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  1. Thank you for all the comments. I hadn't been on the site for awhile and just read some of them. Lamplover78, I've never seen any others in this pattern and think it is exciting that you have found ...
  2. This is an interesting site. I don't know - maybe it would be helpful as a starting point?
  3. I have a similar vessel that dates to the 1960's (that's when friends gave it to my mom after a trip to the Southwest). I think mine is Jimez. Your pot is very charming. I like the light tan clay.
  4. Smart sisters!
  5. It's a fabulous set!
  6. No, they don't really look like cultured pearls. do they. Too bad. Maybe there was a company that made less expensive "Fuji" jewelry for people who couldn't afford pearls. Still very pretty.
  7. This link doesn't have a lot of info., but might give you some ideas on re...
  8. What a find! I've seen some pieces on Ruby Lane and Ebay made by Fuji Pearl Company Ginza Tokyo Japan. Maybe?
  9. Useful things used to be so pretty. Exciting detective work!
  10. Your post gave me something to do while having my morning coffee. When I did Biltmore searches I kept coming up with the Majestic stove company. They made cooking stoves, but do you think they might...
  11. Lamplover78, I'm really surprised that the glass has survived. It's so light weight.
  12. Thank you for liking/loving this set and for all of the kind comments.
  13. Thank you, Glasgaga. Lowes it is;)
  14. Thanks for the tip, Efesgirl. I hadn't thought of that at all. If my neighbor has one, I'll give it a try.
  15. Could the other side be for sand? I seem to remember that people used to sprinkle sand on the ink to help it dry.
  16. Just decided to check out the site this morning and perked up at all of the colorful jewelry. A beautiful counterpoint to gray skies and freezing rain!
  17. Thank you antiquerose and all the best to you and yours.
  18. Thank you so much and I hope the same for you. Happy New Year;)
  19. I looked at the Wikipedia page, but I haven't read it in detail. What I did read was so interesting. I love your local shop!
  20. These are beautiful.
  21. Wow, very cool.
  22. I hadn't thought of the birds as having meaning, but that is a very interesting idea to explore. Because of the shape of their wings, I though they might be small gulls and that the plate depicted a ...
  23. It really is lovely.
  24. Oh, I like the thread idea that your husband had. ;)
  25. Lovely. Are the two little animals eating something together?
  26. It's lovely as a piece of jewelry - even if it doesn't work. Beautiful.
  27. Thanks to everyone who likes or loves this little box.
  28. Love the birds flying in to pick over the freshly tilled soil. Very evocative image.
  29. Thanks PhilDMorris;)
  30. Maybe the animal can give a clue? Elk, deer, caribou or maybe reindeer? So beautiful.
  31. Scandinavian?
  32. Could it be a handmade rag hook rug? What a great rug! There's a nice example of an antique rag hook rug of a sailing ship on Etsy if you want to compare.
  33. Thank you everyone who likes or loves the lighter, and thanks racer4four. Now I know what an Oni is;)
  34. Looks a bit like Cesar Romero as Ram Dass in The Little Princess (1939) ;) It is appealing - a good strong face.
  35. PhilDMorris Thank you! I hope I see it. I'll put mine on too and see what happens.
  36. Wow, so beautiful.
  37. Thanks PhilDMorris and blunderbuss2. Maybe it did fly low over a paint ball park! The colors kind of overwhelmed me at first, but the more time I spend with the duck, the more I like it;)
  38. I don't know anything about jewelry, but if it is plastic, it resembles some celluloid jewelry I've seen. Very appealing;)
  39. Thanks Rick 55. Having a good time here;)
  40. Thank you to all who love this duck!
  41. Hi, I was just on Pinterest, and saw a picture of a West Indian Whistling Duck that resembles the birds in your rug. I wonder if they could be in that family of ducks? I wonder too if the drake's ma...
  42. Efesgirl - Wizard of Oz fan? :)
  43. Ha! I was thinking pintail myself. Smallpox indeed. This is clearly a case of aurora borealis;)
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What is this? S.C. Apulum S.A. Company, Romania Late 1970's, Flamingo Group Chinese (?) Japanese (?) Decorative Plate


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