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Mid 1870's 32" Pure Zinc Barrel Stave Trunk  - Furniturein Furniture
1880-90's Heavy Trimmed Leather Covered Saratoga / Brides Trunk  - Furniturein Furniture
Mid 1880's Martin Maier ? Wood slat Dome Top Trunk  - Furniturein Furniture
 John B. Duguid Steamer Trunk Format, Wall Trunk - Furniturein Furniture
1890's 28" Alligator Dome top Trunk - Furniturein Furniture
McBrine 34" Vulcanize Fiber Flat Top Trunk - Furniturein Furniture
34" 1880's Romadka Brothers "Overland" Leather bound Canvas Trunk - Furniturein Furniture
 Oak Slat 1890's Clinton Wall Trunk - Furniturein Furniture
1840's - 1850's  Rare style 26" Leather Stagecoach Trunk  - Furniturein Furniture
1880's - 1890's Round Top Saratoga Trunk - Furniturein Furniture


  1. Thanks-you Carlie!!
  2. Thanks Guys!! FatBoy64, officialfuel, hunterqlee, fortapache, blunderbuss2
  3. Thanks Brian!! Me neither, absolutely nothing during any and all my searching. Thanks again!!
  4. I would as well Carlie, but as with most trunks the story goes untold, but they do certainly make you wonder. Thanks for the love and comment!!
  5. Thanks !! Trunkman much appreciated!! I have been viewing some of your own excellent finds pulled forward from the past...just love them!! Always exciting to find something different via style, hardwa...
  6. Thanks for love there Mr JonB much appreciated!!
  7. Thanks for the love guys!! bjb5859, MooreAntique, trunkman, officialfuel and JonB
  8. Thanks so much guys I am glad you like it....TheGateKeeper, fatBoy64, fortapache, blunderbuss2, greendog, hunterqlee & EJW-54
  9. Thank -you guys and gals for viewing and for the loves always appreciated!! farmlady, Vynil33rpm, courtenayantiques, Designer & officialfuel
  10. Thanks for the love FatBoy64 !!
  11. Thanks for the comment Drill...yes nice wall trunk for sure. I couldn't get to see the asking price or do we want to
  12. Thanks EJW-54 For the love!!
  13. Thanks very much shareurpassion for the love and comment!!
  14. Thanks Mike78 ..Much appreciated! But I think in this case it found I know Brian had a similar experience with one of his, while looking at one trunk photo saw in the back ground a MM slated ...
  15. Thanks JonB, pickrknows. TheGateKeeper & blunderbuss2 for the loves!!
  16. Thanks for the love and like there fortapache , SpiritBear & ho2cultcha. Much appreciated!!
  17. Thanks for the love and input Brian. I take it Beckwith just was responsible for this type of hinge... but never made trunks? I have the other Beckwith hinged trunk with the patent date we talked a...
  18. HI Brian, Just a note about your photos.You can delete this comment later. But when your photo page is assembled, you will click the "save as" button not the "save" button. From the drop down choices...
  19. Great Job! Brian!! I love to see before and after photos in the same view pane. Nice job on those too!
  20. Thanks bjb5859 got it!!
  21. Really nice bjb5859!! Great Job as usual !! Is it possible bjb5859 to be able to speak with you in person. I have a similar situation on a Goyard trunk I picked up a few weeks back and would like to ...
  22. Mike78 ...Thanks for the love !! I noticed you were asking about Jenny Lind nails. Send me a photo of what you are looking for a ...maybe I can help with that.
  23. Thanks officialfuel for the love!! Appreciated!
  24. Thanks to all and a safe & Happy Holidays to all!! bjb5859 FatBoy64 TheGateKeeper EJW-54 antiquerose fortapache
  25. Hey that came out really, really nice, Brian!! Great Job!! They should definitely be more than pleased!! I know I am, and its not even mine!! Happy Holidays to you as well!!
  26. Very cool Trunkman Great ornate nail work!!
  27. Thanks there trunkman!! Late but not never!!
  28. Thanks! filmnet
  29. Thanks! Mike78 , filmnet . This submission was pretty much to show that trunks constructed like this and have no label can also possibly be attributed to Mcbrine. There are 3 I have seen so far...Mc...
  30. Thanks Mike78!!
  31. Thanks a bunch!! psnow & Mike78
  32. Really Sharp Brian !! Great job on that one!
  33. EJW-54..... I came across the trunk with your initials again. It is a barrel stave trunk with alternating wide and narr...
  34. Thanks Drill!!
  35. Thanks for the love guys!! Drill & leighannrn !!
  36. Thanks Drill !!
  37. Thanks for the loves guys always appreciated!! leighannrn, bjb5859 & blunderbuss
  38. Thanks TheGateKeeper, officialfuel , EJW-54 & FatBoy64
  39. Thanks fortapache! I'd rather not clutter the site with duplicate listing of the same trunk . I have been doing photos like that since 1999 old habits die hard. The alligator embossing is very clean a...
  40. Thanks EJW-54!! I saw a trunk the other day with your EJW initials on it and immediately thought of
  41. Thanks !! officialfuel, TheGateKeeper, FatBoy64, fortapache
  42. Thanks again!! officialfuel
  43. Thanks !! officialfuel & TheGateKeeper
  44. Thanks!! JonB
  45. Nice trunk there Mike, I was looking at a 3 slat wood trunk about 2 months ago which by the way seem to be more rare than 4 & 5 if you actuall start looking for one. Made up my mind to get it and it ...
  46. Thanks!! blunderbuss2
  47. Thanks for the love Iggy
  48. Thanks JonB!!
  49. Yes she was is better to bit the bullet sometimes than deal with the I would-a, should-a, could-a, factor for your remaining
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