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 Moskvich Pedal car collection - Model Carsin Model Cars
Tiffany style Boston ivy lamp with tree trunk base - Lampsin Lamps
Tiffany Dragonfly Lamp with Mosaic base. - Lampsin Lamps
Distler Electromatic 7500  Porsche 356a Speedster  - Model Carsin Model Cars
Moskvich Pedal Car AZLK  Print Advert - Toysin Toys
Tri-ang Spot On no.185 Fiat 500 - Model Carsin Model Cars
Spot On Fiat Multipla No.120 by Tri-ang - Model Carsin Model Cars
Moskvich Generation I Pedal Car MZMA 1969 (1950 -51 Studebaker Champion)  - Model Carsin Model Cars
 Moskvich Pedal Car Generation I 1969 MZMA(Studebaker Champion 1950-1951) - Toysin Toys
Tri-ang Spot On #219 Austin Healey Sprites in White & Red  - Model Carsin Model Cars


  1. Hi racer4four . I’m actually based in Australia. I love them so much I had them shipped over one by one over a two year time period. Yes these cars were made in the former USSR in the Moskvich auto...
  2. Thanks very much Purvis.
  3. Thanks Anik , it’s a great lamp. I have it sitting in my lounge room . Lights the room beautifully
  4. Thanks very much Newfld . The one on the lift is a Triang Miami 45c :)
  5. Thanks very much JScotto363 :)
  6. What a beautiful lamp. Love the colours and the Craftsmanship.Was it inspired by the LC Tiffany and co-Wisteria model?
  7. Hi Gillian. Thank you very much for your comment . Yes I do collect Tiffany lamps but I have nearly run out of room in my house! I have about five of them. One Lilypond shade with the cattail bas...
  8. Hi Malkey , no worries at all my pleasure. I believe the base is a reproduction (albeit a very good one) of the original dragonfly lamp that was exhibited at the Paris International show in early 19...
  9. Thanks Manikin . Yeah they must be really rare . I can I imagine the only cars that would be in the USA and Australia are ones that people have had sent over to them . Or picked up on their travels . ...
  10. Yeah this ones definatley a beauty that's for sure :)
  11. What an amazing model :)
  12. Wow! A bandai bump n go VW :) these are great peices ! I love the colour ! I have an ice blue standard friction driven version. But I always wanted a bump n go :) Very cool!
  13. Hi fortapache. Yeah it was an awesome toy to play with . Corgi definatley triumphed on this one.
  14. Hi PoliticalPinbacks. I agree that they retain a certain character from their history when they are left original that can't be brought back once they're fully restored :) . I'm pretty sure this parti...
  15. Hi pollyperkins . Thanks very much ! she sure is :) Adult pedal cars would be unreal! I remember how much fun mine was when I was a kid .
  16. Thanks Bobber57 :)
  17. Hi Collectables59. Yep absolutely :) back when they made them to last .
  18. Thanks Racer4four !
  19. Hi Collectables59 . Thanks very much!
  20. Thanks everyone !
  21. Hi racer4four , I mostly find them on eBay but this one was offered to me privately by the former owner of the gen II green car I also have .
  22. I just had a heart palpitation!!! Love it !! Want one!!!
  23. Hi racer4four , yes I believe they used these cars for horse races and cycling events I.e :Le Tour de France etc
  24. I think this one was also a bit special because my uncle had owned it before me for about 20years before I got it . So I always took good very good care of it
  25. Hi PoliticalPinbacks , Thanks again :) Yes I am very grateful actually :) I have had a display cabinet in my room in one form or another since I was about 4 and was always taught to put them back whe...
  26. Hi PoliticalPinbacks , Yes it sure is . Not the most powerful car on the planet but they are surprisingly quick and fun in the bends :)
  27. Cheers racer4four :)
  28. Hi racer4four , Yeah this ones definatley cool . Quite a rare colour combo for these cars as well, but I also love how it came together. I didn't have the heart to go full restoration on it. It has wa...
  29. Hi Shareurpassion . Unfortunately my real one is kept outside in the driveway with a car cover .A 2010 Fiat 500C lounge 1.4 6spd Manual
  30. Hi PoliticalPinbacks . Thanks very much ! Wow I envy you :) I've always loved mustangs . They are great ! Would love to get a real one one day.
  31. Hi Fortapache . Good idea . I will have to take some more photos :)
  32. Hi there . Thankyou very much ! Yes I did have to do some light restorations with the Triang Miami (it was missing a windscreen and needed the chassis realigned ) and the two 1980 Moskvichs needed ste...
  33. Hi there ! I found my two on eBay in Australia . They may still have some . Search under Mercedes 300s 12v kids car :) hope this helps .
  34. Wow what a cool peice ! This is called a Michiana Flyer Irish Mail Cart . They are extremley rare . Hope this helps a bit ????
  35. What a great little example you have there ! They also came in a metallic blue .
  36. Wow. That's a very nice collection you have there !!
  37. That my friend is AWESOME!! It Bears more than a resemblance ! Good job!
  38. They really are great little peices. I love the period colours and box art.
  39. Hi Graumm . Oh you never know I'm always on the look out for unique peices so I'll let you know when my funds replenish. I have just bought a couple more and in negnotiations a couple more :). I agre...
  40. Hi Graumm . I totally agree . I am a big believer in "preservation class" .To some it's just laziness but believe that certain cars and marques need to keep their originality and preserve their histor...
  41. Hi Graumm . Haha then it's already too late for me ! . It only started out as a late night bid that turned into a "I wonder if I could I restore this one?" project. When the first one arrived (The T...
  42. Hi Graumm . Thanks very much ! Yeah it's growing by the week at the moment .Beautiful collection you have there as well. I could only wish for some of the ones you have ????My "Brum" isn't really an o...
  43. It's a Moskvitch! How cool ! I have two of these in the original pedal car form . One red ,one green . Both early versions in good condition. These earlier chrome bumper cars are getting rarer and rar...
  44. Haha Don Knots . He was a crazy character that's for sure!
  45. TimeTraveller : Hi it took Steve about 6 weeks to make it as he made it from scratch . I'm not sure if it would qualify as carry on luggage as it comes in its own bespoke packing crate that he makes f...
  46. Yeah it's better in person . I couldn't capture the true essence of how it shines at night . But it is close.
  47. Caperkid .yeah she really is a beauty. She came from a private collection that was on sale in the UK. I understand it's the rarest of the colour codes for the Le dandy coupes . They also made the same...
  48. They were all great but the first two directed by Robert Stevenson were the best in my opinion . They just had more heart .
  49. The combination works really well with the chosen speaker cloth :)
  50. Thanks everyone . It sounds as good as it looks .
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