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Upstate NY, USA

I love all things old, unusual, rusty, musty, dusty... Over the years I have accumulated quite a pile of random and miscellaneous objects through garage/estate salesI love all things old, unusual, rusty, musty, dusty... Over the years I have accumulated quite a pile of random and miscellaneous objects through garage/estate sales or dumpster rescues, but now i'm trying to make a determined effort to learn about their history. Antique bottles, vintage dolls and toys and art glass have a special place in my heart. I don't know a lot about anything, that's why most of my posts appear in Unsolved Mystery section, but i love learning and discovering, so the clues and info I get on this site are very valuable to me in this process, and i thank everyone for their help and shared knowledge. (Read more)


  1. Hi Mani! Just stopped by for the first time in a very long while! Hope you are doing well. Happy to see some good old friends here, too...Hi everyone! Love Peteena the Poodle, she puts a smile on my ...
  2. Hi Mani! What a stunning piece, it's simply jaw-dropping how intricate and perfect it is. Miss talking to you. Hope you and your loved ones are well and healthy. I have no doll projects to share with ...
  3. Hi Mani!! Hi Starfish! I've had several MA Walkers and all of them were marked "Alexander" on the back of her neck under the wig. Have you checked there?
  4. George, I forgot to mention, your restored bike looks amazing! I'm sure it was a very rewarding project =)
  5. Hi George/Easternshorecollector- Thank you so much for IDing this bike! I will update the title. It's still sitting in the garage waiting for its turn to be restored- too many projects, too little tim...
  6. Scott, what a wonderful collection and an amazing photo of it! Looks like a section of a museum. I haven't been on CW much lately, so I'm very happy to see you back!!!
  7. Thanks Spirit, i checked it out. I wouldn't know the difference in metal artifacts, if some of them are fake, they looked convincing enough. I was also wondering where all this stuff is coming from in...
  8. Hey Spirit, love your new collection of ancient bottles! About this one, did you buy it for the purpose of your experiment? It's really interesting what you've shared, I had no idea there were fakes o...
  9. hunterqlee, Thomas, Jenni, Anik- thanks so much for stopping by and your loves!
  10. Sending best wishes your way Malkey!
  11. Love this adorable kitty! Stay safe this weekend Jenni.
  12. =) I love the composition, it's cool and unique but I sure prefer them alive.
  13. Very creative and cool =) Happy new year, BB!
  14. The blue bird is a Yellow legged Honeycreeper. It is often confused with a hummingbird because of its beak. It's a member of the Tanager family and it uses the long curved beak to pierce the backs of ...
  15. I agree, educational it is for sure! Although it would be nice if it was at least worth as much as I paid for it LOL Mrstyndall, WendyWeather- thanks for stopping by and your loves!
  16. Buckethead, Jenni, Phil, fortapache, Thomas, Iggy- thank you kindly for your comments and appreciation. Always nice to see you stop by! Vynil, vetra, Tassie, Toyrebel, dlpetersen, Roy, Ken, Sean, M...
  17. Very cute! =)
  18. Buckethead-thank you! Enjoy the holiday season as well! =) I've been researching these stamps little by little, and so far, nothing came up as valuable, rare or special, although they all seem spec...
  19. Vynil, Re-In-Vintage- thank you for your loves!
  20. Thank you so very much- Sheluvsjewelry yougottahavestuff Roycroftbooksfromme1 Mrstyndall vetra Phil Toyrebel Thomas bottle-bud Jenni fortapache Johnsmith
  21. Phil, your home looks like a museum! Absolutely spectacular and breathtaking. You have an exquisite sense of fine things in life =)
  22. Thank you all so much for stopping by and your loves! Jenni, Thomas, Toyrebel- thank you friends for your kind comments, always appreciated! Phil, thank you! It's never too late! As I'm starting to ...
  23. Very elegant and delicate design! Love it.
  24. Omg, I only realized on the third look what kind of "turkey" they are about to it...LOL!
  25. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, Brian!
  26. Rose, very nice clocks! These were made during the time when quality mattered. After 70's everything went downhill, hitting rock bottom in 1990's. Enjoy this piece of history.
  27. Happy Thanksgiving to you, too Bill, Thomas, Vynil, and the rest of CW circle of friends! Peace to your homes.
  28. Don't know who the maker is, but these plaques were very popular in Soviet Union as a sign for a restroom. There was also one with a boy or girl taking a shower used as a sign for a bathroom where you...
  29. Phil, what a sad story...thanks for stopping by and sharing your love! Jenni, thank you for your lovely comment =) Hope the storm spared your neck of the woods. Thomas, always great to see you! Tha...
  30. Favorite* computer went nuts before I finished. It's absolutely stunning. Love your posts Phil!
  31. Looks like a cornflower, my fovorite flower
  32. Absolutely stunning! Love this opaque jade green, my favorite color.
  33. Amazing photos and views! Definitely added to my list of places to visit.
  34. Oh no, I think daddy long legs are cute! Sometimes i rescue them from troubles their long legs get them into LOL It's the other kinds, like Sac spiders, that make me cringe, but i know they have a rea...
  35. They are stunning!
  36. I wish all spiders in my house were like this one! Then I wouldn't mind them LOL
  37. Amazing photo!
  38. This collection is waaay more interesting than what I ever found on my digging expeditions. Very nice and versatile lot! Some of them look pre-1920 (non-machine made). The way to tell is took how far ...
  39. A perfect display for your toys! Congrats on your first barrister. Once you have one, you'll want more. I'm a proud owner of 3. It all started with the Globe one, and it's still sitting in the garage ...
  40. Wow, very cool finds! Diamonds in the rough.
  41. I second Jenni- perfect addition!
  42. Fortapache, yes, indeed =) thank you for your love and stopping by! Passion4Cameos, thank you as well for stopping by and your appreciation.
  43. Bracken3- thank you! Spirit, i think you got it absolutely correct, it's still a hard one to remember L:oL
  44. Roy, Jennifer, Tassie, Recordmantime, kwqd, vetra, Jenni, Toyrebel, Johnsmith- thank you for stopping by and your loves. John, kwqd- i checked the site, there's a lot of resemblance, but this one is ...
  45. Thank you so much everyone for so many loves! Malkey, Jenni, BB2, fortapache, Passion- thank you kindly for your comments, much appreciated. Thomas, very fascinating facts, thank you for mentioning!...
  46. Happy belated Birthday, SpiritBear Robert! Best wishes and many more to come! Thank you for sharing.
  47. Ken, fortapache, Collectables, Roy, Thomas, aura- thank you for stopping by and your loves, much appreciated!
  48. Thank you Jenni and Vetra! I think it is called a coin sword ( i was kidding about a fondue fork =) but most of the Asian coin swords are made completely out of coins, and this one only has a coin ha...
  49. It looks like the signature reads "Farkos Rosalia", but nothing is coming up on the net. Beautiful works though!
  50. The letter after "T" is a Russian letter "Yu", CW doesn't allow to type Russian letters. It's a classic Soviet era ring. The massive pink gold rings with precious stones were popular back then. Gold ...
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