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U-Select-It 5 cents  candy vending machine  - Advertisingin Advertising
A  & W  Root beer soft  cooler  - Advertisingin Advertising
Assortment of Shell Oil company service cans  - Petrolianain Petroliana
Aero Eastern oil can and Dx oil cans  - Petrolianain Petroliana
Firestone tires sign  - Petrolianain Petroliana
Two early 1930’s soda pop signs Chero -Cola , Mit -Che - Signsin Signs
Bottle cap soda signs Pepsi and Orange Crush - Signsin Signs
Hires Root beer sign 1950’s  - Signsin Signs
Coca Cola fish tail sign 3ft - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
 Credit card signs from the  1960’s - Signsin Signs


  1. Nice collection of seldom seen brand .
  2. What dose A&W stand for ???
  3. Got to pay up for the good stuff . But you will not be sorry . Purvis
  4. Get well soon . Purvis
  5. Congrats on 500 post . Nice to meet you in person at Mecum auction in Indy . Purvis . Coke lover !
  6. Very nice sign . Not seen that brand before .
  7. Very nice . Will look good in your collection.
  8. Thanks for the history lesson . Thats why I love this web site .
  9. added info on the coke cut outs
  10. I have some items in my collection that came from friends that have gone on . They are more special to Me .
  11. Thanks for the post . Got to do your home work and get burned one or twice to learn how to spot them .
  12. You are so right . Have bought fakes before and they are getting real good too , I only buy signs that I can touch and inspect in person .
  13. Great sign ! Love it .
  14. Get well card from , purvis
  15. Lived though that time , hope it never happens again.
  16. Great photos and great pics of history. Thanks for posting them . I loving it
  17. Yea . Count me in on root beer floats . Cheers Keramikos .
  18. Absolutely beautiful. Bottle caps signs are my favorite soda signs and getting out of sight on the price theses days . That’s for the post .
  19. Wow . That’s got to be a rare one . Looks good in your collection.
  20. Welcome to the CW . Nice post looking forward to more of your collection.
  21. Welcome to CW . Great collection , Looking forward to more posts .
  22. Great post . Love it !
  23. Looks like the real deal . Good pick .
  24. Man your on a roll . Love the posts .
  25. Wow ! Never seen that one before . You my be right the holy grail ?
  26. Put it in the very cool category.
  27. Welcome to the CW .
  28. Yea . Should of keep that one . Well you got a picture . Great piece of history .
  29. Very nice and yours looks better then the one in the book .
  30. Love it !
  31. Very nice clock . Any body Would be glad to have that in there kitchen. Welcome to the C.W .
  32. Wow ! That’s just way to cool and the original box
  33. Love the collection , very nice . Bet it was fun to find them all .
  34. Very nice Trey . Good buy and great sign and to help somebody out makes it even better .
  35. Thank you Corner collectibles for the correction .
  36. Thanks for the correction Michael . Your eye are better then mine .
  37. Based on the clothes and the picture of the car 1920’s
  38. very nice love it , the box is worth it all .
  39. All packed up and no where to go . They look all great !
  40. Nice to meet you Pauley . ask your owner for a treat on me , Purvis .
  41. Wow ! Thanks very nice . I didn’t know the they where lighted .
  42. Thats real cool . I need one of those when I was growing up .
  43. Will have to check . I don’t think any lines
  44. Of corse look for date and maker marks . The real one will have the correct gomits and also are lighter then the fakes . Also know where you buying them from . This one can from a big collection and t...
  45. Noticed this sign is on eBay right now . It’s been cut down and they saying it’s a motorcycle sign .
  46. I see Elvis in not in the house . he’s on the truck . Looks like he’s all shook up .
  47. Things are all good now . The show must go on . I did not miss Match Box Monday
  48. Welcome to the CW .
  49. What happen did I miss match box Monday’s or did you take a day off ???
  50. I got pace too . Nice clock
  51. See more


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