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I have collected Native American basketry for many years now. I love everything about them, the differences in the weaves from tribe to tribe. The heart and soul tI have collected Native American basketry for many years now. I love everything about them, the differences in the weaves from tribe to tribe. The heart and soul that the artist puts into each and every basket they make, I am constantly amazed at how they are able to do what they do. I hope that others can look at my pictures and see what I see in them. Enjoy the pics :) I only give permission to Collector's Weekly to use my photos per the terms agreement. My pictures are my work and I give permission to no one that would sell my pictures for any kind of monetary gain. Thank you :) (Read more)


  1. I found a copy of this for my collection. It is signed on the back by the guys BUT there is an extra guy. It's a drawing by a magic marker of a guy in the room behind where the guys are on the back, w...
  2. @Ricky555 Yes, you can play them. It was the color that people were upset about, which brought out the second version of the Tree Green Marble. Because the solid Green color was a mistake the first t...
  3. Oh, and a lightly damp cloth will take some dirt off, but I don't do that too much. I think they show their age when they are a bit dusty.
  4. You are correct that this basket came from the Pacific Northwest Coast. It was made with Sea Grasses, Redbud for the Four bands that circle from the top to the bottom. It also has Red Yarn in the midd...
  5. WesternPA-Collector, it was made in California.
  6. Thanks, jscotto363 :)
  7. Really intricate! Love the Snapping Turtle!
  8. Thanks, jscotto363 :)
  9. jscotto363, thanks :) I love the new music too, I really like the new version of "Sun Shines Gray" that Steve released recently in July. I hope he decides to do a little bit with live shows, people ...
  10. Thanks, jscotto363 :)
  11. jscotto363, thanks. Definitely worth the cost to make it shine again :)
  12. I like stuff like this, I have a bunch of vinyl interviews/music/live concerts of rock groups from the 70's and 80's that were sent out to radio affiliates around the United States. These are real...
  13. jeklstudio, I first heard Journey in 1976. I liked their sound and Gregg Rolie was damn handsome :) Plus, I knew both Neal and Gregg from Santana. But in 1978 at the World Series of Rock in Clevelan...
  14. Thanks, iggy :)
  15. Newfld, I wasn't able to find anything with EW&F. Mouse and Alton Kelley did The Grateful Dead, Steve Miller Band, Doobie Brothers, Journey and so many others but they also did concert posters. I woul...
  16. My Gramma had a couple of these in her curio cabinet, I remember the Yellow
  17. I am sorry that I don't know anything about this set, but it is gorgeous!
  18. Very Nice!
  19. Thanks, jscotto363 :)
  20. Thank you clockerman :)
  21. Thanks Newfld! :)
  22. Newman4185, I saw where the company sent everyone a replacement vinyl and it was cool that they didn't ask for the "Hanford Theatre Green" to be returned. I have every edition except the Green..go f...
  23. This color of Aurora Borealis is my favorite, I am not crazy about the darker Blue Aurora Borealis. You got a good one, nice find :)
  24. Wow, this is a stunner! I LOVE IT!
  25. Very Cool!
  26. TassieDevil, I was looking too LOL! I found a lot of information about the company and photos of a lot of the jewelry, but I could not find anything that told of how the company just disappeared. I f...
  27. This is a wonderful piece! I love the design with the Marcasite and the dark Orange stones are the same color as Madiera Citrines, my favorite color :) They are faceted, and that really makes them ...
  28. Wow, this is great!
  29. Very nice color! I have two "Bluebirds of Happiness" glass birds, one looks more like a Chickadee and was etched/signed "Leo Ward" in 1988. The other one was done in 1993 and is etched/signed "Ron Ra...
  30. I love cats. I have never seen one of these before, but I love the smile and wink of that one eye. He looks like he just got into a whole bunch of Catnip and then got into the Parakeet cage LOL!
  31. So nicely done! My mother would go crazy over this :)
  32. Such a great set! Both dogs seem both relaxed and regal at the same time, really nicely done!
  33. Great color!
  34. The color is great on this! I agree with Billretirecoll, in that you should buy things because you like them. I am like that too, if something jumps out at me and for a good price I will buy it. I w...
  35. This is terrific! It reminds me of one my mother had eons ago, but hers did not have the leopard skin liner inside. It did have the turquoise though. I have always said that I should have been a teen...
  36. I like the colors in this, especially the Mint Green.
  37. Thanks, ho2cultcha! Appreciate it :)
  38. Thank you Newfld! :)
  39. This really is a nice mat made by a member of the Makah tribe. The colors on the front are lighter than the other side, due to sunlight. It is difficult to put an age to basketry, but I agree with th...
  40. Wowza! If I had this in my apartment I would be looking at my carpet, my furniture ect and feeling the need to upgrade them all LOL!
  41. Very Nice, love this ;)
  42. I believe that this is called a "Boudoir" doll. I am not an expert on these though, but many of the attributes this doll has are indicative to that type of doll. The side glance, the clothing and what...
  43. Thank you, betweenthelens :)
  44. As always, CanyonRoad is on the money :) As to value, we are not allowed to talk about selling or how much. You need to find an outside appraiser for that. As to those two bannerstones in the mi...
  45. Anna, The bottom is painted over with the pink color. There is no mark or signature on the dolls, that is how I know they are not old. But I did not say anything to Chris about it, they are beautif...
  46. I love Dragons Breath TassieDevil! My mom has a piece that was her Aunt Ethels. Aunt Ethel was a little out there, she kept everything she ever got. I remember her house very well, Auntie never barr...
  47. Gillian, I have thought that from the moment I laid eyes on this painting. A woman in a gilded cage. Having everything material she could want but terribly unhappy. Mady knew what she wanted to do wi...
  48. Oh, I like this. It's different, and I love different :)
  49. Well, folks it is official. This was painted by Madeline "Mady" de la Giraudière. Unfortunately I was unable to actually talk to her, as she passed away on February 24, 2018 at the age of 95. I know...
  50. A great remembrance, too many lost there and none of them should ever be forgotten..
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canoe and boat-shaped woven baskets, Salish, c. 1930 ABE LINCOLN dancer Wisconsin Winnebago or Ojibwa Basket 1940 Small Blue Painted Basket Primitive Melon or Buttocks Basket Painted Basket Bright Yellow Buttocks or melon baskets Primitive Large Green Buttocks basket or melon Painted Primitive Basket


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