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Palm Springs CA

Art has been the thread in my life that has held me together. I started in music at the age of 7, playing in local bands and continued doing so throughout college. Art has been the thread in my life that has held me together. I started in music at the age of 7, playing in local bands and continued doing so throughout college. My major in college was Visual Art, which allowed me to dabble in everything from photography to sculpture and I kept playing bass throughout these years as well. After college, getting sidetracked into the buisness side of music wasn't such a bad thing as I discovered and developed a few recording artists who became rather famous as a result. Seeking change, several years ago I relocated from NYC to the Los Angeles area to find yet another passion: antique furniture and the restoration of trunks (of all things!!). I have a small workshop at home and generally complete about 1 trunk per month and have been lucky to have my work accepted by some of the designer showcases locally. (Read more)


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  1. Thanks trunkman! My first thought when I saw this was..."Maybe this will be a good one to use for parts!"
  2. Thanks Drill. The biggest challenge with the French trunks are finding parts, or "stuff" for repair, as you must know. It is nice to see it up and running again.
  3. What a great trunk! You're my hero! Nice, REALLY nice work!
  4. Thanks Shareurpassion! By the way, I did make two of these.......
  5. Thanks Celine! Glad you like it too.
  6. Now THAT, my friend, is EXACTLY the idea!
  7. Hi Drill, "Brain" pattern! That's it! I was trying to describe it to someone and couldn't. As always, good to hear from you and thanks for your kind words. RB
  8. Thank you guys! It was indeed a tough one!
  9. Thank you Drill! And thanks for sending those links too. I hadn't seen the shot of the storefront, how cool is that?! I had put a slew of pics of Goyards that I had worked on a disc quite a while a...
  10. Thank you Drill! Restoring antique trunks, especially Louis Vuitton trunks, is indeed very rewarding.
  11. Thank you both! So happy that we had the chance to work on this important trunk.
  12. Hi Trunkman, Just came across this MM, WOW! You were on to the idea of totally silver before I did the Secor..and this one is a much superior piece, nice work! Is this just a hobby of yours?
  13. Great job on this one, wow! My hat goes off to your taste and intuition for great design!
  14. THANK you guys! It's always exciting to know that your work is appreciated by a group who takes this lost art seriously and probably knows a great deal more about it than I.
  15. Hey Greendog, Thanks for the kudos! Your trunks are pretty amazing, nice work! I think that if you were to take apart, restore, rebuild or repair a lot of Louis Vuitton trunks, you would have a gre...
  16. Hi Newcollector, Thanks for your kind words! I don't think your LV is 95X worse and could be restored beautifully. I can tell you that it took many years before I would attempt to restore an LV bec...
  17. Thanks you guys! We really do enjoy working on French made trunks and we're happy to hear from others who have these trunks in need of restoration too!
  18. Hi trunkowner! Thanks for the compliments! Each of these (that we've worked on, at least) are so very different that it would take volumes to explain the different techniques we've used. As far as ...
  19. Sweet. Nice job!
  20. Thank you trunkman, Drill and MeliG!!!
  21. Thank you Drill! Much appreciated. I'll be posting more in the weeks to come.
  22. NICE work!! How do you initially clean the steel to make it look new?
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My "End of Bed" Trunk Project Custom Built Mini Bar Trunk Vanderman Trunk Leather covered antique Romadka trunk


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