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  1. Hal2pro, Congratulations- this is a spectacular item and I'm amazed that there was actually another one out there...!! The original glass insert has a diameter (the uppermost "lip" which rests ...
  2. Hal2pro, Can you add a link to photos of yours (or else give me the ebay item #) so I can see it for myself? Unless I'm certain it's pretty much identical (which would be highly unlikely seeing as...
  3. skionko, I think I paid about $650 for this about 4 years ago, but I don't know if the value went up or down, I just know that I love it and am very happy that I bought it...! Hope this helps?
  4. Thanks again- much appreciated!
  5. Hi Dellahoyas, Thanks! Do you have any idea what those marks/letters signify (maker? country?)?
  6. dlpetersen, What a wonderful thought- thanks for sharing!!
  7. PhilDMorris: "Possibly in the old west, ladies were a rare commodity !" LOL...!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Easier to handle and faster! I believe it was less expensive too.
  9. Thanks for your input folks! I think that wig and getup is SO gnarly that even the DOG is ashamed to be in the same picture..!! Perhaps the world's cruelest fraternity hazing prank? Or did the g...
  10. Thanks again for sharing your (obviously considerable) knowledge of old MC's! My field of knowledge is pre-1914 airplanes, so that wasn't much help to me here at all...; - )
  11. At first I thought so too, SpiritBear, but he/she does NOT have a "happy" expression on his/her face at all.... Maybe lost a bet and being photographed like this was the penalty....? Maybe a sicko...
  12. Let's see if I got all this: The guy (or perhaps even a woman spy disguised as a man, or a bearded carnival lady?) might be a bird-watching steamboat captain who moonlights in his spare time as a l...
  13. Why didn't the guy simply write his name & profession on the back of the photo? Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! ; - )
  14. Uh oh....."back to the drawing board"....? Sigh......
  15. Thank you AGAIN Padit- looks like you're 2 for 2 today...!!
  16. Padit- thank you SO much for sharing that info- MUCH appreciated!
  17. I just researched the lighthouse "keepers" at Alcatraz around 1882, but apparently their uniforms were also adorned with special badging: "The three lighthouse keepers, known as “wickies”, were dre...
  18. Thanks GateKeeper- that sounded like a good suggestion, but I Googled that too and their caps ALSO have badges!
  19. Thanks Scott- I was thinking pretty much along those lines too. So far I'm fairly certain that it's NOT of a train or trolley operator, and the binoculars and location might well indicate a sea-re...
  20. TWO good ideas....; - )
  21. Thanks Manikin- that's why I couldn't resist buying it!
  22. Thanks Alan...!
  23. Thanks Vintagefran- I felt exactly the same way when I saw this!
  24. Hah! Who knows? If so, then at least they were transported in style! ; - )
  25. brunswick: Great minds think alike! LOL
  26. blunderbuss2 & fortapache: You guys sure know your guns- kudos...!! PostCardCollector: That's exactly the way I feel about this photo too, so we would probably BOTH make great screen writers....
  27. That six-shooter looks pretty nifty though- S & W or a Colt? Can't tell what the rifles are......
  28. I was hoping Bonney & Clyde and their siblings...; - ) They DO look pretty mean though, and seem to be taunting the authorities...
  29. Thanks SO much Kathy- much appreciated!
  30. Thank you Scott...!
  31. Thanks TassieDevil...; - )
  32. O.M.G.! Thanks for sharing........NOT!!!!!!!!!! http://www.ebay.com/itm/1908-Maxfield-Parrish-Lobster-Chef-Print-Antique-Vintage-Art-Deco-Picture-Frame-/122354224250?hash=item1c7ce14c7a:g:JCUAAOSw...
  33. Comedian Jim Gaffigan refers to lobster as "bug meat" (LOL)! I'll eat it as "lobster salad" in the form of plain white chunks, but would NEVER crack open the whole creature on a plate and pick out th...
  34. Thanks so much for that highly informative and helpful analysis! However, while you successfully categorized potential danger according to the number of legs, you neglected to add the "eyes on stalks...
  35. Nope, I only fear spiders (even small ones!). I actually love it when butterflies or dragonflies land on me. Then again, I never bothered to count their legs. Do they ALSO have more than 4? If so,...
  36. I would not run and scream- I would scream and run. And probably keep screaming while I was running! Whenever I see one I call out to my wife: "spider!!", and she comes running with a glass and pi...
  37. kyratango, LOL....!! Now, had it been a spider rather than a stag beetle, then....YIKES..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ; - )
  38. Thanks vertraio50- my wife absolutely LOVED it (me too actually)!
  39. Thank you kindly Mrstyndall...!
  40. Thank you kindly czechglass5!
  41. Thank you kyratango! There are SO many beautiful things out there that, unless your name is Warren Buffet or Bill Gates, you simply HAVE to be patient and choose selectively...; - )
  42. Thanks vertraio50- I feel exactly the same way about it!
  43. Thank you Celiene!
  44. Thank you SEAN68!
  45. Thanks racer4four!
  46. Thanks ho2cultcha- and it's got a great "ping" too!
  47. Thank you Celiene- that's exactly why I couldn't resist buying it...!
  48. Thanks for sharing that article, Gillian- it made for fascinating reading!
  49. That's what I love about CW- we're a bunch of fanatical collectors who all have a lot of knowledge about our specific chosen fields and are more than happy to share it with others!
  50. Thanks Scott- that was REALLY helpful in (at least partially) identifying this! Now if only I could identify the artist/carver......(probably never gonna happen).
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