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the coolest tea set - Kitchenin Kitchen
never seen this before - Glasswarein Glassware


  1. Thanks ho2cultcha I will look up some of his work... Thanks Sean68. I thou th t was definitely different.
  2. yes it sure is..
  3. I can see how it would be a problem to really identify who it really belonged to with out some sort of record that had been passed down threw the ages.. Thanks for all the info.. I am still learning a...
  4. Okay I will check it out
  5. Thank you Very Much TallCakes.. this has really been very helpful.
  6. Thank You..
  7. Thank You So much Tall Cakes, Now to see about how old it is.
  8. Thank You for Sharing the photo's.. It looks much better and complete with the new Clock in. The roasting pan looks as if it has never been used. Jealous lol :)
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