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Antique bisque figure Staffordshire? Minton ? English Registry Mark , Any info appreciated  - Figurinesin Figurines
Very old antique Chinese Song Dynasty Celadon or Japanese stoneware or pottery any information ? - Asianin Asian
Very old Signed hand painted Imari ? Japanese Antique Porcelain small Plate - Asianin Asian
Art Pottery Picasso Style Signed Unusual Glaze - Potteryin Pottery
Miniature Oil Lamp Silver Inlay ? Murano ? Hand Blown Glass cobalt blue - Lampsin Lamps
Antique Chinese Soft Porcelain Signed Creamer anyone recognize lettering - Asianin Asian
Qing Dynasty Ginger Jar Looks old but how can you tell ? 18th Century - Potteryin Pottery
Quimper HR Faience Tin - Ware Earthenware Pottery Plate Hand Painted Antique , Please comment - Potteryin Pottery
Very old Chinese ? Delft ? Hand painted sterling silver trim antique porcelain plate - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
Peter Pan 1968 Mattel posable movable action figure doll  - Toysin Toys


  1. I saw a bottle that looked very similar by "Maytum Studio". Do you think this is a perfume bottle? Ron
  2. Wow! Didn't even see signature. Please see close up and please tell me if you recognize the name. I have been collecting mainly Porcelain and glass and I have rarely seen anything I like as much as th...
  3. From what I read it is 1848 to 1902
  4. Thanks to everyone. I went online and confirmed that it is the Japanese Made for White Hall. Funny I would never have guessed Japanese. But it is an incredible piece. I'm embarrassed to say but only $...
  5. Yes I fell in love with all primitive style art some years ago. This is the type of art Picasso drew his inspiration from.
  6. Thanks button collector so much, I don't think I would have ever found that out without you. I think I will really treasure this plate even more.
  7. You are absolutely right. It looked like TS to me but I now see it is an H and an R. Thanks again. Really exciting to see that this really is such a rare piece of art.
  8. Wow!!! I think you solved the mystery. Thanks so much. I am an artist and I really love this plate. It's raw primitive feel. I am really happy to know the style. Thanks to everyone for helping out.
  9. The look and feel of the piece is that it has far more age then 20th century. Might be hard to tell with the pictures.
  10. Thanks, I will definitely research that. I really love the quality of the art so I really want to know as much as I can about this piece.
  11. I do see some resemblance to Talavera but it is also close to French Faience.
  12. Interesting comment about the birds. They look like crows do you think it is symbolic like crows are always waiting to pick away at your hard labor or is it something less sinister.
  13. Interesting that you say it's Spanish. I have seen that or a similar style on Spanish work.
  14. I think they put it down because of the repaired crack on the back.
  15. I bought it at an estate sale in Long Island for $10. I don't know why but just as I was about to leave the person who was holding on to it put it down almost right in front of me. I once had an old ...
  16. Do you know who may have done the silver work, it seems hand decorated. I am a painter and the brushwork seems highly skilled to me. What do you thin? Is itt masterful artwork or above average? If it ...
  17. If the mold was created in 1968 they must have made some in 1968. Does anyone know what these look like?
  18. Eyes look hand painted. Very skilled work.
  19. I thought it was much older. Looks like an action figure I once had where the head changes. I also bought a Peter Pan doll that says 1968 Mattel from the same person. I thought you might like to take...
  20. Her name was Irena Strnadova
  21. Wow interesting. Thanks so much for the info. I recall that era from Art History classes. But would it have stayed in this good a shape? It does very much resemble that style. Very exciting to believe...
  22. Thanks for the follow up information. Very interesting.
  23. I am not 100 percent sure it is Spelter since it literaly weighs around 80 to 100 pounds. Ron
  24. Thanks for being so understanding. I appreciate your honesty. You are right. It is experiences like that that keep us hunting. I do have some interesting Ming dynasty roof tiles
  25. There is light green behind the ears of the 1966 one. Can I ask qhere that comes from?
  26. The one that says Midge on her backside says she is 1968 The other has no name and says 1966
  27. Yes I think your right. I do now see a faint maker mark on one that says China. As Stillwater said the Chinese were masters of Porcelain so why do you think these pieces were done so poorly. I see p...
  28. I can not move her clothes to see. But it is amazing to see the handiwork that went into dolls years ago compared to today. Even Barbie dolls have lost much of their artistic touch although the tech...
  29. Im sorry but I have to disagree. Modern pieces were made by machine and are flawless. Stamps have been used for centuries. Signs of flaws are a sign of true antiques. And in light if the story I told...
  30. Sorry didnt see this message. I pushed on the stomach it didnt move. I did find a small hole where I assume she would wet after drinking. Ron
  31. What do you think that hole in the back is? It looks like a plug for a speaker or some other device. Any ideas? Ron
  32. Looks like 60D-E underneath the Uneeda Doll makers mark
  33. I love the folk art feeling of it. Ron
  34. Yes very skillfully painted. The fabric is also unusual. Looks like fabric taken from actual clothes.
  35. Any idea how old they are? I cant find anything like them online. Their insides are a metal liner. I wonder if this is the poor mans sake cup since it isnt porcelain.
  36. I did not see all this information until recently. You are a great teacher. Therd must be a doll museum somewhere in this city. I know there is a doll hospital.
  37. I dont know much about Native American art but I agree it does seem like a nice art work. Ron
  38. I looked at Hoglundand it is very similar but his designs appear to be more refined. This piece seems to have the skill of a Hoglund but the crudeness of a folk art piece. Many artists including myse...
  39. Thats interesting As an artist I can see the skill that went into the design and the creativity of the piece similar to the appearance of some antique Chinese pottery where the artist made ut appead...
  40. Thanks much. My wife told me it was African but I didnt believe it. Ron
  41. Thank you. I am glad that we did isolate her away from the other dolls since I have found that a number of the are actually somewhat collectable. I did not post the name brand ones because I thought i...
  42. By the way the only make I s mark I can find is the number 200. It has a mechanism system inside that moves everything . The system is metal rods interconnected. The doll smells terribly. The previous...
  43. Wow! I knew she was special. Brings back alot of very early fond memories. I will take a look at the links you provided asap. Thanks again, as always you privide wonderful, interesting and insightful ...
  44. I am very curious about the history. I assumed that during that era things were more functional so I am wondering what the purpose would be of coupling vases with a jar. Ron
  45. I looked closely and I do see black specks in the face under a magnifying glass but the clothes look so new how can they possibly be 100 years old?
  46. I will try to look more carefuly
  47. Thanks for the education. I see that there is a good deal to learn. I love the look of your doll. I hope to find an original one day. My suster in law has been a doll collector for some time thinks ...
  48. Thanks again. I was asking because the woman I bought the doll from thought that it was a famous doll maker, or at least well known. By the way do they still have doll making classes. I am an art tea...
  49. Thats amazing. As an art educator this is fascinating. I will post the other doll I bought soon. Ron
  50. Manikin, I was curious after reading the fascinating story of Kathe Kruse what year this doll might be. Do you have any ideas?
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Hand Made Hand Sewn Hand Painted German Doll F.A.O Schwarz