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Metal Small Sculpture ? Hood Ornament? Maybe Art Deco Berman  - Art Decoin Art Deco
Vintage Antique? primative Needle Work ? Sailor Woolie ? - Sewingin Sewing
Silver Cuff Braclet  - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Southwestern Native American Basket ? - Native Americanin Native American
Painted Basket ?Folk Art?  - Folk Artin Folk Art
Vintage Our Lady of Guadalupe Painting - Fine Artin Fine Art
Vintage ?Navajo Wool possible saddle blanket - Native Americanin Native American
Vintage Japanese Woodblock Print  - Fine Artin Fine Art
Vintage / Antique Maritime Art Work - Fine Artin Fine Art
Vintage / Antique Oil Painting with corn detail frame - Fine Artin Fine Art


  1. So much great information more than I had hoped for. Thanks so much for your expertise Phil. Will mark as a solved mystery. Best to you.
  2. Thanks so much to Tlynnie1942 and ho2cultcha for all your lovely information. I really appreciate your expertise. Best Lambertkh
  3. Efesgirl - thanks for the information for various countries that use that silver content stamp. The stone is really I think a dark brown with maybe a "swirl" that is difficult to see at the top. I n...
  4. Gillian - thanks for having a look. Yes I need to take an indoor picture. The stone is not actually black but a dark brown with some kinda swirl inside. I will add photos soon. Thanks again.
  5. Yes I think that is the marking 950 inside a circle. Does that denote the silver content? Thanks for the question made me look closer at the mark.
  6. MeliG - the last link marlamallet is really helpful. Thanks again. Lambert
  7. MeliG - Thanks for the information. Lambert
  8. Thanks to everyone for all the commentary. Do appreciate your input. Happy Sunday. Lambert
  9. Wow Hegmax so much great information. I can't thank you enough for all of it. Appreciate your obvious expertise in the area. Really. Best Lambert
  10. Still an unsolved mystery to me. Wondered if anyone out there has some expertise and/or ideas of the date on this latch hook rug. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  11. I am still curious if this rug is Navajo and if so would it be considered Two Gray Hills? Any information would be appreciated. Thanks much.
  12. I have had this basket for a while now and wondering now if it is a Seminole pine needle basket and curious about it's appx. date of construction. In very nice condition and does not seem to have a l...
  13. I have had these baskets for a number of years and have wondered if they are from the southwest or some sort of reproduction. The construction is nice however the bottoms have more "fray" than the in...
  14. I posted this kilim rug a couple / three years ago and wanted to see if anyone had any expertise in the area. The colors are great but I am still interested in trying to determine its approximate age...
  15. Hello and thanks very much for all of the invaluable information. Appreciate it. Best in the New Year.
  16. Thanks very much for your expertise. It is a great blanket and I enjoy having it. I wondered if there were any way to estimate the age? I assume it is perhaps 1950s or so but perhaps earlier? Than...
  17. Excellent advice and I will do so. I really like the painting it does have a couple of small tears in the canvas. The frame is great and I love it. Thanks so much for your input and I will have to ...
  18. It is beautiful and thanks for your input will certainly look into that artist. How exciting that would be. Happy New Year to you and thanks much.
  19. Thanks for the information will certainly give it a try. Happy New Year to you.
  20. Thanks for your input. I think you are correct that it could be called a "feathered star pattern". Happy New Year to you.
  21. Thanks very much for all of the wonderful & helpful information. I appreciate your knowledge and the time you took to help me out.
  22. Thanks very for your knowledge. I do appreciate it. Best Lambert
  23. Thanks for all the detail information. Appreciate your knowledge.
  24. Thanks very much for helping me with this item. Much appreciated.
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Nemadji Pottery Vase C.H. Stebbins Liquor Dealer Woonsocket, R.I. Stoneware 1 gal. Jug


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