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34" 1900+ Barrel Top Trunk with original Zinc Cladding Finish  - Furniturein Furniture
34" Antique Barrel top Trunk Original Condition - Furniturein Furniture
1910 - 1920 Vulcanized Fiber Steamer Trunk  - Furniturein Furniture
1880's? Romodka Brothers Barrel top Trunk - Furniturein Furniture
1870's Tooled Leather, strap and dowel, Barrel Stave Trunk  - Furniturein Furniture
1870's Pure Patterned Zinc & Fancy Nail, Dome top, Barrel Stave Trunk - Furniturein Furniture
Martin Maier trunk 1880's - Furniturein Furniture
1880's Saratoga / Barrel Top Trunk. - Furniturein Furniture
1890's 32" Palica (Common sense ) Wall Trunk  - Furniturein Furniture
Antique M. Langmuir Canada Narrow Slat 32" Steamer Trunk. - Furniturein Furniture


  1. Wholly cow guys..Trunker Marvin And Drill, This pretty much sums it up for me..I need never to ask that question again stemming from my own ignorance. Thanks so much for finally resolving a hounding q...
  2. Thanks Drill very interesting. Do you have any patent information regarding the cheap tin stamped slat clamps on this trunk or the other. I have always wondered when factually these began. Thanks so m...
  3. Thanks for the loves guys - trunkman & fortapache always appreciated and fun to share various examples of any old trunks in decently preserved states.
  4. Thanks for the loves!! trunkman fortapache blunderbuss2 usedcarlady And of course Drill for some great data!!
  5. Thanks Drill once again!! Why would Corbin name be on it? Did they buy other peoples patents?
  6. Wow!! Brian you have out done yourself on this one!! Looks absolutely fabulous!! As far as your time is concerned??? The old saying is for sure applicable...You only get out of it what you put into ...
  7. Thanks for the love Vynil33rpm !!
  8. Thanks Drill & officialfuel for the loves!! A special Thanks as always to patent man DRILL for the always interesting info and very much appreciated over and above selfless effort of ones time. T...
  9. Thanks for the love guys always appreciated!! Mike78 Drill officialfuel ttomtuckert
  10. Has the potential of being a Martin Maier but with out a back photo we'll never know for sure. You should correct your front view and turn it right side up and insert a back view as well right side up...
  11. I was going to say thickness, I should have, then it would have sounded like I knew what the heck I was talking about,,,lol
  12. Looks fabulous Brian, you've been a busy beaver for sure!! Great looking job and great looking trunk! I've yet to find one of these for sale matter of fact I have never ever seen one of these styles o...
  13. Excellent job on this one Brian, really looks sharp!! Let me ask you, What is a key factor in distinguishing sole leather from other leather?
  14. ?
  15. Nice trunk Mike, looks like the stencil or printing goes under some of the hardware which if this is the case, was printed before assembly and therefore deemed authentic , I would think. Just poked a...
  16. Normally you see these in animal hide. I have one myself and it is lined on the inside with a newspaper from 1849. I would be safe to say it is 1850 and earlier judging by the ornate quality of the ha...
  17. Thanks guys, I am glad you like it, its not a top personal favorite , but it is a descent example of a Romdka Brothers trunk for this style . Or be I so bold, to even say such a thing. blunderbuss2 ...
  18. Thanks for the love guys I am glad you like!! blunderbuss2 Vynil33rpm trunkman greendog Caperkid fortapache Toyrebel
  19. Drill could very well be that machine as the indent is for sure a tear drop style. Other patents you have posted for me are either round or oval. Thanks!
  20. Thanks Tman I asked greendog to forward an email about it to you as I picked up the same trunk actually today, its has a few differences between the two. It is posted now so the email is redundant if ...
  21. Thanks Drill .....I missed this as I was away for the most part of the last month. Great stuff it and its added to this trunks images folder. Thanks so much again for your diligent efforts o...
  22. Again Drill!! Great as always, read, saved and stored!! Thanks so much for the effort and assistance!! All your help with others helps keep yourself sharp doesn't it! lol
  23. Thanks Vynil33rpm much appreciated!
  24. Thanks Drill for the love and great and interesting info. I always look forward to your input and dropping in. I learn a lot from your presence in the world! Thanks for all your efforts!!
  25. Trunkman what the measurements for this trunk..if I can ask?
  26. Thanks to Mike78 greendog blunderbuss trunkman EJW-54 racer4four fortapache Johnsmith & officialfuels (who I deleted in my first post because I did two by mistake or stupidity whi...
  27. Thanks Mike78 it is nice to find some unusual out of the norm item with some age and for the age in excellent condition regardless of a few defects in this case the lock but certainly not the end of ...
  28. Thanks... Tylula greendog EJW-54 racer4four fortapache officialfuel blunderbuss for the loves very much appreciated.
  29. I was kind of wondering if it was associated with the maker as in "Anchor Trunk Co." for example, but after checking Jims site HMS antique trunks maker list I drew a blank. I half expected to find it ...
  30. Thanks guys for the comments and the loves always appreciated!! Trunkman this one is out of Ottawa 2 hrs from you. The owner said he bought it from the owners of the house he now lives in and they wer...
  31. One has to love the over sized and volume of trim on this trunk..I have two of these and for sure they are in the top favorites of mine. Did it have special handle caps like the one of mine? Great fin...
  32. Hi Brian, I didn't know that there was a distinction such as that. I was just using clad in the sense of one cover over another. I will correct that and put pure zinc. Thanks again my friend for some...
  33. Thanks for the loves Toyrebel & lisalisa
  34. Thanks Brian (greendog) And in answer Yes zinc. It is non magnetic , thus patterned zinc, as per Jim HMS as well.
  35. Thanks trunkman!!
  36. By the looks of the leather straps its old. This is a snip-it from HMS antique trunks site regarding metal latches and leather straps. hope it has certainly helped me. Jim has a great deal ...
  37. By the looks of the leather straps its old. This is a snip-it from HMS antique trunks site regarding metal latches and leather straps. hope it has certainly helped me. Jim has a great deal ...
  38. Thanks trunkMan! And I hope to yes.
  39. Nice trunk !! I saw a nice one of these a month ago but was a five hr drive and 250.00 it was gone in the day.. Can't have everything I guess.
  40. Great job drill!! Very very Cool!! Not only are you a walking trunk encyclopedia but also a real and true artist!!
  41. Thanks greendog trunkman farmlady MountainGirl shughs crswerner leighannrn Designer FatBoy64 JonB Caperkid officialfuel KKK fortapache blunderbuss2 to you all...
  42. Thanks Trunkman !! He made me wait two days to get together to pick it up... So I though I may end up losing the opportunity with someone offering more than asking. But as you can see it worked out! ...
  43. Thanks Mike78!! I can't wait to see what I do with it either...But as you can see from my posts my work load is backed up, but I am getting a nice as found condition collection going..LOL!! Thanks a...
  44. Thanks Brian !! sorry for delay but have been away. After over a year of watching I just about pants when I finally seen this one and it had been listed already for two days. I was shocked agai...
  45. Excellent piece!! Gotta love the whole uniqueness of this baby!! Great find, Brian you lucky dog!!
  46. Thanks for the loves!! SpiritBear Designer officialfuel Drill EJW-54 FatBoy64 greendog
  47. Really great find there Brian Love the metal work, Style.... well, just the whole thing is great!
  48. No, But certainly interesting and they will give you input though.
  49. Again!! Absolutely outstanding!! What a find and What a Job well done!!
  50. Wow Drill!! How neat and interesting is this stuff you have posted your certainly a wealth of data my friend. Always greatly enjoy your visits and loves!! Thanks so much once again!!
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