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Been interested in antiques since I was 13 years old. My great aunt infected me with the collector bug. I collect unusual ephemera with a fondness for older passportBeen interested in antiques since I was 13 years old. My great aunt infected me with the collector bug. I collect unusual ephemera with a fondness for older passports and cinderella stamps. I sell most of my "finds" in an antique co-op in the Barrington NJ area. Thrift stores are my main source. I have found many valuable treasures there. (Read more)


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1,5 meter pipxie elf lamp! - Lampsin Lamps
Large 1950/60s Pixi or elf figure  - Figurinesin Figurines
East German 1981 Communist party "SED" congress tapestry wall art - Rugs and Textilesin Rugs and Textiles
Unusual Low number USA passport - Paperin Paper
I'm starting to collect German stamps...again LOL - Stampsin Stamps
My 1892 Columbian stamp set so far... - Stampsin Stamps
Complete set of the 1872  German small shield type of stamps - Stampsin Stamps
18 or 19 Century rawhide trunk more images - Furniturein Furniture
18 Century? Travel chest - Furniturein Furniture
Can anyone please help me ID this flag or banner? - Asianin Asian


  1. WOW! This item is one of the reasons I like industrial design. Shades of Bauhaus?
  2. racer4four I bought it from a seller in Poland via
  3. Awesome deco design!
  4. SpiritBear There are two varieties of the 2 cent stamp. A regular one and one where there is a split in Columbus's hat. We stamp collectors can be really anal/OCD LOL
  5. I'm not sure either. But they are nice early coils.
  6. Wow that is a classic sign. Dr Pepper items are hard to find especially in good condition.
  7. Thank you Drill
  8. I found this on a worthpoint search Description: Antique Early 1800's Era Cowhide Trunk DP initaials on lid. T is a label in the trunk. It reads: ***well & Southmayd - Saddle, Harness, & Trunk Mak...
  9. Maybe that could narrow it down to what state it was made in. If it's American made.
  10. But do you know the town?
  11. A clue to the maker?
  12. Trunk wow! They are very similar. So you think early 19th century?
  13. Cool. Thank you blunderbuss2
  14. You have a good eye and even better taste.
  15. Happy early birthday!!!
  16. SEAN68 Thank you
  17. Awesome piece!
  18. I like that flow blue glaze. It's not the easiest glaze to make.
  19. Wonderful design. Happy 2017
  20. WOW you know cool people...besides me lol Happy Nonspecific Hilidays
  21. awesome
  22. jscott0363, Thank you. I searched for it on google and could only find one other on the auction sites and that didn't tell me the age. I'd like to have an ballpark date.
  23. I look forward to the emails telling me you posted something! It's always something awesome! Goggle Grove Park Inn in Asheville NC they have a very large roycroft collection and they use it in the...
  24. Part of my new flag fetish I mean collection LOL
  25. Awesome clock.
  26. A simple yet elegant design.
  27. Beautiful! Have an awesome turkey day!
  28. Great piece and awesome display!
  29. Thank you racer4four
  30. How can anyone not like this! Excellent piece.
  31. Awesome reference book!
  32. Definitely Panama as ho2cultcha says
  33. 100% museum quality display!!! AWESOME
  34. Love the design!
  35. Awesome!!!
  36. Wow! Awesome piece
  37. Post a picture ho2cultcha
  38. Thank you jscott0363,
  39. I never noticed that LOL
  40. Beautiful.
  41. Wow nice piece
  42. Love the vase and backdrop
  43. Wonderful idea
  44. Stunning!
  45. Yes I've seen those on the repros. Mine is name free
  46. Awesome find! Very foxy!
  47. Another great piece!
  48. WOW!!! Amazing find
  49. This settles it you need to take me to Goodwill with you! LOL
  50. You are the king of goodwill finds!
  51. See more


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