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 1840's -50's 24" Leather Stagecoach Trunk with Slats  - Furniturein Furniture
 24" Leather Covered Roll Top Trunk - Furniturein Furniture
 22" Leather covered Roll Top Trunk - Furniturein Furniture
 1890's  36" Ornate Floral Embossed Tin Dome Top Trunk    - Furniturein Furniture
1885-1890's  33" Ornate Cross slat Barrel Top Trunk    - Furniturein Furniture
1880's  34" French Canadian - George Barrington & Sons Montreal- Flat Top Trunk  - Furniturein Furniture
1870's  32" Pure Zinc Turtle Top - barrel stave Trunk - Furniturein Furniture
1880's+  30" Alligator Beveled Flat Top Trunk - Furniturein Furniture
1870's D.D. Whitney & Co. Minneapolis Minnesota / 32" Pure Zinc Flat Top Trunk  - Furniturein Furniture
36" 1880's 4 slat Leather Barrel Top Trunk - Furniturein Furniture


  1. Hey Thanks Brian, I was under the impression that the band and button format regardless of shape was still termed a Jenny Lind. But I see from looking a Legacy trunk page that this style as you said i...
  2. Thanks so much for the info Drill. I haven't heard from you in such a long time, I was honestly getting concern if you were ok or not. Nice to hear from you and I can now put those concerns behind me....
  3. Hey Thanks for the love trunkman!! You know,... I wish all trunks were simply made in a 24" and 22" format they are so much easier to move around and take up way less
  4. Thanks Sylvester22 ! I am sure it will clean up nicely, when I get to this one.
  5. Trunkman your to funny!! Yes a lot of the hardware was a surprise when viewed in person. This is a first for me regarding all hardware on this trunk, but for the brass trim which my Moynat trunk has....
  6. Thanks trunkman, This item has been listed for about a year and a half, I am not usually that part of the province to get it, but ended up close to it, so I made an honest effort to finally get my han...
  7. Brian, I'll trade you even for a MM wood slat dome top...I think you may have just gotten one in No? ...LOL Thanks Brian!! & Mike!!
  8. Yes trunkman, a rare one, this is the only one I have actually seen offered in Canada let alone in person. I was thrilled to see it for sure, along with my favorite hardware and condition!!! Right up...
  9. Thanks guys for the comments and the loves greatly appreciated!! trunkman EJW-54 Mike78 greendog Watchsearcher John...
  10. Wow!! Indeed..Great that has still eluded my grasp! I picked up last week a pure zinc trunk from the 1870's Brian that has the very same "trunk collection" litho in the lid. Not sure...
  11. Great trunk and case, nice color flavor!! I picked up a Horstmann & Sander-Hannover bentwood trunk last week also out of Germany. Do you have any info on this maker. Thanks if you do!
  12. How big is it? Without a makers label you will never know who made it. Date could be anywhere from 1880 - 1920's regardless of the 1872 patent date on the latches. If one was to pay fifty dollars for...
  13. Great stamped tin hardware! never seen that before.. But your date... I know you have based on the patent dates. However.... the visible patent with no number belongs to the cross slat patent which wa...
  14. Nice find Greendog !! And Wow!! All the hardware is different than one normally see's. I was going to say those pieces look like brass, then I read your description. I am sure you will do a fine job o...
  15. Thanks for the love bjb5859 ...I skipped you some how Sorry!!
  16. Thanks so much myoldkyhome!!
  17. I have many trunks with a number on the handle like this. The significance of this number from what I have learned is pretty much zero. Could be a customer identification mark from voyage, train etc.....
  18. Thanks Caperkid !!
  19. Thanks ThreadbareGypsySoul !!
  23. Hi TreeNewt, Focus your searches using L. MCBRINE METAL STEAMER TRUNK patented 1914
  24. Thanks Mike!
  25. Thanks for the love you guys,blunderbuss2, officialfuel, greendog & fortapache Much appreciated!
  26. Thanks to these fellow trunk lovers for the loves, egreeley1976, greendog, vintagegirl66 , oldpeep & Manikin
  27. Hi Brian, How thick is this copper plating? By that I mean, is it thicker and more durable then that of the regular tinned brass looking hardware you see on many many trunks or is it just as fragile &...
  28. Wow!! Excellent find!! There are a lot of Jenny Lind trunks out there. Speaking with Jim Cardoza in the past from HMS trunks, as he has been around, .... he states he looks for these trunks with sla...
  29. Hi Mike, Pondering this piece, one could, with a higher probability than just a steamer trunk, consider this to be a gun trunk. Can't prove it, but certainly food for thought looking at the interior m...
  30. Hey Brian, Where is the label located on these trunks?
  31. Wow!! Really, Really, nice Job!! Anyone would be proud to own this one!!
  32. Thanks for the loves always appreciated!! Vynil33rpm Drill sanhardin trunkman Caperkid fortapache FatBoy64 EJW-54 officialfuel
  33. Thanks Mike78 !!
  34. Thanks for the appreciated loves! Twatson & TheGateKeeper
  35. Thanks for looking and the love guys!! trunkman Mike78 FatBoy64
  36. Thanks for the loves!! bjb5859 & racer4four
  37. Thanks for the loves!! FatBoy64 & MountainGirl
  38. Thanks!! FatBoy64
  39. Thanks! FatBoy64
  41. I have been watching one myself for a while Not sure who made it but the original color (puke green) is what holds me back. I like the color of this one its perfect & way nicer than the one I have bee...
  42. also juding by the scrap marks showing the color underneath it is not a very thick paint in fact looks pretty thin. You could even see how with some mild effort with straight steal wool or brillo af...
  43. for something about the company. Excellent collectible high end name. Judging by the multitude of all the nail head through out, I would be pretty sure this...
  44. I really lagged on this one Sorry! Thanks for looking and for the loves to all...much appreciated!! Candi61999 jscott0363 myoldkyhome Drill Lady_Picker bjb5859 fortapache EJW-54E...
  45. Also....If anyone has info on the lock maker I would love to hear it. I have one trunk envelope with the same image, so I am curious about that.
  46. Thanks to all thus far for looking and of coarse the loves...can't get enough love these days. officialfuel EJW-54 Mike78 trunkman Caperkid fortapache mattress_cop Vynil33rpm ...
  47. LOL Thanks TheGateKeeper one must try. I personally find four photos is not really enough to show a trunk and components, interior, locks, parts, labels, etc. When I view four photos I find I always w...
  48. You have some great and out of the norm trunk here very cool!! You have a good eye for sure!
  49. Wow! What a stupendous find !!! Very very cool!! Just love this one..a rarity for sure!
  50. I really like the pierced cast metal format of your front corner. The one I am looking at has the cheap stamped style and as well no strap set up. It has different trim and stamped latches so Yours is...
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