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upstate New York

I sell antique and vintage wares. I collect antique buttons, antique dolls and teddy bears, Civil War era photographs, fountain pens, interesting inkwells, and interI sell antique and vintage wares. I collect antique buttons, antique dolls and teddy bears, Civil War era photographs, fountain pens, interesting inkwells, and interesting jewelry. I love miniatures and working on my dollhouse, and I love reading when I'm not doing any of the above. ~Laura Email: (Read more)


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Létang Fils Antique Chocolate Molds - Kitchenin Kitchen
Madonna and Christ Child Wooden Carving - Fine Artin Fine Art
New York City II - Photographsin Photographs
Four Friends Enjoying a Spring Day - Animalsin Animals
New York City - Photographsin Photographs
Art Deco Era Necklaces - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Sofia Batalova Teddy Bear - Dollsin Dolls
More Ball-Jointed Dolls for Malkey and Roy - Dollsin Dolls
Ball-Jointed (BJD) Dolls - Dollsin Dolls
Teddy Bears - Dollsin Dolls


  1. Roy, I like Cadbury milk chocolate a lot, especially the kind with fruit and nuts. Are you a fan of PayDay candy bars? I think Hershey's makes them. The peanuts made me also think of my husband's penc...
  2. Thank you for the love, leighannrn!
  3. Hi Thomas! Good to see you and thank you! All is great! Hi Phil! Thanks so much! I am going to try the filler idea! Thank you for that. And I already love Paris in advance! ;) I've never been, but I l...
  4. This is gorgeous, absolutely stunning! Look up "Pools of Light." I think it's genuine rock crystal, as Pascale said.
  5. I love the iridescence. Beautiful!
  6. Really lovely! It's interesting. Lit, it makes me think of something circa 1920s-1930s. Unlit, I see the 1960s.
  7. Really, really beautiful!
  8. I love the style and the glowing stones!
  9. Exquisite!
  10. So unusual!
  11. Beautiful! Miracle makes such high quality pieces!
  12. Beautiful! I love the shade of blue!
  13. Very nice job! You have such an amazing collection!
  14. I agree with Jenni. I love the retro appeal to this.
  15. Awesome! I love how you positioned the figures just like the ones in the painting, and yes, it looks just like them. Great Parker 51 ad, too!
  16. Haha! I love this, especially the last photo with Dr. Evil being chauffeured around.
  17. Love this. Love the design.
  18. These are great, and yes, the uniforms are nicely done! I wonder if they made a Girl Scout and Brownie line?
  19. Haha! Love it!
  20. I love your comment: Being greedy I said give it to me and then drove away filled with glee. It just struck me as so funny! I love reading your descriptions. This is great, and I love the advertisemen...
  21. This is very, very cool! I love the mannequin and calendar and the scouting advertisements.
  22. Thank you for the love, fortapache and blunderbuss2. Much appreciated.
  23. Roy, thank you for the love! Homemade chocolates! I agree: mmmmmm!!!! I am such a chocolate snob. I love the stuff but only certain kinds, and when my son was around two, I turned him against Palmer c...
  24. Beautiful vase and adorable goats!
  25. Another gorgeous piece! Just stunning!
  26. Fantastic! I love the colors!
  27. Brilliant blue stone! Beautiful bracelet and beautiful work!
  28. I'm a huge fan of these gorgeous enameled flowers! This is absolutely breathtaking!
  29. Really lovely.
  30. Wow, wow, wow!!!! This is just absolutely gorgeous, a real feast for the eyes! I love the bookend as well.
  31. He is beautiful! I had no idea he was so petite until I read your description!
  32. I love the enamel with the different colored rhinestones set against it. What a pretty brooch!
  33. Wow! I love the Scandinavian design of the plate and the pendant is so unusual and beautiful! What a great pairing!
  34. PS I forgot to add how I love the turquoise, the quartz body and the enameled pincers. The colors are fantastic together.
  35. This is gorgeous!
  36. Oooh! Adorable and pretty!
  37. Beautifully luminous. I love the shade of green.
  38. PS It's so unusual. I've never seen anything like this!
  39. Lovely! I expect to hear the chiming of the clock and the cuckoo bird!
  40. Love your Weiss and the beautiful glass swan. I always look forward to seeing your glass collection!
  41. What a delicious piece!
  42. What a fun brooch with a pop of color!
  43. Very beautiful, dainty and delicate. Love the glasswork and the transfer design.
  44. Very sparkly and patriotic!
  45. Oh, I love these birdies! What a lovely collection! Going through your posts is like sitting down with a good book or magazine!
  46. What a fantastic pairing! The brooch is lovely as is the golden colored paperweight. It has an air of mystery to it as well!
  47. Hi Jenni! So glad you like these molds! Thank you for the kind words. I'm hoping to catch up on your wonderful posts and those of our other CW friends. I've missed it here! xoxoxo Thanks so much fo...
  48. Really beautiful shapes and colors.
  49. I love the size and the detail is absolutely amazing. What a treasure!
  50. This is gorgeous. I love the upraised wings contrasting with the downward slope of his beak.
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