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Martin Maier patented front corner latches - possible mystery??? - Furniturein Furniture
Awesome Martin Maier with Wheat Tin & Front MM patented latches — WOW! - Furniturein Furniture
Beautiful Martin Maier Floral Tin Trunk - Furniturein Furniture
Restored Antique Martin Maier Alligator Tin Trunk - Furniturein Furniture
Old trunk lock (post for NickinNZ) - Furniturein Furniture
Romadka Brothers Southern Belle Wealthy Ladies Trunk - Furniturein Furniture
Small Hood Tire Signs - Signsin Signs
Oak Slat Clinton Wall Trunk - Furniturein Furniture
Romadka Brothers Oak leaf & Acorn - Furniturein Furniture


  1. bjb5859 thanks for weighing in. As a side note those were my M badges on eBay a while back. I was just trying to see if these was much interest out there for them. I was fortunate enough to come a ...
  2. im4anythingOld, I appreciate your interest! The piece i made is from spring steel, not from a clock -- but similar. I'd love to see how you would design the spring in my latch, I'm all for making th...
  3. Bib5859 — you’re the only other person I know with corner latches. Any Roman numerals? Or other markings on your corners? I would like to see the latch mechanism in you latches, but you probably do...
  4. Incidentally— I feel like my latch (right) is a much more refined — or finished looking part than the latch in Brian’s.
  5. About my latch and corresponding spring photo. The spring steel in the photo is new. My original was similar in how It was bent, but when I tried to bend it a little to give it more spring — it snap...
  6. I think this is one of your best restorations to date. Love the MM patented latches & style of this trunk. Love that it’s different from many other Maiers. Amazing job on the restoration Brian. Yo...
  7. Thanks again Drill! I’ll post pics when I complete the restoration.
  8. Thanks for the comments Elliott! Since I first found CW I’ve admired your wheat tin MM. I honestly never thought I’d find one with that particular tin pattern. Let alone one with the front latches....
  9. Thanks blunderbuss 2
  10. Thanks bjb5859 & Fort Apache
  11. Thanks Brian — pretty fun to find twin trunks in the same week!
  12. Thank you im4anythingolf — sorry you’re earlier comment disappeared when I had to reset it!
  13. Nice MM!!
  14. Cool waterfall trunk! The hits just keep coming! Nice find.
  15. Thanks to anyone else who liked or commented. Blunderbuss2, you were the first one to like this post. Not sure what happened there! The restoration has begun, I will post photos once it’s compl...
  16. Thanks Fatboy & Drill!!
  17. Thanks for sharing, always good to learn about different styles.
  18. Im4anythingOld -- thanks for your comments! The tin is a nice change! Want does a turtle top mean? I'm still pretty new to trunking and am not familiar with the term. Thanks!
  19. Thanks Fortapache, thanks Brian!
  20. Thanks for the love Blunderbuss2
  21. Ben Give me a call 801-369-6230
  22. Wow ???? ????!! Where did you find this one! Can’t wait for more pics!
  23. Drill, Where do you live? And thanks for the tip — I bought the trunk in Texas
  24. Sorry for the late reply — thanks for the support Im4anythingOld. Man have you been finding some awesome trunks lately!!
  25. The Tucson guy is completely unreasonable in his assessment of value on that trunk. I’ve already tried him ????
  26. Super nice trunk!! Another amazing find!! You’re really finding some lovely pieces these days! Congrats!!!
  27. Drill, Where is that photo from? What else can you tell me about it? Is it one you “missed”?
  28. Brian, You know how I feel about this trunk! Amazing find, glad you got it & cant wait to see it when I come to visit. Rare & amazing!!! Congratulations
  29. The condition of the exterior (and interior) is simply amazing! Love the flawless leather & the lock is cool!
  30. Wow — that’s 2 amazing trunks with complete interiors in a row!! You are on a hot streak for sure! Nice find!
  31. Very unique metal-work on the corners! I like how you contrasted the 2 metals. Super cool trunk!
  32. Loving how the restore is comi g drill!!!
  33. Brian, You know I’m hoping to find a leather covered MM someday. This thing is a beauty!! I love the black centers of the slats, and the wood color is perfect. You’ve been busy during the lockd...
  34. I think this one looks amazing! Like the contrast, and you know I love the painted hardware! You just keep turning out amazing restorations!!
  35. Do you live up in Canada?
  36. That’s one heck of a nice truck Tom
  37. I think it turned out looking really cool! Love the hardware use, makes it very unique! And the restoration is top notch as always!! Super trunk
  38. Thank you for your comments! It’s a pretty cool trunk, I need to get going on the restoration on this one sometime soon! Cheers BigD
  39. Hey — I really appreciate the comments!! These MM trunks are so amazing! Glad you like the restoration!! Cheers BigD
  40. Brian, It looks amazing! I absolutely love the curved doors, they add so much to the finished look of the trunk! Love the campfire lithograph as well! BigD338
  41. Nice chair Drill — multitalented I see. Hey - would you ever shoot me an e-mail? I’m chasing a trunk lock patent drawing. Thanks in advance!
  42. I just now saw this gem — awesome & rare trunk!! Another nice MM Greendog!!
  43. Nice find! Awesome trunk & very interesting about the hinges for sure!!
  44. I think it’s amazing! You really know how to turn them out. Thanks Brian!
  45. Im4anythingOld -- I appreciate the comments. You must be 0n some kind of dial-up connection! I don't envy you that! All images seem to load fast and fine for me regardless of size. I'll try to kee...
  46. I can't wait to see what you do on the interior!
  47. I told Bryan that this thing would take me five years to restore if I was going to do it myself if — that is if it ever got done at all!!! He was kind enough to offer to look at it and see what he th...
  48. Thanks Elliott!
  49. Thanks Ben!!
  50. Thank you bjb5859! I’m sorry I don’t know your name, but I am familiar with your fine work! I have spent a fair amount of time admiring a lot of your trunks! Your interiors are also very nicely d...
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