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I sell antique and vintage wares. I collect antique buttons, antique dolls and teddy bears, Civil War era photographs, fountain pens, interesting inkwells, and interI sell antique and vintage wares. I collect antique buttons, antique dolls and teddy bears, Civil War era photographs, fountain pens, interesting inkwells, and interesting jewelry. I love miniatures and working on my dollhouse, and I love reading when I'm not doing any of the above. ~Laura Email: (Read more)


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Teddy Bear and Family - Dollsin Dolls
Richard Brautigan's The Galilee Hitch-Hiker - Booksin Books
Black Madonna - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Teddy Bear - Dollsin Dolls
Bisque Baby Hatching Chick Candy Container - Advertisingin Advertising
The Public and Private Lives of Animals (Vie Privée et Publique des Animaux) Antique Books - Booksin Books
Chiltern Teddy Bear - Dollsin Dolls
Dollhouse Christmas - Dollsin Dolls
Steiff Teddy Bear from 1907 - Dollsin Dolls
Antique and Vintage Teddy Bears - Dollsin Dolls


  1. Beautiful! I love the original advertisement, too!
  2. PS Really sweet, too. Love them.
  3. Your rabbits are multiplying in droves.
  4. Lovely texture! It is beautiful.
  5. Wonderful!
  6. Thank you for the love, vetraio50.
  7. Thank you for the love, aura.
  8. Thank you so much, AnnaB and AntigueToys. Thank you very much, Bearaddict. I am no expert either but I have named her Henrietta as she makes me think of a mother bear protecting her cubs with her surp...
  9. Thanks so much for the love, Phil!
  10. Hi Jess. They're adorable. It's curious that those cotter pins are on the outside. Walter and Arthur look so well made, and it's a puzzle to find them like that. Is that a Tibetan thangka in the backg...
  11. Maybe he's chocolate inside? ;)
  12. I love him! I hope you didn't stumble too badly as I imagine it would hurt to stub one's toes on him. ;) He looks like he belongs in an allegorical tale: The Tale of the Golden Hare. Or The Tail of th...
  13. Thank you for the love, valentino97 and Scott. Scott, I am so glad you enjoyed the post. I've known about the Black Madonnas for a while, having a long-standing interest in archetypes and their signif...
  14. Thanks so much for the love, Scott!
  15. Thank you, AnnaB! Much appreciated!
  16. Thank you, fortapache. I am glad you like him!
  17. Wow! What treasures!!!
  18. Thank you for the love, buckethead!
  19. Thank you for the love, buckethead and Ken. Ken, it has a bail on which to hang it, but it could very well have hung at an altar, I'm thinking. The seller said it's circa 1800s and French. I love cont...
  20. Thank you for the love, buckethead! Thanks so much, nutsabotas6! I love her eyes; they're so expressive.
  21. Thank you so much, Caperkid. You see the chair? I guess I need more bears! ;)
  22. Thank you so much, Jenni. Much appreciated! Those are Edith and Gardenia. Edith is a Chiltern and Gardenia may be an early Strunz. They are from Charlotte Bird in Ireland who restores and dresses anti...
  23. Thank you for the love, Phil!
  24. Thank you, Phil. Much appreciated. :)
  25. Thanks so much, Phil! :)
  26. Absolutely beautiful!
  27. Lovely. I really like the piece's fluidity.
  28. I love how you have the sheet music and postcards. Wonderful collection!
  29. Oh! I love the bear!
  30. Beautiful! The agate reminds me of gorgeous desert sandstone.
  31. Beautiful color stones.
  32. Really beautiful!
  33. Wonderful!
  34. He's adorable!
  35. PS Keeping your mom in my prayers.
  36. This is great! We have two copies of this- mine and my husband's. What a classic!
  37. I remember them from when I worked in a record store in the mid-80s.
  38. I love it. So Deco!
  39. Thank you for the love, officialfuel!
  40. Thank you for the love, officialfuel and Manikin.
  41. Thank you for the love, officialfuel.
  42. Thank you for the love, fortapache, racer4four, and TassieDevil. Much appreciated!
  43. Thank you for the love, fortapache!
  44. Thank you so much, racer4four and TassieDevil! Much, much appreciated. I found this site that may be of interest: I also wish I knew more about its provenance ...
  45. Nice to meet you as well, Jenni! Thank you for the love, fortapache!
  46. Hi Jenni! You can call me Laura. Someone named Kenn Davis did the cover art. Let me know how you like Brautigan. He's definitely different, was different. There's something beautiful and poignant abou...
  47. Thank you so much, Manikin. I really needed some teddy bear love today, and she arrived unannounced. It was quite synchronistic as the tracking from France said she had just entered the U.S. on the 14...
  48. Thank you for the love, Caperkid!
  49. Thank you for the love, Caperkid!
  50. Absolutely, Scott. They are keepers for sure. Thank you so much, T.! Thank you for the love, Manikin!
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