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Early 1870's Barrel Top Trunk - Furniturein Furniture
36" Ornate Flat Top Trunk - Furniturein Furniture
1910-1911 Catalog Trunk Page Names, Sizes, Interior Parts list - Furniturein Furniture
Ornate Wood Front Barrel Top Doll Trunk - Furniturein Furniture
1880s Roll Top Trunk - Furniturein Furniture
32" 1877+ Tooled Leather Victorian Barrel Stave Trunk  - Furniturein Furniture
36" Ornate Victorian Barrel Top Trunk - Furniturein Furniture
34" Victorian Ornate  Barrel Top Trunk - Furniturein Furniture
36"   Black/Beige Mottled Barrel Top Trunk - Furniturein Furniture
Victorian Green/Gold Crystal Barrel Top Trunk - Furniturein Furniture


  1. Yes it does, good to know! Thanks again!
  2. Good to know! Thanks
  3. After seeing yours I hope it comes out as nice or even close to would be fine. I really like the color..what did you use..a fruit wood stain or is that just the natural color.
  4. So you have earned your strips then for sure!! It certainly shows in your work.
  5. Thanks Drill for the comment and the outstanding patent info. Always appreciated!
  6. Greendog just out of curiosity...about how many trunks have you restored? Or for that matter any of you top restoration guys.
  7. I think the outcome on this one, although no bells and whistles, is absolutely stunning!! Fantastic job. This trunk really shows me what the true potential could be for my 1862 leather cover trunk I...
  8. Thank-you guys for the loves always nice to know others can see beyond the current visible!
  9. Thanks so much Drill for taking the time with your input and the much enjoyed patent data. I did end up researching Louis V. when I acquired this one simply by punching in stripped canvas trunks..Thou...
  10. Thanks all for the Loves and comments! I was really was thrilled with those handle caps after always finding the same old, same old! Drill
  11. Thanks..fortapache. Lots of interesting facts can be gleaned from catalogs. Over the years I have used them extensively for research for age and correct terminologies.
  12. Yes a mystery, lending itself to being thus the only reason I have it. Thanks for the notes and thoughts, always fun and always appreciated !!
  13. The wood body is 1/4" sorry, not 1/2" all sides leaving no room for add on after the fact. With the paper being undisturbed clearly shows it was how it was originally done.
  14. The basket weave was my main thought at first that it is not original. but The inside back of the front paper on it shows no signs of body manipulation and the wood itself is on 1/2" thick to start.
  15. Looks Great!! Your a trunk restoration machine!
  16. Thanks you guys!!
  17. You must like this Thanks for that input, I have been eyeing the trunk mentioned for a couple of weeks now and still available, so may very well be my next aquisition. Is the cast trim on...
  18. Great job!! So Drill your saying this was originally covered in the alligator pattern you have shown. I have one very similar but some different and extra trims. I just posted it beside yours. You sa...
  19. WELL!!! Scott, your animal collection is just STUPENDOUS!!! We are most definitely cut from the same cloth as far as likes go. Love the hat and boxes, TRUNKS, luggage etc.. Fabulous collections fro...
  20. The cast bending was of concern to me as I have restored many different things and have learned the hard way what can be done with what. Best to ask first seeing how you guys have been there much long...
  21. I have yet to come across that slat top tin pattern on the mauve? one. I like Different!
  22. I personally feel the little extra effort from either angle would be worth fixing simply because it is front and center. There, I am sure going to be other spots of imperfections elsewhere to carry th...
  23. Yes it does turn out nice. Did a fine job on that one as usual !! I see a lot of refinished pattern metal trunks with same little kink close to the edge top slat as mine has. I was curious why people ...
  24. Thanks Drill. I don't have this one on this trunk. After checking my photo file it has the J.J. Cowell 1877 castors as you just posted for the barrel stave. Now I am getting it! But certainly would no...
  25. Wow! Thanks Drill! So according to your notes, the absolute earliest date for this trunk would start at 1877...I'll take that. That means Greendog is in the zone with his estimate of late 1870's Than...
  26. Thanks Drill for that data. This very same process is used in the making of high end curved kitchen doors & among office furniture curved wrapped arms just capped in an oak veneer then routered rounde...
  27. YUP!! On that one! lol Summer is coming and I am looking forward to digging in and doing something to something for a change of pace. I really love turning something neglected into something beautiful...
  28. I hear you on that, This month I believe would mark 1 year of collecting trunks. Yes, I too am just watching for higher end trunks Barrel top as that is my favorite with die cast. I have some roll top...
  29. I mean't to say "was not sure" what to call the front part..I'll have to proof read better before hitting enter!!! lol
  30. Do yo have one listed painted..I was sure what to call the front part but you say shoulder is this the actual correct terminology. Yes I had better get cracken!! At 15 posts I am five short of my hal...
  31. Thanks Scott !...It is certainly fun and I love the hunt and collecting different examples. I feel for sure I am creating a back log in the restoration Once I am Physically able to undertake ...
  32. Thanks Drill for the time frame comment and the reading material very much appreciated and shall go into the old personal memory bank. Do you think the the gentle top sweep of this style was more cond...
  33. Nice to see the transition with pointers Thanks! Excellent Job!
  34. Thanks so much Scott ...what a nice thing to say!!
  35. And Thanks for the note Anna!
  36. Thanks, It was the overall colors that caught me as well. The 4 or 5 sections all the same color from what I have seen is not very common.
  37. Yes you are a cat lover aye!
  38. I guess it will be a while before I ever find one of just love these and their detail.
  39. Thanks for the kind note! Much appreciated! All the best!
  40. Cool! Thanks greendog for the reassurance and input.
  41. ?? Still be classified as a Martin Maier ?
  42. Thanks so much Greendog..So I have found a Martin Maier! Certainly not as ornate as the beauty you posted ....but I'll take I believe this one was gold crystal as well. The area where the han...
  43. Man! I would love to finally come across one of these.... Stunning! Excellent job!
  44. Thanks Trunkman, I was pretty excited to have it surface myself.
  45. Really sharp! Was this the original leather covering??
  46. jscott0363, 7 hr road trip for that one and worth evry minute of it. Thanks!
  47. Greendog Thanks for the note I have saved that photo to my folder for color options. I do like the outcome with that color.
  48. I have the exact same trunk with only 2 minor trim differences and if mine turns out like yours I will be a happy camper. Superb job!!
  49. Hi, I have admired this trunk and saved this photo to my own romadka folder for future color options Excellent Job and color choice, I hate picking a color.
  50. Yes Trunkman Thanks, Thats why I was so depressed that I had originally missed it by minutes. What would be the chances of actually finding another like this...I think slim and next to none.
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