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Upstate NY, USA

I love all things old, unusual, rusty, musty, dusty... Over the years I have accumulated quite a pile of random and miscellaneous objects through garage/estate salesI love all things old, unusual, rusty, musty, dusty... Over the years I have accumulated quite a pile of random and miscellaneous objects through garage/estate sales or dumpster rescues, but now i'm trying to make a determined effort to learn about their history. Antique bottles, vintage dolls and toys and art glass have a special place in my heart. I don't know a lot about anything, that's why most of my posts appear in Unsolved Mystery section, but i love learning and discovering, so the clues and info I get on this site are very valuable to me in this process, and i thank everyone for their help and shared knowledge. (Read more)


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John Deere Garden Tractor 110 - c.1965 - Tractorsin Tractors
Vintage Mini Bike 1960s? - Motorcyclesin Motorcycles
Antique Curio Cabinet Larkin Co. 1900s? - Furniturein Furniture
My Most Special Antique Bottle- Carter's 1897 Aqua Glass Ink Well - Bottlesin Bottles
Antique Medicinal Bottles with Labels- Good for MAN or BEAST - Bottlesin Bottles
Some of my insulators- Brookfield NY, Ceramic H A105, and Unmarked One - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Vintage Soda Bottles: Petermann Beverages Pe Co. (Union City, NJ) and Williams Sparkling Beverages (Clifton, NJ) - Bottlesin Bottles
Asian Set of a Ginger Jar and Cookie? Jar_Vintage? - Asianin Asian
20" Arranbee Composition Nancy Lee Doll c. 1940s as Rosie the Riveter - Dollsin Dolls
Yellow Easter Bunny from Occupied Japan and "Alice In Wonderland" Book c.1963 - Booksin Books


  1. My "Love It" goes for an effort to try and rescue it! I imagine the hardware can be salvaged and re-used or sold...? Or, with enough motivation, it sure can become a trunk again. Would love to see the...
  2. Aha, that explains why the city has become so absolutely disgusting and filthy- lack of signs telling people what NOT to do! LOL
  3. Buckethead, thank you for your nice comment and stopping by, always a pleasure to see you! Ms.CrystalShip-thank you kindly for your appreciation and comment. I can't agree more. It's sad that every...
  4. I see on the internet that she worked with "stuffed animals"...can it be that she worked with toys (hoping here for a "yes") and not actual taxidermied kittens...?
  5. Hi Jenni, great to see you stop by, and thank you for a lovely comment! =) The trailer actually came first, our neighbor dumped it during the last spring clean up- so, a trailer with a second life, to...
  6. fhrjr2-thank you for such a nice and positive comment, I really appreciate it! Yes, my 8yo son is its new owner, and the only way I can get any help around is if the tractor is involved =) I wish you ...
  7. Thomas, happy to see you! Thank you for stopping by and providing some more insight on the tractor, much appreciated. That, indeed, is a true statement, it runs like a champ! =)
  8. Fascinating! I certainly learned something new today from your post. I saved a bundle of very old and rusted wires from the fencing that used to mark our property border (it's all deteriorated now). I...
  9. It looks absolutely exquisite! I agree with Jenni about the amount of work that went into creating it! It's probably also therapeutic, the process of making something like this.
  10. I second Celiene.
  11. Yes, long time indeed! It's been a crazy summer and also slow for acquiring new stuff, but i did get a few bottles and some fossils I'd like to post. I hope to get to this on Wednesday. What are you/...
  12. Hi Roy, hope your summer is going well! I have one like that in orange. The color was so striking that i had to have it and didn't even care it was an ashtray and not a pretty vase LOL It was also lik...
  13. Hey Laura, hope you and yours are well! It's been awhile since i stopped by CW, and I see that you as well. This summer hasn't been easy in Hudson Valley for sure. Hope that everything is all right up...
  14. Hi Spirit, hope all is well! Your mom has a really good taste. That's one cool box I know nothing about LOL but it sure looks very old. Would be curious to see a pic of the whole thing.
  15. This is totally awesome and inspirational! Thank you for sharing.
  16. Thank you so much Jenni, it's so sweet of you to remember!! =)
  17. Jenni, it's such a pretty thing, but you sure can have real hummingbirds in your backyard. Here in NY we have just one kind, the Ruby-throated hummers, and they are back as of late April. Buy a hummer...
  18. Phil, can't agree with you more =)) Scott, thank you! Did you still get one? Thomas, thank you for your appreciation and comment! Trey, glad to see you again!! People put even crazier things ...
  19. Laura, hope you and your family are OK after the yesterday's storm. Just reading about the damage in your neck of the woods, and hoping that everyone is well and safe...
  20. Some of them are quite unusual, I've never seen #1 and 3 from left to right.
  21. These are so absolutely gorgeous and exquisite!
  22. I can't take my eyes off of it, it's so hypnotically stunning!
  23. Thinking of you, Malkey... Also, a little humor never hurt anyone =)
  24. Oh no, Anik, so sorry to hear that! As someone who's done it myself, i can totally relate to the experience =(( He is forever memorialized in your beautiful pictures!
  25. Welcome to CW! I believe it is called a writing arm chair. It does look old, but it looks like a vintage piece. I'm not an expert either, hopefully someone with more knowledge will stop by.
  26. Laura, your knowledge or literature and music is impressive! What time/day were you there? I work around the corner, we could have totally met for a chat! =)
  27. Gorgeous! I also love how you painted the claws in gold. I have one, too. We fixed it up because the top was cracked in half, but i left it looking weathered as found.
  28. It's a delightful piece! So pretty. The spring has sprung! =)
  29. What a beautiful trunk in a great condition! Congrats on the awesome find!
  30. What an excellent, thoughtful and timely gift from Phil to celebrate the spring which has finally sprung! They are spectacular!
  31. Thank you all for stopping by, your love and generous comments. I've been really busy lately and don't always get to respond timely. Malkey, sending many blessings and good wishes your way! Jen...
  32. Laura, i always look forward to more of your posts because they warm my heart and make me smile, and i really need it these days. Thank you for this!
  33. Jenni, i'm getting a sense that you have a figurine or a jewelry piece to represent all signs of traditional and Chinese zodiacs and then some more =))) Awesome collection!
  34. Royal looking item! Simply it!
  35. I love it! It is so animated, so full of life! I especially like the cat detail =)
  36. Great photography, Laura!! I love every picture. I'd like to experience that feeling you're describing going on a field trip with the kids and trying to see the city with their eyes. Sadly, i've lost...
  37. Thank you Deano, Champagne, and beymvey, for your lovely comments, generous compliments and appreciation!
  38. These look really cool and unique! Our resident doll expert may have more information.
  39. A very interesting and unique piece. Looks early last century. Are there any maker marks/paper labels?
  40. They look candy-licious! Great collection!
  41. Magnificent shots!
  42. Laura, i wish i had any time for reading. So many things, so little time. I'm glad i had a chance to read a lot until my early 30s. Next time i'll pick up a book will be probably when I retire =(
  43. Mani, you nursed a nurse back to life! =P Amazing quality work, as always!
  44. What a sad post, Mani. So sorry to read are right, no money can put the item back together. Unfortunately it does happen way too often. In your case it sounds like a seller's fault, but oth...
  45. It looks like a miniature crystal ball, so awesome! Does it tell fortune? =)
  46. I love Sofia's creatures, they all look so adorable and i was even tempted to buy one or two, but they are out of my price range at this point. Seryozha is such a cute guy with a perfect name. Speakin...
  47. What a precious little fella! Very cute.
  48. Scott, you are just all-around talented! Awesome restoration job. I can understand the feeling of missing it now. She was a beauty!
  49. Interesting post, but isn't it the worst when the sellers put price stickers and scotch tapes on valuable and fragile objects? Seen that way too many times =(
  50. I second Anik. Made around or after 1973 in then Soviet Ukraine. The Polonne factory started using the Swan mark (on the bottom) in early 1970s. The man has a traditional Ukrainian Cossak or Khokhol h...
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