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I am in charge of liquidating my late mother in laws various collectable items (glassware, dolls and other items), but I am having a slightly hard time locating infoI am in charge of liquidating my late mother in laws various collectable items (glassware, dolls and other items), but I am having a slightly hard time locating information about some pieces, since we live in Derby Kansas there is a limited resource at my disposal. I am an Avon Independent Sales Representative with Drafter Designer & Web Based Specification experience. Love drawing with AutoCAD & touching up images with Photoshop. I even enjoy HTML coding, but it has been a while since I dabbled in a sand box. I am currently using Catia and slowly wrapping my head around it... My husband and I have three cats at home. We have three grown children and three grand children. Some say our cats are spoiled - they do have too many toys & have full run of the house. . . . My passion is collecting Snoopy stuff! I am an avid Peanuts collector, and Snoopy the Flying Ace is my all time favorite character. My office has Snoopy, one guest room is called the "Snoopy Room" & I have Snoopy in my kitchen/dinning areas too; SO now you can see why I am so clueless about costume jewelry and dolls/figurines... thanks for helping the Clueless!!! (Read more)


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Vintage Avon Fleur de Lis perfume necklace  - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
A landscape with deer painting my husband likes - Fine Artin Fine Art
Vintage Necklace With Only One Clip On Earring - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Paparazzi Necklace - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Floral Wall Art - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints
Camel Sugar Dish w/Salt & Pepper Shakers - Kitchenin Kitchen
14 Old dolls - Dollsin Dolls
Two tiny dolls - Dollsin Dolls
Running Horse Planter in Green Tones - Potteryin Pottery
Momma Rabbit with Two Babies - Animalsin Animals


  1. lol - glad you like google, it hasn't really been my friend lately... sigh I have seen a ton of them on eBay too, but I don't want another locket and I have not able to find anything else with this p...
  2. Thank you so much Ms.CrystalShip - that is the scent in the locket, but can you tell me the name of the pattern?
  3. Newfld, thank you for your kind comment!!!
  4. billretirecoll, it is on canvas. I was a bit afraid to take it down & look. Don't look too closely at the picture - you will see I have not dusted it since we hung it up in 2002..... lol Anyway, than...
  5. I use to have one very similar to your. Not sure what happened to it when I moved. Thank you for sharing!
  6. There is nothing on the inside any drawers to help... sigh Can anyone suggest searchable terms for the carving patterns?
  7. Hi Watchsearcher, I am so glad I could help give you a good memory!!! too bad you don't have pictures to share - lol Merry Christmas!!! Stacy
  8. Thank you Ms.CrystalShip, the reason I posted this one is because I have learned that none (& I mean NONE) of the Paprazzi jewelry distributors know what any of their jewelry is named, and there is ne...
  9. Can anyone tell me what these are?
  10. If you look closely at the"hump" it is cracked & taped on the underneath side. The section that the "spoon" sits under has a missing side.
  11. Thanks for the feed back! I will have to get them out again and really look them over. I was going to keep the big eye doll, but now I think I'll see about her actual value!
  12. Thanks Manikin & jules1960 that helps! I still have a box of OLD dollies to post pictures of...
  13. Thank you all for your feedback!!! I now have good search words, as I need to figure out how to price this for our up coming garage sale... Needing to know if I could get more than just ten dollars. ...
  14. Thanks Efesgirl! I have some of those other aluminum hair care items too...
  15. I had posted my rug - still would like to know if it has a Special name. I did not think to look at drawer bottoms, but the very back on...
  16. Thank you SO MUCH PaulE!!!
  17. Thanks antiquerose!!!
  18. Thank You both davyd286 & kerry10456!
  19. Oh wow - can anyone say catching? Thanks Efegirl!
  20. Some one on my FaceBook post told me to use a hair dryer on her eyes & it worked she has pretty eyes again.
  21. Thank you TallCakes!
  22. Thanks Sandgirl49. It is a beautiful bowl.
  23. Thank you Sandgirl49!
  24. The sail boat has some sort of symbol on the back side - is this a makers marks &/or can anyone tell me who made this?
  25. Thanks TallCakes!!!
  26. Thanks for the link - it does go on and on huh? I'm bookmarking it now!!! I want to say the name might be Cathy, but I am not sure. Thanks again maryh1956!!!
  27. Thanks maryh1956, looking at it under a different light source made all the difference... I still can't make out the crafter's name, but it is dated '80.
  28. I was curious about the "blue" eyes myself...
  29. How can I clean the body?
  30. yes & those horrible pointed toe things people wear... Thanks Bonnie!
  31. Thanks Valentino97!
  32. I found this one:
  33. I guess I need to let the grand kids tell me more about these items I have - they know more about them than I do....
  34. Thanks Bonnie, but who would want to wear this type of belt? It can't be comfortable even for a very skinny person...
  35. Thanks Manikin!!!
  36. Mine is missing the dangling heart... Thanks nutsabotas6!
  37. Nope, nothing on the neck and no tag/label has been stitched into it anywhere that I can tell. I'll try to get a new picture up soon!
  38. so no cleaning it... Thanks Bonnie!
  39. Thanks Celiene!
  40. Nope, I washed them & the black stayed. It seems like they were made that way.
  41. That is all that is there. The makers mark has been blacked out. I have a partial floral plate and three plain white plates with the same makers mark...
  42. When I attempt to loosen the print from the frame it is stuck in some places, so I think it is good I'm keeping it for myself, as I won't be able to figure out what the signature is.
  43. Thanks Efesgirl!
  44. Thanks Dizzydave!
  45. Thanks to Smlo2008 I did find marking on this horse!
  46. Smlo2008 thanks! these do not have a mark, but my other one does & I would not have noticed it unless you pointed me in that direction - Thank YOU so much!!!
  47. Well here is what my smaller one use to look like:
  48. Thanks Dizzydave!
  49. Buyer fell through - sigh... So now I really need to figure out who she is!
  50. Glad I did not bet it wouldn't. It looks so much better now - thanks for the tip!
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Cigar Ashtray brass, England? 19th century? Karl Wiedmann Gralglas  Candle Holder WMF Antique Pocket Watch Keys Painting on a Wine Bottle"Mid XX Century Baby Stop Crying Autographed Bob Dylan 45 rpm Record Sleeve & Record Love the style. Would like to know what it is called. Fratelli Toso -- Murano Art Glass Bowl ( Curl ) 9ct Rose Gold Puffy Heart Pendant with "Lily of the Valley" Fenton Amber Swung Thumbprint Colonial Vase MCM Table and Stand Made In Germany TO BE OR NOT TO BE... SHEESH BAKELITE Floral Dress Clip Butterfly wing bracelets and pendant. Mattel Talking Casper the Friendly Ghost Doll


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