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Being the youngest of seven children and raised on a small farm in southwest Minnesota during the late 50’s and 60’s, our parents taught us to maintain and repair eqBeing the youngest of seven children and raised on a small farm in southwest Minnesota during the late 50’s and 60’s, our parents taught us to maintain and repair equipment. We were also taught to be inventive, like take some of the old “junk” and make something useful out of it. Apparently this same upbringing is what gave me the craving to have home made “toys” or do with with what is available for entertainment. What else could be the reason for my diverse interests? Collecting most likely did not start with rocks, rocks are something that was handpicked from the field and were collected in large piles. Not my version of fun, nope not at all… Through my late teens I do remember collecting beer cans; Wow, did I have a lot of beer cans in such a short period of time. Most that found were empty, but some were full, then magically became empty… ? Those are all gone now, took up to much space and were hard to display. When I came across the Evan’s Ten Strike (http://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/12245-evans-ten-strike-arcade-game), it was a turning point… I like the EM stuff, but never made a real effort to acquire old machines until the last few years. It’s not so much as collecting, it’s the pleasure that is finding one cheap that don’t work and make the machine operational again… Yep to me that’s where the fun is… (Read more)


  1. There are a few question regarding operation on this machine and are looking to solve problems with ones that they own. This is probably not a good forum for that as it seems that I am unable to answ...
  2. Thanks for the comment Torque... That is a home made auger... a bit of a challenge and still is, sometimes the balls get stuck where they are fed into the auger. Have not worked on it for several year...
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  6. We move through time way to quickly RonMRonM.. rniedermanrniederman BenBen For you all for comments and acknowledgment!
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  11. Yes, could be from Joe's radio day's Bowhunter... The vintage is correct. I just happen to think of the meter when I needed it for some work stuff that where an analog meter would work better over an...
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  20. Thanks Nicefice! My wife and I moved and the old Ten Strike survived again. We moved closer to the grand children so it gets played more frequently.
  21. I love HO's and still racing...nice 58, old or not.
  22. Yes I would, what is your contact for getting the pictures to you?
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  25. Clever idea!
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  27. Yes.. Very Classic...
  28. It could be 1930's but I am thinking later.. Unless the coin mech had been changed, 50's you started to see the quarter machines, and the wiring was cloth covered.. The 1930's a bit later seen mostly...
  29. Very Nice Machine! That's the kind of items I like... Was there a manufactures tag with the Patent date? If there is a patent number, you can sometimes get results when searching for that. This is t...
  30. Cool... I would defiantly have a good time with that on Halloween! Unless it is worth big $$$$.
  31. I like the sign but don't know anything about it. I sure think that the rooster setting down is very cool..
  32. Bowhunter.. I don't have the talent or the patients like my older brother to take on a project as that.. ;-) It was like this when purchased.. :-)
  33. Thanks Nicefice! Your table lived through the college years, that is great!
  34. Thanks Nicefice... If I only had a full sized vette to match!
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  36. Thanks for the advice Fhrjr2.. Excuse the late reply please..
  37. That is defiantly better then SNOW!
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  39. LOL.... That quite a comment...Thanks again. If you are ever in the Fairmont MN. area, let me know and maybe we can play a few frames! Have a wonderful Christmas.
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  41. Google search turned up this... if you have not see it already.. This seemed to have some good info.. http://www.powerhousemuseum.com/collection/database/?irn=377730
  42. Love it... That would be an easy decision for me... RUN ! :-)
  43. Whatever they are... I think they are very unique. Taking a guess, and on a different thought then Blunderbuss3, maybe a part of an an ornate assembly.
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  49. Had one when I was young... Not really consider a Scooter.. Shockingly the thing would do about 45-50 mph.. 3 Speed transmission..
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