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 Bandai  Fiat 600 convertible (friction drive)  - Toysin Toys
 Moskvich Pedal car collection - Model Carsin Model Cars
Tiffany style Boston ivy lamp with tree trunk base - Lampsin Lamps
Tiffany Dragonfly Lamp with Mosaic base. - Lampsin Lamps
Distler Electromatic 7500  Porsche 356a Speedster  - Model Carsin Model Cars
Moskvich Pedal Car AZLK  Print Advert - Toysin Toys
Tri-ang Spot On no.185 Fiat 500 - Model Carsin Model Cars
Spot On Fiat Multipla No.120 by Tri-ang - Model Carsin Model Cars
Moskvich Generation I Pedal Car MZMA 1969 (1950 -51 Studebaker Champion)  - Model Carsin Model Cars
 Moskvich Pedal Car Generation I 1969 MZMA(Studebaker Champion 1950-1951) - Toysin Toys


  1. Hi Pim . There are many replacement reproduction parts online . Try Ebay searching: ussr pedal car ????
  2. Newfld The box is a repro but The car is original
  3. Hi Mr. P , I bought this beauty from A seller on eBay about 3 1/2 years ago in Bulgaria. It even came with the original owners manual .These cars do to pop up from time to time but you need to know ...
  4. Hi racer4four . I’m actually based in Australia. I love them so much I had them shipped over one by one over a two year time period. Yes these cars were made in the former USSR in the Moskvich auto...
  5. Thanks very much Purvis.
  6. Thanks Anik , it’s a great lamp. I have it sitting in my lounge room . Lights the room beautifully
  7. Thanks very much Newfld . The one on the lift is a Triang Miami 45c :)
  8. Thanks very much JScotto363 :)
  9. What a beautiful lamp. Love the colours and the Craftsmanship.Was it inspired by the LC Tiffany and co-Wisteria model?
  10. Hi Gillian. Thank you very much for your comment . Yes I do collect Tiffany lamps but I have nearly run out of room in my house! I have about five of them. One Lilypond shade with the cattail bas...
  11. Hi Malkey , no worries at all my pleasure. I believe the base is a reproduction (albeit a very good one) of the original dragonfly lamp that was exhibited at the Paris International show in early 19...
  12. Thanks Manikin . Yeah they must be really rare . I can I imagine the only cars that would be in the USA and Australia are ones that people have had sent over to them . Or picked up on their travels . ...
  13. Yeah this ones definatley a beauty that's for sure :)
  14. What an amazing model :)
  15. Wow! A bandai bump n go VW :) these are great peices ! I love the colour ! I have an ice blue standard friction driven version. But I always wanted a bump n go :) Very cool!
  16. Hi fortapache. Yeah it was an awesome toy to play with . Corgi definatley triumphed on this one.
  17. Hi PoliticalPinbacks. I agree that they retain a certain character from their history when they are left original that can't be brought back once they're fully restored :) . I'm pretty sure this parti...
  18. Hi pollyperkins . Thanks very much ! she sure is :) Adult pedal cars would be unreal! I remember how much fun mine was when I was a kid .
  19. Thanks Bobber57 :)
  20. Hi Collectables59. Yep absolutely :) back when they made them to last .
  21. Thanks Racer4four !
  22. Hi Collectables59 . Thanks very much!
  23. Thanks everyone !
  24. Hi racer4four , I mostly find them on eBay but this one was offered to me privately by the former owner of the gen II green car I also have .
  25. I just had a heart palpitation!!! Love it !! Want one!!!
  26. Hi racer4four , yes I believe they used these cars for horse races and cycling events I.e :Le Tour de France etc
  27. I think this one was also a bit special because my uncle had owned it before me for about 20years before I got it . So I always took good very good care of it
  28. Hi PoliticalPinbacks , Thanks again :) Yes I am very grateful actually :) I have had a display cabinet in my room in one form or another since I was about 4 and was always taught to put them back whe...
  29. Hi PoliticalPinbacks , Yes it sure is . Not the most powerful car on the planet but they are surprisingly quick and fun in the bends :)
  30. Cheers racer4four :)
  31. Hi racer4four , Yeah this ones definatley cool . Quite a rare colour combo for these cars as well, but I also love how it came together. I didn't have the heart to go full restoration on it. It has wa...
  32. Hi Shareurpassion . Unfortunately my real one is kept outside in the driveway with a car cover .A 2010 Fiat 500C lounge 1.4 6spd Manual
  33. Hi PoliticalPinbacks . Thanks very much ! Wow I envy you :) I've always loved mustangs . They are great ! Would love to get a real one one day.
  34. Hi Fortapache . Good idea . I will have to take some more photos :)
  35. Hi there . Thankyou very much ! Yes I did have to do some light restorations with the Triang Miami (it was missing a windscreen and needed the chassis realigned ) and the two 1980 Moskvichs needed ste...
  36. Hi there ! I found my two on eBay in Australia . They may still have some . Search under Mercedes 300s 12v kids car :) hope this helps .
  37. Wow what a cool peice ! This is called a Michiana Flyer Irish Mail Cart . They are extremley rare . Hope this helps a bit ????
  38. What a great little example you have there ! They also came in a metallic blue .
  39. Wow. That's a very nice collection you have there !!
  40. That my friend is AWESOME!! It Bears more than a resemblance ! Good job!
  41. They really are great little peices. I love the period colours and box art.
  42. Hi Graumm . Oh you never know I'm always on the look out for unique peices so I'll let you know when my funds replenish. I have just bought a couple more and in negnotiations a couple more :). I agre...
  43. Hi Graumm . I totally agree . I am a big believer in "preservation class" .To some it's just laziness but believe that certain cars and marques need to keep their originality and preserve their histor...
  44. Hi Graumm . Haha then it's already too late for me ! . It only started out as a late night bid that turned into a "I wonder if I could I restore this one?" project. When the first one arrived (The T...
  45. Hi Graumm . Thanks very much ! Yeah it's growing by the week at the moment .Beautiful collection you have there as well. I could only wish for some of the ones you have ????My "Brum" isn't really an o...
  46. It's a Moskvitch! How cool ! I have two of these in the original pedal car form . One red ,one green . Both early versions in good condition. These earlier chrome bumper cars are getting rarer and rar...
  47. Haha Don Knots . He was a crazy character that's for sure!
  48. TimeTraveller : Hi it took Steve about 6 weeks to make it as he made it from scratch . I'm not sure if it would qualify as carry on luggage as it comes in its own bespoke packing crate that he makes f...
  49. Yeah it's better in person . I couldn't capture the true essence of how it shines at night . But it is close.
  50. Caperkid .yeah she really is a beauty. She came from a private collection that was on sale in the UK. I understand it's the rarest of the colour codes for the Le dandy coupes . They also made the same...
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