I am an avid collector of things old, especially signs, marbles, figural cast iron and anything else that is way cool. I also collect, repair and restore vintage neI am an avid collector of things old, especially signs, marbles, figural cast iron and anything else that is way cool. I also collect, repair and restore vintage neon signs. Always up for a chat at akrodog@msn.com! (Read more)


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  1. I'd drop a buck on that any day! Cool find.
  2. Numbers on sides keep score and the painted numbers at the bottom are for periods. Oops, I mean quarters! Holes are for lamps. Michele totally on board. Her idea to start with!
  3. Knew that was coming! Yes! Pun intended! Any score good and very hard to hold stopwatch while........ Keep it up guys! Again, pun intended!!! THX to all for the love!!
  4. Thanks fortapache! And BB2, I'm sure it's been done. Will keep eyes open for one! Got the octagon cleaned up a bit and working! Just needed some fresh wiring. Thanks very much to ALL for the ...
  5. Thanks a lot scottvez! Thought it was something along those lines as I used one of the large "safety pins" to close my mesh laundry bag in the Marine Corps. Sure it's not a valuable item but made m...
  6. WOW lzenglish! Thank you very much for those sentiments! I was in Beirut in 1982 and while I didn't lose any friends there in '83, I lost 241 brothers. I am currently making plans to go to Philly f...
  7. You can tell it's not a repop! Cool piece!
  8. Sorry 'bout that. I can't figure out how to get there either! This was posted to officialfuel's page... Hello, My name is Tunisha and i'm a Casting Associate Producer for History Channels new...
  9. Hey Rattletrap, Check out THeyward page. I think you would be a great candidate!
  10. Thanks to all for the love! This project been a long time coming but very happy to finally "git'r done"! Anybody need an old sign restored? Just need eight months or so!
  11. Nice Chuck- a luck BV! Are there any identifiers anywhere on the piece?
  12. mikeigotit, The majority of the marbles in your photos are what us marble collectors would call modern marbles, made from the '50s through the '70s with some even being very modern imports. The Benni...
  13. Nice machine! I also collect N. KY gambling items!
  14. Another nice sign rattletrap! Love that older logo from my neck of the woods.
  15. THX everyone for the love!
  16. MacDaddyRico, THX for the dart gun tip. The UFO is a piece of folk art made using an old hubcap, hose nozzle, speaker, and oil lamp parts mixed in with the stained glass, washers and other unidentifi...
  17. Very cool! I like the old ID plates also. Have a few from old carnival rides.
  18. Nice piece! Lebanon was fun wasn't it?...
  19. Nice piece! Rare sign indeed. In great shape, but do I see a couple touch ups on there? Not that it matters on a piece like this, just curious... Bobby725 comments very humorous! And wisdom from ...
  20. Sweet find!
  21. THX buckethead, and all you other guys for the love. Just like any old sign or clock... as soon as I plugged it in at home light would not work and clock motor growling.! Lighting easy fix with new s...
  22. Oh yea, really like that new "profile" photo!!!
  23. Well, I'm pretty stumped on the hammer/axe looking "thang" but doesn't seem like a stone working tool to me. Since you mentioned bourbon I think the first tool is for making bung holes in bourbon b...
  24. Another beauty! Love that "elbow" pole.
  25. Could it be a cricket keeper?
  26. Looks great from my house! Another nice piece. Will get out there someday to see your forest of signs! Get well so you can resume the hunt!
  27. NICE one! That's a pretty rare find. Never seen that one B4. Take it easy and mend well!
  28. Onedtent... definitely not an inclinometer. THX for the input.
  29. SpiritBear... I think not but obviously could be mistaken. BB2 & GeodeJim... Needle points north when item is held horizontal, compass in my book. UncleRon... Needle points north, knurled knob on ...
  30. PP, Thanks for the love. They are clay. Gambling was shut down in Newport by the time cheap plastic chips hit the scene.
  31. Get well Rattletrap! Take the best of care and mend. Sounds like you'll just be picking smalls for awhile!
  32. NICE piece!!
  33. THX everyone for ALL the love!!!
  34. Thanks very much r4f. I am by no means a graphics guy, but like I said I still had the "Vegas in me" and had to do something different and much more appealing than a big ugly rectangle. Graphically,...
  35. Thank you Manikin! I never hit it big, but sure was fun.
  36. THX very much racer4four! Yes, very proud of this job and really enjoy fabricating signs with a classic or vintage flair.
  37. Nice little lathe. My Dad swore by them. This looks to be just a step above a watchmaker's lathe. 3" chuck????? Certainly used to turn small parts!
  38. Thank you very much PP. Yea, a few hours including the sleepless night of final prep before installation. Don't think I smelled very good for newspaper interview that morning. Guess that's why I wa...
  39. Great museum!! BB2 Keep your eyes and ears open! KY Aviation museum gets some pretty cool visitors from time to time like a B-29 named FIFI,(have some really cool photos of it in flight right over ...
  40. THX to everyone for the love!!
  41. We have a winner! valentino97! The carny would place a mouse in the center and cover with a bowl or something like that, spin the table while patrons would bet like roulette on number and/or color. ...
  42. Another hint... RODENT
  43. fortapache, gotta love Grandma!! My wife's G ma at 96 same way. "It's all junk" are her words and she calls us hoarders. We might be hoarders, but our stuff is worth $$ Not empty pizza boxes and c...
  44. Hunter & BB2. Couldn't agree more on both counts. Layout was and still a critical factor. I love driving by a really crappy sign and telling my family "I did that". Always gets a laugh.
  45. Thanks a bunch Hunter! GR8 article and went through that period of everybody switching to vinyl. I HATE the stuff! It's handy and anyone can do it but it is what it looks like...cold and cheap! It...
  46. BB2--In all your world travels you haven't come across one of these?! Last time I saw one in action was about 25 yrs. ago at the Ripley, OH tobacco festival. Most entertaining!
  47. I wasn't sure last night how to take that Gillian! Now I see that comment was rooted in frustration! Hard to "feel" the sentiment with just the printed word many times. Fun tho, wasn't it? Here's ...
  48. The mini gun will take care of the drones! Guaranteed. Spent a bunch of time around the three barreled 20mm cannon, the minigun's big brother. Same type of mechanism and slaving motor strong enough...
  49. MYSTERY SOLVED! This model is made from a set of 1958 plans by Hall of Famer Charles Mackey. It is called the GOBBLEWANTZ and Bob Randall won the 1958 Nationals with one. It was designed to fly on ...
  50. The debate continues! .45 vs. 9mm. I can see 9mm being much more practical with an SMG but for home defense with a handgun give me a .45 any day. If you can't get the job done with two or three sho...
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