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I collect objects related to past civilizations. Enjoy old books as well.


  1. that is cool you have one!!!!!!!!!!! congratulations!!!
  2. beautiful!!!!! love the color!!
  3. FABULOUS INKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Happy New Years!!
  6. stunning texture and color!!!
  7. love the rustic look and color!!
  8. very nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Ag I will get in touch with you soon. Sean keeps better track of my post than I do LOL.
  10. Thank you everyone for the likes and loves.
  11. wow, this is something , I would mind having........
  12. very beautiful!!
  13. cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Beautiful!!! love it!!
  15. Happy New Year !!!
  16. These bills were only printed in 1934 with only about 70k of them available to collectors. Price on the note is entirely based on condition but go from several hundred dollars with the top price abo...
  17. beautiful!!
  18. Still nice looking pieces of glass.
  19. Thanks Sean, Geo, Pops, vetraio, and aghcollect for the loves.
  20. Thank you Leah and Itsasecret for the loves
  21. Thank you Leah and Its a secret for the love.
  22. Thanks for the love Nutsabotas.
  23. Thank you for the love AmberRose and Trey.
  24. That was my roommate trying to be smart, I asked him when you posted the picture, then he got a sheepish look on his face. Beautiful poster by the way.
  25. Its 45 years and going to be 46 years old.
  26. Thank you for the tips on caring for it. Been fairly lucky no significant scratches or scraps.
  27. Cool lamp, very nice find.
  28. Yeah the store I got this from literally had hundreds of different ones.
  29. Thank you for the love AmberRose.
  30. racer4four, DrFluffy, vetraio50, pops52, blunderbuss2, aghcollectaghcollect SEAN68 thank you for the loves.
  31. racer4four, DrFluffy, vetraio50, pops52pops52, blunderbuss2, aghcollectaghcollect SEAN68 thank you for the loves.
  32. Love the coasters now you just need to collect the rest without breaking them ;-)
  33. Thank you everyone for the Loves.
  34. Really love this collection of vintage postcards.
  35. very cool!!! beautiful colors!!
  36. Nice set!!!
  37. wow!! love it!! very nice !! happy new year Kevin!! and Paul!!
  38. Used to have a set of these but over there years they have become lost. Secretly, I think my mother sold them at a rummage sale long ago.
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