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Rare white Coca Cola button 24 “  - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
Coca Cola 4 ft button. Made  in Canada  - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
Bozo  The Clown  kiddy coin operated ride  - Advertisingin Advertising
Coca Cola sign dated 1946  - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
The TV show the  Munsters   .  Grandpa’s car Drag-Ula  - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
Revell Model cars kits  - Model Carsin Model Cars
Jan Murray’s TV board game 1960’s  - Gamesin Games
Collection of slot cars  - Model Carsin Model Cars
7Up door push  - Advertisingin Advertising
Coca Cola radio am fm cassette  - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola


  1. The boys of summer . Long gone but not forgotten.
  2. There all made up . There real good at copying the originals . Stay away from Signs from India.
  3. Love it !!
  4. Like the wall of coke . Nice !
  5. Love it , Bozo approved
  6. Thanks Buckethead for putting the video up . Love it !
  7. Paper label ??? Is that old or something some body made up ???
  8. What a picture ! Love it and I not into glass . Your presentation is should be award winning .
  9. Very will done . Enjoy .
  10. Very nice . The early signs like that are hard to find in any condition. Love to have it hanging on my wall .
  11. Some times the box is worth more the the contents in side . My be you will put the both together .
  12. I know what it is like . Went though a tornado that hit my property. Just take one day at a time . Yes it’s not easy to get though it .
  13. The picture you have posted does not look like the sign you have described.
  14. Chalkboards or menu boards from the 1950’s . Good find . Like the condition for the age .
  15. Another nice sign and seldom seen is that condition
  16. Very nice . that is a expensive sign you got there . Thanks for sharing with CW .
  17. Very nice .great peace of history . Love to see it
  18. beautifully done . It’s like a work of art . Love it !
  19. It’s is are history and let’s not forget . More Americans died in the civil war the all the other wars combined . Love it or hate it. It happen .
  20. What a great voice . And also loved girl Natilie . All I have to say is I loved his singing of the song Mona Lisa .
  21. Would think 1970’s . Nice cooler .
  22. Nice sign . Not seen one that big before . You may have a custom made sign . Could be one of one . Good find .
  23. Very nice . Love the planet of the apes movies at least the first three . That should be a great collectible piece .
  24. The track set is dated 1963 . All the cars on the front of the box are new 1963 model cars . Will try and put up the pictures of the inside of the box . The controllers look like what you have descri...
  25. Looks like you got a bargain . you got the real deal sign . Plastic lighted signs just starting in the early 1960’s .
  26. And then there was light ! Very nice presentation
  27. I love Match box Monday . Thanks for sharing your collection .
  28. Very nice find . Never seen one before .
  29. Don’t paint it just clean it up some . Good pedal cars bring 300 to 600 . Mybe more if you leave it as is . Nice find .
  30. That dam bug !
  31. Some times the the content will give it away . Never seen a Mobelheat ? . Got to do your home work anymore . Another thing to watch is the smaller the sign the Easyer to fake . And there is a reason w...
  32. Now you need to put the rebel flag on it . Good gob .
  33. Great piece . Got to love it!
  34. Looking good !
  35. Wow ! Great condition and still in its original box .
  36. Great sign . Those kids will be driving soon .
  37. Love the hot wheels . Thanks for sharing .
  38. Great find !!
  39. Great find . Chevrolet ok sign from the 1950s and1960s this was the logo that was used on the use car lot at the Chevrolet new car dealers . This use car is OK . Most of the signs came in two signs t...
  40. Very cool . Great find .
  41. Very nice . Welcome to the CW
  42. Very nice coke piece . Any one would be happy to own it . Your right the history just makes it’s that much more collectible .
  43. Love it !
  44. Great sign . Its being reproduce in a smaller version in porcelian . Got to be in toes these days . Good pick
  45. Have you got the Pedel cars or what . Great to see your collection .
  46. Really like it when there are original paint . Great piece
  47. Love it !!
  48. Never seen a sign like that before . Looks real to me . Great find .
  49. Very nice . Good find .
  50. Great piece of history . Let’s not forget .
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