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 Rare!  1870's 1880's  Schmit Brothers?  D.C. Murphy? Ornate Leather Brides Trunk - Furniturein Furniture
1880's  J. Eveleigh Montreal   Leather Barrel Stave Trunk   - Furniturein Furniture
1880'S  Martin Maier  Alligator Dome Top Trunk - Furniturein Furniture
1880's Ornate Romadka Brothers Leather Trunk - Furniturein Furniture
1890's  32" Ornate Canvas Covered Flat top  - Furniturein Furniture
1880's -1890s Crouch & Fitzgerald Roll top Trunk - Furniturein Furniture
 Mid to Late 1880's All Leather Barrel Stave Trunk - Furniturein Furniture
1880's 90's  J. Eveleigh & Co. - Montreal Canada - Metal Covered Dome Top Hat Trunk - Furniturein Furniture
Scarce 1880's True Barrel Top Canvas Hat Trunk - Furniturein Furniture
Late 1890's - 1910 (+-) Martin Maier :  Steel Bound Roll top Trunk  - Furniturein Furniture


  1. Whats the deal with the slat ends covered in metal and some painted? Which do you think came first, any thoughts?
  2. Very sharp!! As soon as I seen it I pretty much knew who handy work it was.
  3. Hey drill stumbled across this today...Is it one of yours?
  4. BigD338, I have been hitting a few, which is perfectly fine by me. Thanks again
  5. Thanks for the love!! BigD338, TheGateKeeper, RichmondLori, officialfuel, Drill, FatBoy64 & greendog
  6. AH!! those are latches not just corner shoulders ..I didn't realize that..even better!!
  7. Nice one Brian!! Funny I was just noticing those very same fronts last week on a MM I had in my MM photos folder and thinking how thrilling it would be to find one with those shoulders on a trunk.. ...
  8. Also Drill I saw Marin chimed in about having one similar on Kathy's post so maybe he will have something to add if he sees it.
  9. Hey Drill, no your right, Without the label I can't say. Which is fine, it wouldn't be the first I thought the D.C. Murphy was a good contender and cause for reasonable doubt ...thats why ...
  10. I see what you mean Drill. All with slight hardware variations could by rights be any of them. Thanks for some clarification. I am having really no luck finding images to match or similar to, the orn...
  11. Hey Drill Thanks for the input.. I can't really see the trunk close up as I can't zoom in on book images I guess. I will poke around with the names you've given and see what I can find. I was also goi...
  12. Thanks for the love there..Mrstyndall, fortapache & bjb5859 Glad you like it and to be able to share such a crafted example from the early years.
  13. Thanks Brian!! Much appreciated!! I fear anything I find now, after this one, will seem to be I hope that's not the case though. Thanks as well for the love!!
  14. I am sure it is much older than that. My guess, I would say 1850's / mid 19th century. It looks to have the jenny lind shape but in leather which is interesting, don't see that everyday. I am su...
  15. Thanks for the love very much appreciated! officialfuel /FatBoy64 /BigD338 & bjb5859
  16. Thanks for the love! FatBoy64 & BookSense Much appreciated!!
  17. A couple of bumps on the metal...Ok!
  18. Thanks for the love very much appreciated! RichmondLori /fortapache /blunderbuss2 /Drill /Manikin & Greendog!!
  19. Thanks Drill, For condition it is quite remarkable. As I was looking over the photos myself & see the wood slats for the age of this trunk damage wise is next to nothing. Same with the metal not a bu...
  20. Thanks Brian!! In all the ad photos it was down so I didn't know it was ornate until I picked it up. Its nice to find a different detail, especially the lock. Thanks for the love!!
  21. Very different gotta love it for sure!! Great looking job as usual! bjb5859
  22. Thanks for the love Fleamarkettammy !!
  23. Thanks for the Love guys it is very much appreciated!! EJW-54 / bjb5859 / fortapache / blunderbuss2 & Drill
  24. Thanks Brian for the love! Sorry for being late and not being on I am having a bit of a hard time physically. The straps are from the repair add on I would think. You can see the rivets used on the ...
  25. Thanks! BigD338 for the love and comment, much appreciated.
  26. Great looking trunk Drill!! You did an excellent job!! Just curious did you use a gray and black two color scheme for the alligator or is it just the black with the metals natural manipulated color? ...
  27. A real beauty Brian great job! You gotta do what you gotta do, with what you get, and you compensated with your reasoning and it turned out stunning!!
  28. Great job Brian looks fabulous as usual!! Really like the extra slat strapping detail adds a little oomph to the look for sure.
  29. Great lock!! Leather covered. It looks like someone has removed all the top hardware and top slats and replaced it with a piece of plywood. Weird why they would do that?? Who knows what's underneat...
  30. The identifiable hardware on this trunk with the fleur-de-lis design and rubber bumpers to me indicates as with the post previously mentioned, the trunk was probably made by The Drucker Trunk Company,...
  31. You may want to have a look at the trunk from a few posts back as it may have many answers for your questions.
  32. Thanks for the love!! TheGateKeeper
  33. Thanks for the love !! EJW-54
  34. Thanks for the love Drill!! And the story! That was interesting, as I like true crime. That's quit the thing to go to a very low job from being a millionaire. Not to give the story away though. Again...
  35. Thanks for the love!! bjb5859
  36. Thanks Drill!! I am really pleased to have been able to get this one, and the fact that it even surfaced. The fellow I got it from kept his tax papers in it, so who knows how many gems are just sitt...
  37. Thanks for the love!! hodgepodge5 & officialfuel .... Much appreciated!!
  38. Not Sure why or how I missed this one at the time ...great trunk as well!! You have an excellent starting ensemble!! The leather lock cover and strap are great to see still present, as Drill mentio...
  39. BigD338 Just looked at yours again, closer, and it is not immaculate as I thought (zoomed) lol. BUT! still in very well kept and excellent condition for approx. 140 years old!!
  40. Thanks for the love!! dragonfly1015, blunderbuss2, & Beachbum58 Much appreciated!!
  41. Thanks so much BigD338 for the love and comment. Yes I live in Ontario Canada North east of Toronto. Damon with your last Romadka with the excellent interior did you have the bonnet stand / insert p...
  42. Thanks for the love fortapache.... appreciated? Absolutely!! It is all original yes, but relative to its age for sure for the interior, unlike Damon's interior which looks to be the same format and c...
  43. Thanks so much FatBoy64 for the love and comment!! It is a big one... just like my first Romadka... not so easy to move by ones self, and heavy
  44. Thanks Brian!! The one you have is pretty much the same, but simply lacks the medallion pieces of hardware for the slats. In research... I see more open center slat medallion for Romadka hardware as ...
  45. Great job as always Brian!! I like very much the subtle tweaks you did with the hardware. I prefer the short center piece with the two long & stronger ones framing it. It now looks like a richer tru...
  46. Thanks for the love!! FatBoy64
  47. Thanks for the love!! FatBoy64
  48. Thanks for the love !!! FatBoy64
  49. Thanks Drill for the extra data!! Always appreciated ! I am going away for 3 weeks so you won't hear from me if you post anything else until I get settled. Thanks again!!
  50. Excellent Job Brian!! It looks very smart indeed as usual!!
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Unknown trunk Steamer  Trunk, Corbin Bros. lock


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