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Upstate NY, USA

I love all things old, unusual, rusty, musty, dusty... Over the years I have accumulated quite a pile of random and miscellaneous objects through garage/estate salesI love all things old, unusual, rusty, musty, dusty... Over the years I have accumulated quite a pile of random and miscellaneous objects through garage/estate sales or dumpster rescues, but now i'm trying to make a determined effort to learn about their history. Antique bottles, vintage dolls and toys and art glass have a special place in my heart. I don't know a lot about anything, that's why most of my posts appear in Unsolved Mystery section, but i love learning and discovering, so the clues and info I get on this site are very valuable to me in this process, and i thank everyone for their help and shared knowledge. (Read more)


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My Most Special Antique Bottle- Carter's 1897 Aqua Glass Ink Well - Bottlesin Bottles
Antique Medicinal Bottles with Labels- Good for MAN or BEAST - Bottlesin Bottles
Some of my insulators- Brookfield NY, Ceramic H A105, and Unmarked One - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Vintage Soda Bottles: Petermann Beverages Pe Co. (Union City, NJ) and Williams Sparkling Beverages (Clifton, NJ) - Bottlesin Bottles
Asian Set of a Ginger Jar and Cookie? Jar_Vintage? - Asianin Asian
20" Arranbee Composition Nancy Lee Doll c. 1940s as Rosie the Riveter - Dollsin Dolls
Yellow Easter Bunny from Occupied Japan and "Alice In Wonderland" Book c.1963 - Booksin Books
Old Photo_1922 Champs - Photographsin Photographs
Vintage/Antique? Leather Suitcase - Bagsin Bags
Vintage Teddy Bear_Help Needed - Dollsin Dolls


  1. What a sad post, Mani. So sorry to read are right, no money can put the item back together. Unfortunately it does happen way too often. In your case it sounds like a seller's fault, but oth...
  2. It looks like a miniature crystal ball, so awesome! Does it tell fortune? =)
  3. I love Sofia's creatures, they all look so adorable and i was even tempted to buy one or two, but they are out of my price range at this point. Seryozha is such a cute guy with a perfect name. Speakin...
  4. What a precious little fella! Very cute.
  5. Scott, you are just all-around talented! Awesome restoration job. I can understand the feeling of missing it now. She was a beauty!
  6. Interesting post, but isn't it the worst when the sellers put price stickers and scotch tapes on valuable and fragile objects? Seen that way too many times =(
  7. I second Anik. Made around or after 1973 in then Soviet Ukraine. The Polonne factory started using the Swan mark (on the bottom) in early 1970s. The man has a traditional Ukrainian Cossak or Khokhol h...
  8. Very interesting, Spirit, thank you for your time sharing this info.
  9. Happy belated Birthday, Scott, and best wishes! The Aries, my favorite zodiac sign! I prefer to think that the hares are doing a birthday dance in your honor =)
  10. Spirit, i don't know why your comment didn't show when i was responding, strange...anyways, yes, i figured that 1897 wouldn't be the date of manufacture, i was just trying to get my son more excited a...
  11. Roy, thank you for a wonderful idea! His bday has just passed, so he's getting one for Christmas =) And you're absolutely right about the coolest pieces being always broken, i so can relate to this. ...
  12. Thank you for your love and comment Scott! He is my son but sometimes i wish he was my grandson as i could just enjoy him being a kid and leave the tough parts of raising children to the parents LOL ...
  13. This is Royally Stunning! Makes me envious, too. Isn't Mani the best? =)
  14. Thank you from me as well, CanyonRoad. I have a small one like this i bought in the NYC, always wondered about the origin.
  15. These are really special and amazing! How do you tell the age of the buttons? I have a collection of buttons someone passed on to me, but except a general feeling that some of them are old and some ar...
  16. I love this guy! He made me smile =)
  17. Very cute puppies! It's really cool how they are all jointed into one piece. I can't help but wonder where you keep all your pooches and bunnies and trunks... Do you feel sometimes that you need more ...
  18. Laura, i love your adorable posts! I can sooo relate to a problem of a lack of space vs. wanting to get more of your favorite thing. Of course you had to get all 3 of them! =) I have my room where I t...
  19. Malkey, your bottles are unreally special and fantastically beautiful! Thank you for sharing, it's a great pleasure to look at them. Best wishes!
  20. Gorgeous set! It looks delicious! =)
  21. Profile pic "But, grandmother, what big eyes you have!- The better to see you with, my dear!" Driver's license pic... you should have been a Western movie star!
  22. The box is signed "Palekh" "Troika" "Artist Chernykh". The box is from Palekh which is another school that makes lacquer miniatures, although in their own characteristic style, which is dark backgroun...
  23. What a cool collection! I love how they are displayed against whimsical backgrounds, this way each button stands out even more. Sorry to hear about the bracelet, it must have been devastating =( As f...
  24. Neat! I need a friend like that too!
  25. I wouldn't clean it too much to preserve its character. Cool piece, whatever it is!
  26. Lol on the groundhog, Jenni. My co-worker lives in LI and he stayed home today to dig out. Do you have power on? This is a very special and delicate plate, Love it! I'm a Gemini too =)
  27. Malkey, if i know anything about poetry, your comment sounded like a beautiful poem! Thank you ever so much for taking the time to compose such wonderful comments and for your love! Spirit, i think...
  28. Laura, we only got abut 2-3" overnight, but the schools closed as well. Even my work in the city closed offices, but they did get slammed this time. I don't mind a snow day without having to shovel s...
  29. Hope the spring finally remembers to arrive for all of us in cold zones =) Thank you for the compliments, Phil! Vetra, Sean, Mani- thank you, much appreciated!
  30. Thank you for the love, Phil! The upside is that when you finally find that stash, it's like finding a treasure =) Thank you for the love, Sean, officialfuel, iggy, buckethead, vetraio50, SpiritBe...
  31. Good point about the ugly poles and wires LOL I went through most of the crate, and yes, a coupe of them are Hemingray 40, while others just have a "B" on the side and other letters on top. One clear ...
  32. Spirit, thank you so very much, it's so interesting to read your analysis every time, and you provide such a wealth of information. I really appreciate it. Malkey, thank you kindly for your lovely ...
  33. Stunning, and rather unusual! I can see why it's one of your favorites.
  34. Spirit, thank you! This is really fascinating! When you say "could be 1930s or 1970s" you mean as early as 1930s or as late as 1970s, or are you saying you don't know? Just curious why you mentioned t...
  35. Thank you, Spirit, as always, for your very informative commentary. I don't mind alcohol in anything, I was only concerned about the babies of the past. No-no, I wasn't going to dump the contents, act...
  36. What a precious pair of puppies! My favorite dog =)
  37. Scott, thank you for stopping by with your kind compliments, always happy to see you! Fortapache, thank you for your comment and love, wow, i didn't expect it to be that old! Flashlarue, thanks...
  38. What a great find! I've never seen one like this, looks very special.
  39. Oh, so that's the one! It looks like a million bucks! Although it is a great trunk to begin with.
  40. It's adorable and very peaceful!
  41. It looks royal! Very nicely done. Any chance we can see the "before"photo?
  42. This is one beautiful trunk! Pictures are nicely preserved, too. Is that a kitten in a boot? So adorable.
  43. Christmas Spectacular came to mind! That is a real show of color and light right there. Gorgeous insulator colors, make me emerald and moss green with envy! LOL
  44. A very fine specimen! The outstanding quality and craftsmanship that went into creating him are very obvious. How do we know it's a he though? Maybe it's a she? Should we call her a "share"? =)
  45. Wow!! Any collection looks so much better with a good display. Nice work!
  46. Welcome to CW! Very nice set. There are a few tests to check if the material is bakelite.
  47. wait...what? buckethead is nicefice? I sure missed some things here while i was away =)
  48. Sean, Kjane- thank you for stopping by with loves!
  49. Iggy, thank you for sharing your insight and knowledge! This is very helpful. I probably have just about as many, but i'd like to reduce my collection to the ones i really love, mostly pre-1900s. I ...
  50. Laura, thank you for your lovely comment and appreciation! Fortapache, Jenni, Scott, Bottle-bud, Thomas, Roy, Mike- thank you all for stopping by and your loves!
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