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Victoria, Australia

Antique/Vintage/Costume jewellery lover from Australia, but also collect glass figurines, ceramics, pottery and just about anything else that catches my eye. I loveAntique/Vintage/Costume jewellery lover from Australia, but also collect glass figurines, ceramics, pottery and just about anything else that catches my eye. I love pieces that have a great story behind them, but I'm still very much learning when it comes to knowing much detail. Am always scouring the local antique stores, estate sales and auction houses on the hunt for interesting pieces to add my collection. I especially enjoy collecting animal pieces (particularly owls), floral pieces, crosses, and fleur-de-lis designs. (Read more)


  1. So cute! Love them both :)
  2. Do you have Czech brooches also? So glad to hear that you wear all your beautiful pieces :) I would definitely stop you on the street if I saw you wearing one of your Greyhound pieces!
  3. Such a pretty brooch Jenni and I love the concept that the pear coloured stones would represent the children's birthstones :) Would make for a great conversation piece! But wait, how many childr...
  4. They look so cute together! What great pieces Jenni :D
  5. Thank you for the love Karen :)
  6. Thank you for the love Karen :)
  7. Nothing wrong with fun and whimsical brooches - if a piece make you smile, I say wear it! I try to go by the minimalist motto that anything I buy has to either serve a purpose or bring me joy - Owl pi...
  8. Yes, the 'zoomies' are all fun and games until somebody breaks a leg! That's what happened when one of mine, mid-zoomies, launched himself off the couch and straight into the breakfast bar. It was a...
  9. Your friend from Australia must have picked all the good stuff and left everyone else with just the tea and biscuit signs to choose from ;)
  10. Oh, this is beautiful! I haven't come across a brooch with a dangle before and I love the turquoise stone. Such a great piece Jenni :D
  11. Simply beautiful. Love everything about this ring - the cut and colour are just stunning.
  12. I also like your green truck - I think the colour change was a great choice!
  13. I have a patch of empty wall inside my tiny house that's 39 x 78 inches - so it would have to be some pretty small signs! Otherwise there's always the roof I guess... Unfortunately our vintage signs...
  14. Thank you for the love Trey :)
  15. Thank you for the love aura :)
  16. Thank you for the love aura :)
  17. Thank you for the love vetraio50 :)
  18. Thank you for the love fhrjr2! I saw you have a bird on your shoulder in your avatar also - so cute! I can't see what it is, but I'm guessing it's well trained :) My bird, Wattyl, is actually an Aus...
  19. Thank you Valentino97 and thank you for the love :)
  20. And thank you bratjdd for the love :)
  21. Thank you Trey :)
  22. This sign is great and in such good condition - love it!
  23. Wow, that's a whole lot of brooches all together! I particularly love the blue and silver owl in the bottom centre of the second picture, and the red and black ladybird in the top centre of the third...
  24. Thank you so much for your kind comment Gillian :) Does that mean you are thinking of buying a Czech brooch now also? They really are such lovely designs, I had a look through lots of them also, ...
  25. Your comment made me laugh out loud Jenni :D Is a Hawaii trip needed before you can break officially out your 'bling' & is NY in winter not a city for 'bling' brooches, just regular ones?! So glad...
  26. Thank you for answering Eileen. I enjoy wearing my brooches too, but a friend of mine keeps hers locked away and collects only for the potential value of them in the future. She chastises me for wear...
  27. Thank you for the love Tigra, Ken , aura, valentino97, Jenni, Eileen, Hel1, & fortapache :D Sorry I don't know everyone's names yet, or if you prefer your screen name or first name. I'm Kerri :) 'D...
  28. Thank you Eileen :) I did think it was strange I couldn't see a makers mark, just a copyright symbol, but it was at an op shop and they really didn't know anything about it other than it came from a l...
  29. Thank you Ken for your suggestion. I don't have a magnifying glass, so there may possibly be a mark I can't see. I tried a reverse image search and looked through hundreds of other examples, but cou...
  30. Thanks Jenni!
  31. Thank you so much for the love everyone - Tigra, nutsabotas6, aura, valentino97, VintageMisc, Newfld, Ms.CrystalShip, Hel1 & fortapache. It's much appreciated :D
  32. Thank you so much for your lovely comments Jenni :) It's the only piece I own that has red colour stones so it gets worn quite often. Do you also wear your brooches or are they for collecting/display...
  33. Thank you so much Eileen and Ken for giving me some clues as to its Czech heritage, and also for your lovely comments :) It was the lovely detailing and deep red colour that made me love it straight a...
  34. This is just amazing work, congratulations! Love the detail, especially in the talons.
  35. What beautiful colours! Thank you for sharing and welcome also :)
  36. Thank you for the love aura and officialfuel!
  37. Thank you Phil :)
  38. Thank you Phil, that's very kind of you to say :)
  39. Thank you for the love aura, much appreciated :)
  40. Thanks Ken, I didn't know there were others in this same design. I'll be on the look out for them now! Hopefully you can post the seashell you have some time :)
  41. Thank you Phil :) Yes they're my favourites too especially owls. I have lots of those.
  42. Such a beautiful piece and and even more beautiful greyhound. So glad she found you, she's a lucky girl. Sending lots of love to PeeJay :D
  43. I have no words. I keep coming back and looking at the photos of each of these pieces as they're absolutely gorgeous. Every detail is exquisite. Thank you so much for sharing.
  44. Thank you Phil :) I was just admiring the beautiful photography of all your gorgeous pieces. Simply stunning.
  45. Came to see if the colour matches my Weiss brooch - and it does! Love the colour of the Shell sign against your bright green car in the background - Really makes it pop! Great find :D I would l...
  46. Thank you for the love everyone :D It's much appreciated.
  47. Thank you for the love TassieDevil, fortapache, lisa, racer4four, kyratango, nutsabotas6, valentino97, Trey, Ms.CrystalShip, TimeTraveller, Tigra, MacDaddyRico, Newfld :D
  48. Thanks Trey, that made me laugh :D Must have been a popular colour back in the day!
  49. I love this pin as I have greyhounds also. They make the best pets/couch potatoes ;) Our two will get the 'zoomies' and then nap for hours and take over the entire couch. Thank you for sharing this...
  50. This pendant is stunning. I loved it too as soon as I saw it, you have excellent taste :)
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