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I love all things old, unusual, rusty, musty, dusty... Over the years I have accumulated quite a pile of random and miscellaneous objects through garage/estate salesI love all things old, unusual, rusty, musty, dusty... Over the years I have accumulated quite a pile of random and miscellaneous objects through garage/estate sales or junk pile rescues, but now i'm trying to make a determined effort to learn about their history. Old bottles and colored glass have a special place in my heart. I don't know a lot about anything, that's why most of my posts appear in Unsolved Mystery section, but i love learning and discovering, so the clues and info I get on this site are very valuable to me in this process, and i thank everyone for their help and shared knowledge. (Read more)


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Changing Image Artwork by Katz "Catch a Falling Star" - Fine Artin Fine Art
Vintage 7 UP "Fresh Up" Soda Bottle - Bottlesin Bottles
Mystery Old Something - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Mystery Composition Doll Rescue - Dollsin Dolls
English Made Camphor Trunk/Chest mid-1800s - Furniturein Furniture
Bow Top Trunk- Early 1900's - Furniturein Furniture
1950s Mama Doll_Unknown Maker - Dollsin Dolls
Madame Alexander Doll_Margaret Rose 1950s - Dollsin Dolls
Cambridge 3-Part Covered Candy/Relish Dish in Wildflower Etch  - Glasswarein Glassware
Bubble Glass Ice Bucket (pulegoso) - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Vetraio50, thank you so much for stopping by and your appreciation. Best wishes for the holiday season!
  2. Congrats on the addition! Some fine detective work there, Spirit. Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn=not my favorite place to visit :)
  3. Thank you all for stopping by and your loves: aura charcoal nutsabotas6 Mike TassieDevil Newfld fortapache BB2 Roy
  4. Rob, they are readily available if you know what and where to look for =) I'm just getting into this subject as i've acquired a few fossils, rocks and arrowheads from an estate of an archaeologist. It...
  5. Thanks for the update, Roy. I'll be stopping by whenever i have a minute. It's so nice to be in this company =) I'm not on social media either. Enjoy your weekend as well!
  6. Hi Roy, just noticed your comment. I've missed CW, too! Truth is, my work has changed and i don't have nearly as much time to visit CW as i did in the past. I do stop by when i have some time, but it'...
  7. valentino97 vetraio50 bottle-bud mikelv85 Roy sugargirl jdstor EJW-54 Thank you all for stopping by and loving my bottle! Happy Thanksgiving to all!
  8. Awesome find! Never seen anything like on the 1st pic. Hope Valentino gets better soon!
  9. Iggy, thank you so much for your comment and sharing your knowledge. I checked your collections, and found a post with exact same bottles and the info i was looking for. Your bottles look fantastic. H...
  10. What an impressive collection!
  11. Thomas and Vetra, thank you so very much for stopping by and liking my "piece of art"! lol
  12. Ah, i see. Ok, thanks....Glad i didn't pay that much for it =)
  13. Thank you TubeAmp. I believe this is a solved mystery. You mean the alloy that the "frame" is made of? It looked suspiciously newer to me, too, so i was a bit confused, but the wear and patina of the...
  14. Royally magnificent!
  15. Thank you, artfoot, for a very informative piece. These are gorgeous!
  16. Thanks so much Kyra and Southerner, now I know! LOL
  17. Thank you Kyra, that's the goal here-to turn abused to lovely, similar to what you do with jewelry =) Vetra, Mike, Kyra, Tassie-thanks so much for stopping by and your loves!
  18. I love green glass! Is this one radioactive? =)
  19. Mani, thank you for your kind words, it means a lot! Interestingly, I have an almost exact looking doll, with the same asymmetrical Mary-Hoyer chin but with blue eyes -it's marked R&B, presumably it's...
  20. Hi Mani, yes, i'll try my best to stay online, but it's not easy. I did find new dolls, i think my family will soon evict me =) In fact, I'd like to share one of my most recent projects. This rescue ...
  21. Hi Spirit, long time! That big thing on the table is called "samovar". A staple in every Russian home, although they are popular in Middle East as well. I always wanted one, and this past weekend fina...
  22. What an amazing transformation, Mani! There's nothing you cannot do.
  23. They look so innocent in the pictures, i bet you can't stay mad at them for long, especially when they give you this look =))) the pics are perfect, it looks like you live in a fairy land!
  24. the third pic should be the first one. Absolutely stunning colors!
  25. Maybe Martian? It looks quite other-worldly...What a fantastic piece! Where in the world do you get all your awesome glass?
  26. Beautiful lamp! As for the sideways photo, i've been having the same problem, too, which i never had before. I think something is wrong with the CW's software.
  27. This is adorable! Merry Christmas!!
  28. I wish you more lucky finds like this in the future, and to me all your bottles are fantastic!
  29. If it is the first choice Spirit offered, the main post should say " unfortunately, only partly evaporated" :-)
  30. Thank you Spirit. That would be a great advice if i had bottles of your caliber. I'll be lucky if there are any offers at all for my stuff Lol
  31. I hope you took the offer...? :-P
  32. I'm gonna take a wild guess that these were made post 1990. Everything before that ( i.e. during Soviet era) was produced according to heavily regulated standards, and these dolls don't have the class...
  33. And the scene has to be on the Neva River, the main river in St. Petersburg. The mirror is either very old (pre-1917) or post 1991 when St. Petersburg got its name back after being Leningrad for 70+ ...
  34. It's called a Silent Butler, and was used in late 19th-early 20th century for collecting crumbs, scraps and yes, cigarette butts. It's painted nicely!
  35. This is a Thonet style rocker, most likely mid century as you said. Exact age and manufacturer would be hard to ID. Look for marks or stamps underneath the seat for any clues. Some are stamped Poland ...
  36. Very thoughts go out to those who lost their lives and to their families...Thank you for your pictures.
  37. My pleasure, ho2! There is a very interesting in-depth article about FM on russian wiki, which i can translate, but it would be toooo long for a post. I wanted to paste the link so you could copy the ...
  38. It reads: "Fedoskino 1916 Bukalova" (to the best i could see). Fedoskino is a small village near Moscow, now a historical and art center. "Fedoskino lacquer miniature" was founded by merchant Peter K...
  39. The guy in the carriage looks like A.S. Pushkin.
  40. I live on a farm land surrounded by old magnificent barns, some still kept up, but many abandoned and falling apart. I totally share your love of barns. Each of them is like a person, with its own st...
  41. A stunning piece! I love garnets, too!
  42. Lol ho2cultcha.. There is a writing on the edge of the lid, if you'd like to take a close up pic, i can translate. I can see 1976, i think. Yes, that's a scene from a Russian folk tale about a fire...
  43. Maybe they typed an extra zero by mistake! I'm going to re-send the email now, let's hope it works this time. Maybe it is going into your junk folder? I'd really love your thoughts on these two doll...
  44. This is exactly what i thought, too, Mani! When there was about 1 min left and the doll was just over $200 and called my kid to watch the end of auction and said "Let the fun begin. Wanna bet it will ...
  45. Drill, thank you for your nice comment and a pic. Looks totally identical! Thomas, thank you for your appreciation and stopping by!
  46. Betty, here's a link to the Cissy i mentioned. Not mint and not in box. The bids in thousands were made in the last few seconds. Before that the doll was in hundreds.
  47. Thank you thank you thank you! (Now i wish i had the stoppers for them :P )
  48. Not a fan of rats here, but this is very cute! =)
  49. Thank you, TrunkerMarvin for sharing your knowledge, nice comment and appreciation. I'll update the title based on this new info. Phil and Jlmam-thanks for stopping by and your loves!
  50. No help here, but they look amazing!
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