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Original Conoco bath rooms signs  - Petrolianain Petroliana
Western Union porcelian sign  - Signsin Signs
Golden cola chalkboard  - Signsin Signs
 1966 Chevelle  , 1967 Camaro ,1968  Corvette new car dealer  posters   - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
1968  Chevelle , 1968 impala , 1971 Vega , 1968 Chevy 2 .new car  dealer posters  - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
Original Chevrolet 1955 and 1956   new car posters  - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
 Original  1954 and 1964 Chevy new truck dealer posters  - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
 Sinclair Pennsylvania motor oil sign  - Petrolianain Petroliana
Kendall motor oil  - Petrolianain Petroliana
Rare  1966 Mobil oil company travel guide sign  - Petrolianain Petroliana


  1. Looks like she on a mission . Nice .
  2. Very interesting . And great pictures of you item .
  3. Like your collection of military uniforms and assesirys . Need to Remeber the past . Thanks for sharing
  4. Great toy bicycle . Love the Fonz
  5. I can think of all the pirate jokes I Hurd over the years . I did not know or have seen those Disney figures like that . Is that made and buy Marx toy company . Are they rare and hard to find ???
  6. Great pictures . Your presentation is excellent .
  7. Like this selection on mission bottles and advertising . Injoyed looking at you collection .
  8. Love this post card . Enjoyed looking through your collection on glass and pottery . When a object is pleasing to the eye it gives joy to the Hart .
  9. Great solection of pins . Takes me back to long hair and bell bottom paints . Can you digget
  10. My uncle bought a vaga new , it only lasted 40,000 miles and rusted out . What a piece of junk !
  11. Great piece . Thats how all your old stores where back in the 1950’s with door push’s and metal sign advertising attach. Do not take it apart .
  12. Brunswick your officially Crowned
  13. Great piece of history . Lets play ball and not war .
  14. Nice mirror . Hope you can find out some info .
  15. The legs are fix . Do not fold up . Top is porcelian . Thanks cokehenry
  16. What a collection . Had to take a long time to put that meany together . Love it .
  17. Nice collection . Been a long time since I seen any albums like that . Love the bloopers . Thanks for sharing
  18. Iggy . I thought you were a Pepsi guy . With a coke girl friend . That my not work ?
  19. Thanks Caperkid . Good day to you .
  20. Great collection , Injoy seeing your collection of milk bottles , Very impressive .
  21. Looks like a great collection . Thanks for showing it .
  22. Love it , love it , love it . They all look brand new and ready for the road .
  23. looks nice . great collection .
  24. Thanks for stopping by jscotto363 . Your right there to high when you find them like this . I worked for over 40 years and I not going to take anything with me I go on to Jesus . So have fun with yo...
  25. Great addition to any coke collection . All the Coke’s signs are getting pricey .
  26. Great picture . Injoy seeing your collection .
  27. You got a nice door . Unlock it and let us in . Great item from the gas station past
  28. Jennifer , nice coke sign . Looks real to me . The only think I would wonder about is the maker stamp is some what différant from signs I have from that same time frame . The thing that stands out i...
  29. Nice find . Looks great in your collection .
  30. Empty net. I see you got a space ship coke sign too . Happy coke collecting to you .
  31. 1934 . I think they are all the same date on them .
  32. Thanks for the picture . Fortapache . Think the first grumpys toy was a 66 nova . Then after a couple of Camaros before the vaga . Those where the days !
  33. Nice old sign. wood think the sign is from the 1940's . it was a neon sign at one time . sure there are not very many made like that .
  34. Great piece of coke advertising . Paper advertising I think is over looked . I look for paper advertising all the time and It’s a little cheaper then metal signs , but a lot harder to find in good ...
  35. Yea . I sure it’s s stamp . Thanks
  36. Heres what I think . I would think it would have some primer on the back of its tin painted . I not the expert but I see those signs and there are usely porcelian and bouble sided not painted . Than...
  37. Do not buy Anything from India . Fake !
  38. that's the real deal
  39. Try . its only one sided . it dose have a edge where another sign could be bolted to the back to make it double sided coke sign . Have a others signs made the same way and I think there made to use ...
  40. thanks Daddy_Nobucks . I am thinking about having this sign touched up . what do you think ??
  41. Your right that neon on a city service sign is really rare . This first one I have seen . Good pick
  42. Thanks Daddy_Nobucks . will yield to your Expertise . will leave the post up for others to look at . do you have a picture that you can post of the original sign ? thanks
  43. Nice piece . Real or not it’s got lots of eye appeal. It’s looks great hanging in your garage .
  44. Sorry to say I don’t think I have have any right now , my son is a collector also and he has some nice orange Crush signs . My have to talk him out of one or two . Have fun with your collection
  45. Got any Pepsi signs ????
  46. or maybe another number behind the bracket . maybe it is 1958 . thanks Daddy_nobucks
  47. Thanks daddy_nobucks. You have a great collection of coke signs to . I was told the on the wood sign that AM 35 is a.m. is the maker and 3 would be March and the last number 5 would be 1965 . So tha...
  48. welcome RgSquires . looks like you got a great sign . have fun with your hobby .
  49. Not only is it super nice it’s a great peace of art . I can here it playing the old songs right now .
  50. Like it . Good to see nice old train sets still in the box
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