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1890's X Slat Dome top Trunk   F. Eggeman & Co. patented 1884 John Duguid  - Furniturein Furniture
Early 20th Century Narrow Slat Canvas Flat Top Trunk - Furniturein Furniture
Early 20th Century 36" Canvas Wall/Dresser Trunk - Furniturein Furniture
Late 1800's Louis Vuitton Damier Steamer Trunk      - Furniturein Furniture
Rare 1890's 27" Ornate Leather Flat top   - Furniturein Furniture
1870's 28" Leather & Zinc Dome Top Trunk     - Furniturein Furniture
Ornate Leather Dome Top Trunk - Furniturein Furniture
1880's - 1890's Rich Reed & Atwood Boston Mass. Trunk - Furniturein Furniture
Mid 1870's 32" Pure Zinc Barrel Stave Trunk  - Furniturein Furniture
1880-90's Heavy Trimmed Leather Covered Saratoga / Brides Trunk  - Furniturein Furniture


  1. Stunning piece bjb5859!! Excellent job as well and as usual !!
  2. Thanks for the love there trunkman!! I was eager to show you my LV as I know you like these as well. Guess you missed it. Thanks again!
  3. Having just listed one myself. This one is certainly not LV as Drill mentioned. LV checkered pattern carries a monogram in the pattern at random locations, this one does not. Drill has paved the way ...
  4. That's what I would have done too ..but was just curious. Thanks! Great trunk once again!!
  5. Another great find and Price!! you lucky greendog! Did you just use the nylon wheel on this to achieve the new look?
  6. Hi TaraLJ, Judging by the lock, which is really cool, and the cast iron side dowels and latches with a brass name plate, and raw hide binding ...coupled with the fact that M. Langmuir was the largest...
  7. Thanks for the love bjb5859, FatBoy64, EJW-54, elanski, Watchsearcher, fortapache & officialfuel very much appreciate!!
  8. Thanks for your input there Drill always respectfully appreciated!!
  9. Drill Is a great source or avenue for info on this piece. He can work wonders!!
  10. Now that's interesting!! I have never come across or personally seen this type of latch and this an lone sets your simple trunk apart from others of the same foundation and style. Thanks for the post...
  11. That good to know Brian ..Thanks for that! I have one other with holes drilled but it has a textured surface. Alligator I believe.
  12. You posted the lock... I was talking about the latches. You have two on this trunk either side of the lock. Sorry.
  13. Thanks Brian for the love. You have a good eye for size ...I wasn't expecting a 28" I may actually give the superficial rust a blast with soda and redo the main photo, I think it needs it...
  14. Thanks for that drill, the love, and for the Patent info!! lol The hunt is indeed half the fun for sure....and it's funny that the other half of that whole, automatically rolls over to the first hal...
  15. The image of the inside lid in this case means nothing as far as trunk dating goes , but if possible can you trade that photo for a close up of your unusual front may not help in dating.. as...
  16. Looks like the lock reads patent 91?
  17. Had to push the love button a second time there Drill as this piece of art deserves to be one at the head of the class, OR in a class of its own, which technically I guess it truly is. AMAZING JOB Dr...
  18. Unfortunately her line about generations is not very accurate, judging by the wire bail latches, this was purchased in the 1920's and after. If she is 90, her father would have bought it up to 10 or 1...
  19. Hey rocker-sd, you tag one of my trunks and again thanks for that. Also from the love you placed, I went to your page and seen your Zuniart piece. It immediately struck me because I have had a piece k...
  20. Well Brian, I think Trunkman was right being eye candy. So I thought I would say don't think just because of one comment me anyway, that that would be the end of looking at your work and your tru...
  21. Thanks for the love Aly!!
  22. Thanks Drill for your efforts it was a very interesting read & very much appreciate!!
  23. Thanks for the love !! officialfuel - Watchsearcher- EJW-54 - Drill -FatBoy64 -valentino97 -fortapache
  24. With katelevy leed the link from that page states, Great Job Kate!! Bryants Trunk and Bucket Warehouse Bryants Trunk and Bucket Warehouse were manufacturers based in London in the early ninete...
  25. The first cork life jacket was patented by Dr John Wilkinson in 1765, the beginning of a global safety icon responsible for saving lives throughout its history.
  26. Thanks so much Drill for the info & input, I enjoyed those!!
  27. Thanks for the love ..FatBoy64, ho2cultcha, Drill, bjb5859, officialfuel, finders9, SEAN68, & yougottahavestuff. Sharing with you all some of histories various trunk examples is half the fun a...
  28. Thanks for the love ...Drill, bjb5859, officialfuel & fortapache!!
  29. Thanks FatBoy64!! I think I have been lucky on a few that are in nice original condition. Thanks again!
  30. Thanks for the love farmlady !!
  31. Thanks for the love crswerner & farmlady !!
  32. Thanks for that Scott... that makes me feel
  33. Thanks for the love blunderbuss2 & fortapache !!
  34. Thanks & That's ok I all ready knew your thoughts on these trunks. I am more about the hunt and being able to secure the example. I only really need one to say the slot is filled. So now ...
  35. Thanks for the love there rocker-sd !!
  36. Thanks for the love officialfuel -blunderbuss2 - Watchsearcher- EJW-54 - Drill -bjb5859 -FatBoy64 -valentino97 -fortapache - greendog & jscott0363 always appreciated.
  37. Thanks Brian!! I have saved a few photos similar that have been done and they are nice when finished. bjb5859 I believe it was did a great job on one. Also I believe HMS.
  38. Thanks Scott, I have never seen one like it in my neck of the woods come up, so I was quite surprised to see one, and get it.
  39. Thanks for the love officialfuel -blunderbuss2 -EJW-54 -Drill -TheGateKeeper -bjb5859 -FatBoy64 -valentino97 -fortapache & greendog always appreciated.
  40. Thanks for the love officialfuel -blunderbuss2 -EJW-54 - Drill -TheGateKeeper -bjb5859 -FatBoy64 -Newfld -Watchsearcher -fortapache & greendog always appreciated.
  41. Thanks Brian!! I was pretty happy to have it come up.
  42. I will contact you Jim Later tonight. Thanks!
  43. Well, That I was not aware of. I have the patent sheet for the new design and assumed it included the front to back wood slats. That's good to know. Thanks so much for that Brian & Jim and for takin...
  44. I was thinking the same thing Brian..but then I realized it has the new design slats running from front to back pushing it to 1880's.
  45. AMAZING JOB Drill!! Great overall flavor added to a great trunk.
  46. Absolutely STUNNING!! Brian. Great Job and certainly a trunk to be proud of for sure. I have yet to see that style of hardware for the front top edge clamps. Always neat to see something different.
  47. With MM hardware very cool trunkman, really great score!! Nice job to looks great!!
  48. Very Cool Brian,.. Great Find!!
  49. Just thought I would mention that I am still looking at and it is truly beautiful job in all respects and you should be very proud Brian. I hope one day soon when I am physically able to tackle one to...
  50. WOW! Very, very, very, nicely done Brian!! Just love it!! Color, tones, the dark on the inside, your creative stars....everything about it is just WOW!!
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Steamer  Trunk, Corbin Bros. lock


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