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Rhode Island

I've had a love for antiques and collectibles for many years. My mother had an antique shop when I was a kid, she dragged me to flea markets and auctions each weekeI've had a love for antiques and collectibles for many years. My mother had an antique shop when I was a kid, she dragged me to flea markets and auctions each weekend. I learned how to refinish furniture, cane chairs and appreciate the beauty in something that most people considered trash by helping her. I still enjoy the hunt for the next great find, my current love is trunks. KSzura@aol.com (Read more)


  1. Drill like you I love the looks of the small trunks, you can have a lot of them and still have room to add more. Thank you for the love fortapache, Drill, jscotto363 and greendog.
  2. Thanks greendog
  3. As recommended, I went out and purchased some nylon abrasive wheels. Started working on the trunk today. I'm very happy with how well the nylon cleans and how great the hardware is looking. Gr...
  4. Thanks for the " love it" feedback
  5. greendog - thank you for the advice. I love your beautiful trunks. I'm retiring soon and hope to get started on the 5 or 6 trunks that I have stored that need to be refinished. This one is at...
  6. Beautiful work - it looks amazing.
  7. Thanks for the love and the advice on the canvas.
  8. Thanks for the love. greendog - based on the hinges I assumed it was a MM trunk, but wasn't sure. I didn't have any Martin Maier trunks in my collection, now it seems I do. I've admired the great w...
  9. Jim, I have three of these slat doll trunks in my collection. One of them has the same lock as yours but the slat clamps are different. I posted pictures a few years ago of two of them together. I...
  10. Great oak slat doll trunk. I have two, one with the same lock, my understanding is these were made by Excelsior. This trunk would have originally had a leather lock cover with Excelsior stamped on i...
  11. Beautiful trunk. I think the paint color is very nice, looks great with the wood and the trim.
  12. Thanks for the advice. I will post pictures when I finish cleaning it up.
  13. Thank you for the love.
  14. trader44 - I ended up leaving the metal unpainted because I liked the look and also didn't want to tackle a two color paint job. I posted a picture of the trunk when it was finished, view my other po...
  15. Drill - That is a crazy looking trunk.
  16. trunkman - thank you. This trunk is one of my favorites, the size is great and I love the way the zinc looks.
  17. Thanks for the love FatBoy64, melaniej. fortapache, officialfuel and OneGoodFind
  18. jscott0363 - Thanks. I used Trunkman's recommendation of lemon juice and fine steel wool to clean the zinc. Works great and brings out the beautiful color of the zinc. Polished the brass lock and...
  19. Typing issues in my previous comment, replaced gasket.
  20. I love coke coolers. I have one that we keep on the shed porch. We replaced the electrical cord and casket, that is all we did to get it up and running. The exterior didn't look as nice as yours so...
  21. ho2cultcha - you see a lot of these in New England. What attracted me to this one is the condition of the advertising on the sides . Most of the ones I've seen are beat up and the paint is faded or ...
  22. Thanks for the love valentino97 bladerunner22 brunswick jscott0363 officialfuel
  23. Thanks for the love.
  24. bjb5859 - 124 that is a lot of trunks. I have the right latch it was falling off when I purchased the trunk. I didn't take the time to get it back on before I took the pictures. Drill and FatBo...
  25. jscott0363 - I need to stick with buying the toy trunks as you say this is big, there is a space limitation on how many of these big guys you can have. It was just to beautiful to pass up, how many t...
  26. The largest Jenny Lind I've run across is 32 inches. I have two that size, both have five brass bands. One I've had for over 20 years, kids and pets have marked it up over the years, it is time to s...
  27. Thank you for the love
  28. TallCakes the Art Deco look is what made me buy this. Efesgirl and Sean68 agree it is a beautiful set, it is the design that is eye catching. Thanks for the love.
  29. Drill, if you spot one of these near Rhode Island let me know. Four hour road trip is worth it for a trunk like this. Happy Holidays.
  30. Thanks for the love. Happy Holidays to the CW community, may we all find treasures to add to our collections in 2016.
  31. Beautiful trunk, long road trip but definitely worth it. It will look amazing cleaned up, post pictures when you are done. This is one of the trunks that is on the top of my list to acquire for my c...
  32. Drill - purchased the metal trim on Etsy I found several different styles on there. I rubbed a little black paint on it to dull the shine. Not sure if this link will work, if it doesn't search Met...
  33. Thanks Drill, I usually try to stay true to the original look. When I finished this trunk it was boring so I added the trim. You have artistic talent which you use to add interest to your trunks...
  34. TrunkerMarvin I sent you via e-mail some pictures of a toy slat trunk that I acquired recently. Appears to be newer than the Excelsior toy I have with different hardware and lock. I'm thinking it wa...
  35. This is beautiful and a nice size that doesn't take up a lot of room. I hope to find one someday but know the odds of that happening aren't good.
  36. Thanks Trunker Marvin. I've started to clean this up it is looking good. As you stated it doesn't look like oak, I'm not that familiar with what the grain in ash or elm looks like so can't say for ...
  37. Thanks for the love
  38. Thanks for the love
  39. Jim - HMSAntiquetrunks said that Fall River Trunk Co Fall River MA made oak slat trunks. Today I started to work on the trunk and discovered a makers label on the bottom. Most of it is worn off but ...
  40. B.Kay, you expressed why we find joy in restoring trunks/antiques so eloquently. As stated, it is therapeutic to take something that is worn and/or damaged and bring it back to a thing of beauty. CW...
  41. blunderbuss2 - F/B has several trunks I need for my collection, make sure you bring a large vehicle.
  42. Love it, very cute toy trunk.
  43. jscott thanks for the kind words. Each trunk I work on I learn something new. I love viewing the restored trunks that others post to CW, they give me inspiration and the desire to do better. I will...
  44. trunkman - thanks for the cleaning tips. I hope to start work on it this week, will post pictures when I'm done.
  45. trunkman - I would say it's not an Excelsior. The look of the materials used and the style of hardware don't go along with the time frame they were made. I do have a full size Excelsior that I need to...
  46. Thanks for the love
  47. Love the shape of this trunk, I need to hunt down one like this to add to my collection.
  48. jscott - thanks for the nice comment. This is the only Jenny Lind doll trunk I have, as you said they are hard to find. Currently, I have six full size Jenny Lind trunks, some with brass bands oth...
  49. Looks great, nice looking trunk under that horrible paint job. I'm with you, I hate to work on trunks that have been painted but sometimes you just can't pass up a nice trunk.
  50. Ben I'm in RI. Send me a message at KSzura@aol.com so I can get your email , I will forward you some pictures.
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Antique French Trunk late 1700's early 1800's


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