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New York City,New York

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Advertising Collector, Primarily Signs and Clocks. Living, working in Manhattan for Advertising of course.


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Libbys Pineapple Hawaiian Hula Girl Supermarket Stand Up Cardboard Display Pin Up - Signsin Signs
1960's Drink Coca Cola In Bottles Bullseye Porcelain Sign  - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
1935 Coca Cola Drug Store Sign American Icon Classic 4' by 8' Porcelain - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
1947 Ballantine Ale and Beer Brunette Beauty Masonite Litho U.S.A. - Brewerianain Breweriana
1948 Ballantine Ale and Beer Brunette Beauty Masonite Litho U.S.A. - Brewerianain Breweriana
Thompson Pin Up Thermometer 1940's Super 8Rare Beauties - Advertisingin Advertising
Beaver Gumball "Big Bubble" Machine - Coin Operatedin Coin Operated
Vintage Acorn Penny Gumball Candy Machine - Coin Operatedin Coin Operated
Ma's Cola Large Tin Vertical Sign  - Signsin Signs
Beer Advertising Illustration Original Artwork  - Brewerianain Breweriana


  1. Double Awesome!
  2. I really like listing and selling items on Etsy.It is just like a brick and Mortar and listing is pretty cheap with decent exposure to buyers.I have made some decent money this year already.If you did...
  3. Congratulations and Wish you the Best Of luck ! Open an Internet shop Too and let us all know.
  4. I was fortunate to acquire this piece with the original mounting brackets. The brackets are affixed the wall with screws or nails and the sign hangs off the ends that fit the mounting holes on the ...
  5. Yes,I know.We have the same one.4' in diameter and HEAVY!!! After hanging many Signs over many Years,I have become quite skilled. Knock on Wood!
  6. Close.The Mountain Dew Is the headboard.
  7. Getting Married has put a crimp in my collecting style Been selling some small stuff on Etsy But I will never stop searching and acquiring quality junk.
  8. Thanks for the Comments Everybody! Glad to be back among my people again.
  9. I think I paid $300 for it after eBay Battle.I was looking for one for a very long time and I would not be denied.
  10. Nice.Got one just like it!Protect with care.
  11. Thank you! It is a commitment and risk to collect these clocks.They are kind of heavy,expensive and a true pain in the @#&* to hang on the wall but you get your Money's worth as far as conversation pi...
  12. Can you post pics of it?
  13. I sold it on Ebay for $260.
  14. Sadly,I have no real estimate of its true value but for Me was worth paying a couple of hundred dollars to purchase about 10 years ago.
  15. Mad Creative Oilman!The Collecting world needs more young blood like you. Hats Off .Plus you go out and find your stuff for almost nothing.I miss the ''adventure" part of collecting being a city slic...
  16. Its old .All the black back paint on the tubes has dried and peeled off.Probably 1950's.The Transformers for a lot of vintage neon were made by franceformer.
  17. Great ! Thanks so much for the Provenance Information.
  18. 2008 auction result
  19. Nice! Thank You.
  20. $300-400. In this Condition.
  21. Thank You! I was hoping 50's.
  22. Totally Sweet! Jealous.Love that Figurative Advertising.
  23. lol! I do love me some Burgers! Wish it was with Cheese though. Now I need to find a nice slice of Pizza.
  24. Hello Tom .I believe this Sign is 3 ' by 7'.Maybe 8 '. I have it in storage now .
  25. Sadly, I did not see if it sold.The dealer was talking to someone curious . but the one at the show was nowhere near the condition of yours.It had white paint that was heavy Patina. Plus prices at ...
  26. Watched someone selling one of these at the NYC Pier show just this Saturday.
  27. Is it Metal?I would love to see better detailed pics of it.Are you keeping it?
  28. That is strange! I have this sign as well with 7 bubbles 1944 and it also has type on the bottom of the red square.I forgot what it says.
  29. See more


Steinhaus Beer Tin Sign Hampden Beer-Ale 1950's Outside Advertising Sign My Heileman's Old Style sign Vintage Rheingold 12 Oz. beer can my favorite antique sign Tydol Sign,Pan am Sign,and Quaker State Sign Pabst Blue Ribbon Malt Extract sign 1901 Hamm's brewing lithographs-St. Paul MN City Club special tin beer sign made by Schmidt brewing Liberty Magazines July 1936 & July 1940 u.s royal tire sign