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I have collected Native American basketry for many years now. I love everything about them, the differences in the weaves from tribe to tribe. The heart and soul tI have collected Native American basketry for many years now. I love everything about them, the differences in the weaves from tribe to tribe. The heart and soul that the artist puts into each and every basket they make, I am constantly amazed at how they are able to do what they do. I hope that others can look at my pictures and see what I see in them. Enjoy the pics :) I only give permission to Collector's Weekly to use my photos per the terms agreement. My pictures are my work and I give permission to no one that would sell my pictures for any kind of monetary gain. Thank you :) (Read more)


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Red Beryl Bixbite Rough From Utah's Wah Wah Mountains - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Large Acorn Basket made by Russell Bennett, Saginaw Chippewa Tribe 1970 - Native Americanin Native American
Miniature Maine Passamaquoddy  Urchin Basket, circa 1950 - Native Americanin Native American
Miniature Paiute/Washoe Basket, circa 1900-1930 - Native Americanin Native American
Eastern Woodlands Mohawk Basket, made around 1930-1950 - Native Americanin Native American
Maine Penobscot Acorn Basket, 1920 - Native Americanin Native American
Native American Basket?? - Native Americanin Native American
Small Pottery by Carlos Begay, Signed by Artist - Native Americanin Native American
 "Spotted Pony" Print by Harrison Begay, 1952 - Native Americanin Native American
Amish Leather Belt and Brass Bells - Christmasin Christmas


  1. I will be checking to see what you find when you crack that geode, it is always the best part..finding the secret hiding inside :)
  2. Very nice color!
  3. Holy smokes, this brings back childhood memories...... My maternal grandmother had cancer, and lost her eye and cheekbone. She was given a prosthetic eye that freaked me out more than seeing her with...
  4. Thanks guys!
  5. I am leaning towards Iolite.
  6. This looks like Blue Lace Agate, pretty!
  7. Thank you to everyone for the "love". I used to have a large rock and mineral collection, my neighbor behind where I grew up had two hobbies that were fascinating to me: he collected rocks and minera...
  8. Really great find, love it! :)
  9. Love these!!
  10. Yep, that is what I think too. Chrome Diopside.
  11. It looks like it could even be Madeira Citrine, from the color..keep my fingers crossed for you :)
  12. The picture is not the greatest...but I think this came from the Hupa Tribe. It could also be Yurok or Klamath, can you take better pics of it from the sides and bottom please?
  13. Thanks for loving this beauty of a basket, everyone, I appreciate it :)
  14. I used to go every Sunday for the breakfast buffet, really good food :)
  15. Thanks Manikin!
  16. It is a coiled plaque, made by a member of the Hopi tribe.
  17. This is not Hupa or Yurok or Karok. I know what you are thinking though, that it looks like it could be a tobacco basket and it does resemble it in shape. But the weave, design, and the rods sticking ...
  18. I just realized that my answer to you may have come off mean, and I never intended that Ho2cultcha. Please accept my apology
  19. I have gotten offers on some of my baskets, but I have never sold one once it is in my collection. My son loves them as much as I do, so they will be his one day :)
  20. Not sure, but I am not here for long periods of time all of the time so who am I to talk?
  21. I say Pima .
  22. Wonderful baskets, just beautiful :)
  23. I love stories like this. There are so many Native American baskets from decades ago that survived because they were placed in a storage trunk, free from sunlight and dust and use so they look like th...
  24. The large basket is Pima, I believe. The other two I am not sure about so will wait for CanyonRd to tell us all :)
  25. Nice! And you made the right choice in keeping the basket. When you get an offer to buy from an appraiser or dealer that you did not ask for....always say NO thank you. Do your due diligence and res...
  26. The last two baskets are Asian for sure. But I am not sure about the other two baskets, I have a guess but I am going to defer to user CanyonRoad, who is an expert on many things that are Native Ame...
  27. Do you know which museum it was or in what state it was? It would not be the first time I've contacted a museum to get info about a basket :)
  28. I would LOVE to know who made this basket. Because I put one up here about 5 years ago with the same weave, same material and with the rim woven in exactly the same way this one is. Mine has butterfl...
  29. Thanks ho2cultcha! This basket makes three acorns for me, and I have three other string baskets in other shapes.
  30. Oh my goodness, that is just Gorgeous.
  31. That would look great in my living room, love the new color. .
  32. Beautiful in its simplicity.
  33. Wow, that is a great find, I would be keeping that for myself :)
  34. That is really cool, I like the design.
  35. LOL ho2cultcha! It really was a great find, I got lucky with this one for sure.
  36. I hope you did not take Klickitatcat's offer. Those baskets of yours are in pristine condition and are worth SO much more than his/her paltry offer. I guarantee if you did sell them to him/her, they ...
  37. runcible.spoon, Thanks for your comment, I have not been around for the past month. My maternal grandmother had a very bad stroke last month and that plus the aftershocks that came afterwards have p...
  38. PostCardCollector, I am going into my second sleepless night, 1:30AM and still up. I am starting to see shadow people in my peripheral vision LOL. I have had horrible insomnia since I was a teenager...
  39. Addition, 1% Apache? I have such insomnia and I have not been able to sleep at all. My mind is kinda out there today.....LOL
  40. I do not know if this user still checks back here or not, but I wanted to give an ansewer to the question they had about this beautiful basket. I am 99% sure now that this basket is a Washoe Degikup ...
  41. You are very welcome :) I will keep an eye out for more pics, this is a very nice example of Apache basket making even if it is not made before the second world war.
  42. I just saw that I forgot to put up what age I think this basket it...sorry. I have been ferrying my mother back and forth to the hospital and assisted living facillity, my grandmother had a stroke an...
  43. Thanks, olebodie and ho2culcha! I know the basket is really well made, the rod used for this is very sturdy and the basket itself is very strong. I am hoping I can get which tribe made this basket,...
  44. This basket was made by Hooper Bay Yupik tribes, in the Pacific Northwest Coast. It is made of beach or rye grasses, and tissue paper is now used to make the colors. They just drop a sheet or two int...
  45. This is a basket bowl, made by a member of the Apache Tribe. The Apache came from western Arizona to eastern Texas, and also from northern Colorada and Mexico in the south. This was made with rods f...
  46. This is a basket made by the Tohono O'odham Native American tribe. The weave is done with a coil of Bear Grass, sewn with the Yucca plant, and the black design is made with a mash from the seed pods ...
  47. Thanks ho2cultcha :) My mom gets a good number of my finds too LOL. Every new basket I get, I have to take it to her and the first thing she does is put her face right into them, to get that great...
  48. Thank you guys, for the love :) And yes, racer4four, the glaze is great on this little jar. In the light, it looks like copper in places. Really cool :) And melaniej, thanks for that info. I was ...
  49. Thank you so much to the people who have shown a "love" for my basket here!
  50. Thank you very much for the "love" you have shown for this item :)
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canoe and boat-shaped woven baskets, Salish, c. 1930 ABE LINCOLN dancer Wisconsin Winnebago or Ojibwa Basket 1940 Small Blue Painted Basket Primitive Melon or Buttocks Basket Painted Basket Bright Yellow Buttocks or melon baskets Primitive Large Green Buttocks basket or melon Painted Primitive Basket