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1880's Leather Barrel Stave Trunk - Furniturein Furniture
1873-75 (Transitional Period)  Leather Barrel Stave Trunk - Furniturein Furniture
Early 1900's Canvas Flat Top Dresser Trunk - Furniturein Furniture
1880's 1890's Ornate Embossed Monitor Trunk - Furniturein Furniture
 Rare!  1870's 1880's Ornate Barrel Stave Trunk - Furniturein Furniture
1880's  J. Eveleigh Montreal   Leather Barrel Stave Trunk   - Furniturein Furniture
1880'S  Martin Maier  Alligator Barrel Top Trunk - Furniturein Furniture
1880's Ornate Romadka Brothers  Leather  Barrel Stave Trunk - Furniturein Furniture
1890's  32" Ornate Canvas Covered Flat top  - Furniturein Furniture
1880's -1890s Crouch & Fitzgerald Roll top Trunk - Furniturein Furniture


  1. Thanks Drill, I have two others posted with similar characteristics. Both have the brass covered slat tips and extra corner metal work. It must have been a period style during the 1870's as I doubt ...
  2. Thanks for the love there guys and gals!! AntigueToys, blunderbuss2, farmlady, TheGateKeeper, FatBoy64, kwqdkwqd, fortapache, officialfuel, Drill & bjb5859 ... Much appreciated!!
  3. Thanks for the love there guys and gals!! FatBoy64, kwqdkwqd, fortapache, officialfuel, Drill, MarmorealMaiden & vetraio50... Much appreciated!!
  4. Nice old trunk.. I see a patent date on your RARE shell handle caps of 1872. So can't be earlier than that for the age. As far as a maker, without an actual maker label you will never know who made...
  5. LOL... I thought about it afterwards whether it was a CA Taylor trunk. I thought you were saying the same thing as Custom Made with your title. These guys as the title states Taylor Made so the ite...
  6. Another example of your hardware and bigger swivel wheels. Trunk is totally different shape though.
  7. This trunk is pretty much a dime a dozen, made 1910 and after by the looks of the front latches and dowels. Feel free to use it as your coffee table.
  8. A good place to start and take a photo of, is what looks to be a manufacturers label on the bottom edge bevel side.
  9. Thanks for the love Amaya4308.
  10. Age: 1890's - 1910 Lid Picture: Relates to nothing simply a decor item Metal Pattern:
  11. The date.... judging by the nuts and bolts, slot head screws etc. used, you could both be right! I would say 1900- 1930's we are all close enough.
  12. Anna, The wooden pieces are to hold a hand saw and the other small flat piece is where the blade is tucked into first. Once in place you will turn the knob to keep it secured. So basically it is a nea...
  13. Similar trunk maybe a bit older by Moritz Madler
  14. Nice piece to have Amaya4308 its a beauty. I have one the same. Your surface metal condition is much nicer than mine. Mine shows cheetah dots on the center face vertical metal strips with some of t...
  15. Looks like it has a Celtic flavor to it. If you haven't tried the Celtic avenue yet, you may want to search starting with that. There is Scottish Celtic, Irish Celtic, Ancient Celtic..on and on lo...
  16. Thanks Drill!! Better to save, rotate, then Radius on all four corners.. kinda like my canvas Romodka. Can't mistake those Carpeles back hinges. I had an opportunity to buy a Carpeles a y...
  17. Wow Drill, Six slats and different matching hardware with shoulders too. Very neat. Looks like its canvas covered judging by the front erosion. Did they show the inside or have a makers label. I am s...
  18. After looking at it again I see it says Design which has a much lower record number than other patents of the same proximity age wise, so it must be just the swirl or what have you that he has patente...
  19. Hey thanks for this info Drill, it really cuts this trunk short for being made in the 1870's doesn't it. Brian states the latches are latches are 1878 you show the Taylor hardware 1879. Do you know o...
  20. Did you make that spring was my other question as no engineer would have done that. Needless to say the engineer who designed your spring and layout for strong flex point was off the mark especially u...
  21. Question: I the 4th photo I see two R/H latches. Who is who's. Just from seeing I would say the one on the right with the piss poor spring pinion is your sloppy one. Also are the right and left on B...
  22. Thanks for the love Trunkman again very nice to have you back & hope all is well!!
  23. Thanks Trunkman!! I was especially thrilled to get this one in my hands. First one of this caliber I have ever seen in our neck of the woods being offered & probably won't see another.
  24. Thanks for the love Trunkman !!
  25. Thanks for the love Trunkman nice to see you back!!
  26. Thanks Drill!! That makes me feel much better !!
  27. Hi Drill, I would truly & sincerely like to apologize for not responding to your great reply to my question. 2 months ago!! I disgust myself. You must think I am a real A HOLE and rightfully so....
  28. Very nice find indeed BigD338! Nice to see a different metal pattern.
  29. Thanks as well auntiesioux !!
  30. Thanks for the love Drill!!
  31. You have two MM trunks. I didn't know either with my first MM just like you, but after that yes. Nice trunk!
  32. Thanks also Ben. bjb5859
  33. Thanks BigD338!
  34. Well Brian I think at this point you will have to watch the obituaries and then make your move I'm not that far from you..
  35. Thanks for the love fortapache!! Much appreciated!!
  36. Thanks Brian!! Yes, 4 nice ones in the last month, I hope they stop though ... for a bit, I am running out of space... :) or have to reorganize my, that may help. Thanks for the love as we...
  37. Thanks for the love Fatboy64!! Much appreciated as usual.
  38. Thanks drill for the info. I didn't realize that some were just straight metal. I picked one up over a year ago but or some reason I missed doing my photos. I only have the original ad photos. Maybe...
  39. Looks great Drill!! Question: Was the latch and lock on this trunk originally black? I know in the original photos they are black but were they painted over brass at this point or were they a stock ...
  40. This is the only one I have. It has a dome top but peters out at the ends as a flat top which I think... now ...
  41. If I recall correctly I believe the pattern is called something like Goose berry??
  42. A turtle top or very close to it is different for sure for a MM . Nice find!!
  43. Front Latches - 3 vertical holes are by C.A. Taylor patented 1878 ( Thanks goes to Drill's efforts)
  44. Thanks for the love there blunderbuss2 it's very much appreciated!!
  45. Thanks Ben for the thoughts. Makes sense from what I see on my own couple of MM.
  46. Whats the deal with the slat ends covered in metal and some painted? Which do you think came first, any thoughts?
  47. Very sharp!! As soon as I seen it I pretty much knew who handy work it was.
  48. Hey drill stumbled across this today...Is it one of yours?
  49. BigD338, I have been hitting a few, which is perfectly fine by me. Thanks again
  50. Thanks for the love!! BigD338, TheGateKeeper, RichmondLori, officialfuel, Drill, FatBoy64 & greendog
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Unknown trunk Steamer  Trunk, Corbin Bros. lock


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