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Proud to be a " Native Bubba" & Navy Veteran. I collect anthing old or historical. Old Stuff whether bent, broken or rusty is like a Hair Lipped Dog Somebody gotta Proud to be a " Native Bubba" & Navy Veteran. I collect anthing old or historical. Old Stuff whether bent, broken or rusty is like a Hair Lipped Dog Somebody gotta love it. Somebody is me!!! Can be found at auctions, flea markets,or garage sales. Been in retail over 60 yrs. (started work at 2 lol). Lot of my stuff from retail grocery but I have something for every catagory. Suffer sellers remorse every time I sell a collectible or antique. By the way it seems to me antiques are getting much younger. Love the small community country life but have recently moved back to my home town which used to be country. Thanks for putting up with me. Bones (Read more)


  1. to brokeasapicker i have no idea as to the value have not seen one sell. probably look on ebay to see asking price TAL
  2. thanks zguy2112, packrat ttom, and broke.
  3. TAL woody because of illness i don't visit this site much anymore. You can contact me by adding @gmail.com to my name
  4. zguy3112 sorry for responding so late. really busy. try to get pics of proofs. thanks for the love thanks blumderbus for the comment & and u are correct weak marks thanks to sayer for the love
  5. Hey aycockonxion forgot to give yours the love yesterday. Talk about short "memory"!!!
  6. I posted one about 2 mo ago. It was used with a pulley located at the top of the loft door to lift square bales to the loft. Pull it up grab it with hay hook to pull it inside for stacking
  7. thanks a lot mikielikesigns2 our relationship is pretty strong
  8. Crooks will counterfit anything for profit. Coin dealer told me 50d nickles were counterfitted resulting in a decline in value of the orignals
  9. Love old money. By the way love all money!!
  10. Wife has a lot of Shirley iteams but none of these. Love 'em
  11. Love the post. Money and vintage clothing of the boy.
  12. Bellin thanks a lot for the love
  13. Thanks a lot jimbarasco for the love and very nice comment
  14. jimborasco Thanks for the love and great comment. I have seen many of these at sales and in Antique Malls labled as Ice Saw.
  15. Thanks a lot jimborasco for the love and comment. always left a little water in the bucket to prim the pump
  16. TAL packrat
  17. Thanks a lot kerry
  18. Thank yoy miKKo and mustangtony for the loves
  19. Thanks miKKo and kerry and again to Chrisnp for the aditional info. I am still looking and about to decide RIP does not have the same meaning that I am giving to it.
  20. Thank you manikin
  21. Thanks lannd for your true comment and for loving this
  22. Thanks petey and mrmajestic
  23. Hey Chrisnp, just read your post. A great piece of info. I have never been able to date mine and still don't know what the rip 1932 means, but still researching
  24. Thanks Chrisnp for the info. I've been looking on what I could find on the pistol
  25. Thanks mrmajestic and packrat for the love
  26. Thanks a lot muskichoo and packrat-place
  27. thank you scandi
  28. Thanks scandi sorry for being so late
  29. Jack Rabbits used to be plentiful where I live today, but progress has driven them farther West but they are slowly disapearing there also.I suspect Fire ants and other predators
  30. great item i left one (sold with farm) and I still miss it
  31. thanks mrmajestic for commenting. colors are great, makes me hungry. definatly not ceramic
  32. love the pics!!!
  33. thankyoy walksoftly
  34. thank you packrat-place
  35. Thank you ho2cultcha
  36. Thank yoy walksoftly
  37. Thank you stonesfan1 and ollie
  38. Thank you timbaran and stonesfan1
  39. Thank you trgrubaugh and walksoftly for the loves
  40. thanks gargoylkcollector for the great comment. I had the great opportunity to listen to stories from several old ranchers on ranch and farm life in the early 1900's. learned a lot. wish I had taped t...
  41. Thank you stephdesign and ho2cultcha for the loves
  42. thank u sayer 34 for the info. Thats why I posted it as a pull cart. Never thought of Sears as a source for info. I have a repro of an old sears catalogue. Like to see ypurs, is it posted
  43. Thank u walksoftly for the nice comment
  44. Thank you chinablue mrmajestic and stonesfan
  45. Thanks a lot official mrmajestic and aycockonxion
  46. thank you cwork
  47. Thanks a lot EJW-54 officialfuel stonesfan aycockonxion and miKKoChristmas for the loves and likes
  48. thank you stonesfan and ttomtucker
  49. thanks alot mrmajestic
  50. thank you Manikin and stefdesign
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