Angry Faces I think is the theme. I have a tea set Occupied japan
  7. The paper label made in..., is usually a post 1920 export label. Nice piece a few more years and it will be antique (100 yrs +)
  8. Luckie You!! that shade is off the charts!!!!
  9. bronze or wood
  10. Oh do tell!
  11. The gold appears to be applied by spray and the red clay has me thinking, mid 20th century made for export.
  13. Along with the .925 are there any hallmarks? The makers marks on the bottom of the bottle will tell you where the glass was made, but I cannot read it. In the last pic on the corner in front of your ...
  14. Along with the .925 are there any hallmarks? The makers marks on the bottom of the bottle will tell you where the glass was made, but I cannot read it.
  15. I'd try Nippon hand painted cloisonne handled urn/vase
  16. Porcelain with celadon glaze? Really nice looks cased in glaze.
  17. looks like me when I bought my H-D ultraclassic
  18. I use the light on my range hood. Works great! Their 50 watt and the lens looks like a bee or bug eye.
  19. Italy? Is it bronze under the white?
  20. Indochina? Thailand region?
  21. check or money order? Brilliantly clear send some incandescent light on them and another pic please.
  22. Yep bet its Murano I've got several! Look up Murano Venetian Glass Clowns
  23. Looks Baked to me! I've got his Bro Trippin!
  24. Lacquer and silver looks looks Eastern Europe. Russian? eastern europe.
  25. That looks like middle eastern. Possibly Turkish or Arabic. The bottom is to the right.
  26. Look under shade for makers mark in leading. And under felt on foot of lamp. If you have the original cord and sockets can give you age.
  27. maybe an oil lamp?
  28. It's Sushi Man! I think it was made in Okaynowon
  29. Girls! and that's why heez smilin
  30. So, you can send me the Lil One in the background!
  31. Try 1920s French gilt bronze 6 light empire style clandeliers
  32. looks like a Wakizashi type blade
  33. Falcon.
  34. Nice lavender/ white foo dog and Woodstock! kewell
  35. Look at the clasp pins on the box with a magnify glass. See if there is a grain in it.If so look at the large end for an angled pattern if so they are ivory.
  36. beautiful piece of Imperial green jade Lucky You! love it
  37. Take the box to your favorite chinese resteraunt. the white chalk script will tell you.
  38. Blunt Holder
  39. Would be a cool watercolor
  40. Roger Laurin?
  41. Wicked Cool! You need my address to send it?
  42. a couple of pics of the makers mark on bottom please.
  43. If you look at the carved handle with a magn. glass ivory has a grain. 115 degrees is mammoth tusk, a 65 degrees grain usually rhino or elephant.
  44. If you remove the handle the makers marks should be on the blade.
  45. I'd try 19th century English mahogany Chippendale bureau/secretary/bookcase
  46. It gives me the impression someone repurposed an old cabinet or cupboard and made a quilt chest.
  47. may guess Korean also, they love poppys
  48. I'd try 1800s looks like the upper half of a stepback sideboard
  49. try 1880s French oak sideboard/buffet/cupboard
  50. early 1900 simmons I have one in full size with wreath and ribbon on foot and headboard
  51. See more


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