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My wife tells me I was born in the wrong generation. I collect Hot Wheels, Buddy L, Tonka, Marx, Nylint, and Matchbox/Lesney toys. About any vintage or antique toy vMy wife tells me I was born in the wrong generation. I collect Hot Wheels, Buddy L, Tonka, Marx, Nylint, and Matchbox/Lesney toys. About any vintage or antique toy vehicles, and many other toys. Oil & Gas stuff, automobilia, signs, sports memorabilia, and mantiques (man antiques)! Recently, antique (pre-1950) and vintage (1950+) fans, anything industrial, and anything odd. If you would like to reach me, feel free to email at aycockonxion@gmail.com. Jason (Read more)


  1. Lol! It means nothing to anyone by me and my family.
  2. This is a great item! I've been looking for one of these for a LONG time!
  3. Not an uncommon fire truck. But still, a very good piece to have. Buddy L and Tonka made fire trucks that weren't very dissimilar to this throughout the late '50s and most of the '60s. I'd put this St...
  4. Love it. You should be able to find someone that can get you a correct cloth cord on one of the forums on the AFCA website. The best ones from that era have brass blades, but most of those are just a ...
  5. It doesn't look like any Dominion fan I've seen, but this one is definitely '30s up to right around WW II era. Also, it looks too big to be a typical drug store fan, but it's not impossible. My guess ...
  6. I have seen an original Conoco branded clock with that face, but it was a traditional service station round clock. I'll look and see if there is one in the company museum.
  7. No problem. It is a terrific source. I'm a member and I use it regularly. There are a lot of extremely knowledgeable 'fan guys' on those forums!
  8. Rare. Very rare. Also, it's Robbins & Myers.. but yes, I believe so. Check the pre-1950 forum on fancollectors.org for more info, one of the guys there most likely knows more than I do.
  9. Thank you for the love vanskyock24 and ttomtucker!
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  11. What makes you think it's actually a softball, other than the size? I'm not sure that's what it is.
  12. This really is pretty awesome.
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  35. I agree with the previous 2 posters.
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  48. Thanks for the comment jonima. Looks to me like it was actually inspected last on March 1, 1945. As it turns out, I sold this thing a while back for $85. I had bought it for $1 at the junk auction, so...
  49. Excuse me, I just read my prior comment again and realized a statement I made could be misinterpreted.. I meant this road grader is not particularly uncommon, not the fact that it reads NY-LINT. That'...
  50. It's really Nylint, not NY-Lint. Not really sure why this particular grader would have it like that, but it's not particularly uncommon. Nylint and Tonka both made road graders like this for quite a w...
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