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  1. Guess I'll just go with what Rhett Butler said to Scarlett.
  2. Yes, Their a swage or swedge set for likely copper or alumn. tubing. Which ever term you prefer, in my opinion. There would be a tubing holder required also for their use. For whatever it's worth, I...
  3. Good Grief, I remember these.
  4. ipms33206: Nice to see this kit in still such good condition. I assembled this kit back when I lived in a different house that I moved from 34 yrs. ago. It's an old kit! I would recommend not coveri...
  5. ohmyflyguy: My correction. You are right, it's JB Weld not DB and I must have been distracted which is not uncommon for me. Your process is correct in regard to #1-#2-#3 along with the accelerato...
  6. ohmyflyguy: Nice job on your repair work and nice looking display item. Just a thought as I have done some of this type of repair work on other things. You may try some DB Weld product on future me...
  7. cam08554: Very attractive chair in my opinion and I really like the needlepoint on the seat. Looks like Cherry-wood but I am not an expert in any way. I believe their is someone that will see this ...
  8. MacDaddyRico: To be honest, I will stick to my recommendation of a Bissel Vacuums, not the $60. ones, but atleast $125. and up are good for the money. See#3 above and I don't think you can go wrong ...
  9. Vintagelamp: Makes me wonder if she ever spellchecked her letters. I will be honest, it would give me a headache to attempt to read it. Guess I just lack proper appreciation of the rare letter, jus...
  10. SpiritBear: The whole problem makes me think of Hardwood or Tile floors along with a broom.
  11. fhrjr2: Yes, I had my time at automatic screw machines myself. I operated them in the early sixties and a spell in the late sixties. The first shop was not a large shop and the owner that hired me ...
  12. fortapache: Boy, one look at your vacuum and I went off. I guess the timing was right as I just got done with a Dyson. It's a shame, is the way I look at it. I truly wish I could have the Kirby I h...
  13. fhrjr2: I forgot to add this to the last post.
  14. fhrjr2: This is the information I have on the Day Bros. Company and the piece of machinery in this post. As I read about this Co., They likely had some things in stock for Blacksmith company's that...
  15. blunderbuss2: You must be down at the St. Marteen Airport Beach. Well, can't keep your mind on "CW" all of your time. I understand!
  16. What I can find about this item is that is meant to mount vertically on a wall and likewise used in that manner. I know not whether it is for wood or metal, but it is referred by the company as a "po...
  17. O.K. one more time as I'm getting it out of my system about "Vacuums", pathetic for a person of my age. Bissel Vacuums - I will have to say, will give you the best product without all the bluster abo...
  18. blunderbuss2, Time to get up and blast us all with your comments!! Keep us in line.
  19. My cover opinion. I feel I can say my piece, as I have paid over $500.00 for vacuums mainly as I don't want to be bothered at home attempting to repair them with no access to repair parts without ord...
  20. Boy, did this push my button! You cannot buy a decent residential vacuum cleaner these days at even $500.00 plus. Shameful plastic junk is all you can buy and it won't make it to it's warranty end p...
  21. ignatz, I was fortunate to run down a site that has information on this motorcycle and what little I was able to read today I found very interesting. The motorcycle looks to be on a pallet and is l...
  22. In looking at it, I would guess it's for a straight, one shot run like drag racing that came along later and was popular. I would say it has an oppressive look to it. It draws you to it. A fellow I ...
  23. Wish there was a close up on that engine. Just have to Love it.
  24. Masterpearl, Yes, he had to have his Cadillacs too.
  25. Masterpearl, Just happened along on your post and recognized your Ronson lighter. My father always used them back in the 50's and I remember them well. He always was very well dressed and purchased...
  26. Hyp-storian, I reread my question to you after I posted it and it came out as a question, rather than a sharing as I meant it to be. It was in regard to use of ailerons. Enjoyed your patriotic post...
  27. maaseen, Nicest grouping of mini Harley Hummers I've ever seen! Great Post!
  28. Hyp-storian, Looks like He, She or It photo shopped the body on this one! Pretty Good and another Post with humor. Thank You
  29. Hyp-storian, No need to answer the question I asked. I just read and alot and enjoy old aircraft also. I enjoy many mechanical things, but not my age.
  30. hyp-storian, What was it that the American Military, liked about the Curtiss aircraft over the Wright Bros. aircraft?
  31. Hyp-storian, Too bad blunderbuss2 is not here. We could let him give it ago in his spare time. You'd Love it, wouldn't you Blunderbuss2?
  32. Good Evening Hyp-storian, Well, this one took awhile as I had the feeling it was a four cylinder bike. I thought it was a Henderson four as they are more well known, but some thing are not that easy...
  33. O.K. Hyp-storian just sent my last comment and now I'm laughing again. Wish I could get as much humor out of all of these. Wann'a Thank both you Hyp-storian and Gillian
  34. Gillian, That's good, Really good and you've got me sitting here chuckling to myself. Have a good day and thanks for helping mine!!!
  35. Hyp-storian, Yes, way too easy. I believe he has something to do with being on or near water due to his old long binoculars (or dual telescopes as some call them). I have a short attention span I gu...
  36. TLyons, Hope this helps you.
  37. Hyp-storian, The two left hand pictures show I believe, a 1926 Harley Davidson Model JD Motorcycle with a sidecar and aftermarket bolt on aluminium Disc covers on the front and rear wheels. The othe...
  38. Hyp-storian, This man appears to be an American steamboat Captain to me.
  39. As per fhrjr2 it appears to be a snuff mull.
  40. I feel fhrj2 has got it. .
  41. fortapache Always look back at the old sizzor-jack type front suspension on the Ford trucks. Don't know if any other vehicle company ever tried it.
  42. Remember them all when they were new. You have to remember Charles Bronson giving a white Ford pickup a test drive for the "Ford Tough" commercial. Good memory's.
  43. Enjoyed very much your verbal posting. We all have to chuckle at ourselves sometimes. Hang in there, that's what I'm trying to do. Great looking piece of ore also.
  44. NOW we know why so many liked the 50's. Most everyone were medicated.
  45. Fortapache If all that you've listed lately was from the Rose Bowl purchases, you've found a good access to great times of old. Thank You
  46. Many Thanks, officialfuel brunswick
  47. Very Much Appreciated, officialluel oktreedude pw-collector
  48. Truly appreciated! Oroyoroyisthatyourhorse
  49. Many Thanks, pw-collector
  50. Very Much Appreciated. officialfuel signaholic
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