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  1. I just assumed it was western by the colors, but now that I look at it; It does look like it could be Scotland. Those are sheep in the background and that is a chimney smoke stack coming from a ship.
  2. I think it may just paint strokes of grass but thanks for the insight.
  3. Also, it measures about 18" wide by 15" tall.
  4. The strokes are visible. I think it is watercolor on paper/card stock. It is not on canvas.
  5. Thanks for the help. I am going to have to look into that aspect and that the basket could be from there. It would make sense, since it rains a lot there and it would need to be elevated. Thanks for t...
  6. I will have to look into that. We moved to Louisiana after Alaska and this basket was most likely purchased in LA. I looked up the Chitmacha tribe and they are from around this area, so this basket co...
  7. Thanks a bunch for all of the great information. You know a lot of about a lot of different types of baskets. I know my father had a couple of baleen baskets with ivory animals on top for the handles....
  8. Hey, I am in the process of taking pictures of the collection, this is only a few of hundreds of baskets I received from my father's estate. We lived in a Alaska when I was young and my father began c...
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Wisconsin Winnebago or Ojibwa Basket 1940 Most Unusual Pitcher


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