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  1. Thanks for the love Damon!! BigD338
  2. Thanks for the love there guys!! Always appreciated!! officialfuel, greendog , FatBoy64, SamKat, Newfld, fortapache & bjb5859
  3. Thanks Drill for the info, very interesting, as usual! Much appreciated!!
  4. From reading about the tobacco company I believe they were just and only that, tobacco. They made back then 4 million dollars a year with tobacco. I doubt they went into the trunk business but just ...
  5. Heres a snip-it from Drill, which he posted regarding my 20th century MM there is more on that pages as well of life after 1900. During the mid-twenties, production automobile body manufacturers lo...
  6. As far as being used after that....seeing how the place was burned out & more than likely the labels as well, and as he moved, I doubt very much this particular prolific business man would advertise h...
  7. Not sure which label came first but this is a snip-it about the company for the 1873 date. (The trio built a business block on 55 Monroe Avenue, each occupying one-third of the block. The joint com...
  9. Thanks for the love!! FatBoy64 & bjb5859
  10. Thanks for the love Elliot & TheGateKeeper, very much appreciated!
  11. Thanks for the love Elliot & TheGateKeeper, very much appreciated!
  12. Thanks for the love Elliot very much and always appreciated!
  13. Thanks for the love Elliot (trunkman) & officialfuel very much and always appreciated!
  14. Thanks for the love SamKat!!
  15. Thanks Brian and Bigd338, Yes for sure to much black, I think he used a spray bomb but didn't sand it or clean it first. You can see the blotchy areas more concentrated to the bottom on the back an...
  16. Thanks for the love there SamKat!!
  17. Thanks for the love MarmorealMaiden!
  18. Thanks for the love guys!! officialfuel & Designer Always appreciated!!
  19. Thanks for the Love!! SamKat Much appreciated!!
  20. Thanks for the loves !! blunderbuss2 trunkman Drill egreeley1976 farmlady sugargirl & Longings
  21. Thanks for the love guys and gals much appreciated!! blunderbuss2 farmlady officialfuel RichmondLori kwqd FatBoy64 & Longings
  22. Thanks for the love guys!! blunderbuss2 fortapache TheGateKeeper & kwqd
  23. Thanks for the love Trunkman. A key is always a bonus, my personal selection is getting low and is getting tougher to find a bingo. Plus these locks have a very large hole in the end of the key whic...
  24. Thanks Brian!!
  25. Hi MamaTam, Read the discussion section at this link it may help you.
  26. Thanks for the love KathyKay
  27. Thanks so much for the love guys and gals it is truly appreciated!! AntigueToys BigD338 oldpeep medicoirfan vintagegirl66 snowman3 FatBoy64 SamKat blunderbuss2 sanhardin for...
  28. Thanks Damon, I did hit a run of the nice early trunks which are not posted very often up here. Then all of a sudden several. I didn't really have any from this era that had real merit, just my squ...
  29. Thanks for the love !! Newfld AntigueToys oldpeep & fortapache Its always a pleasure to share any interesting example from the days gone by.
  30. Thanks fortapache, It is certainly different isn't it and original to the trunk. That plus the matching cast iron I had to have it. Thanks for the comment. I think Brian and some others have been ver...
  31. Thanks Newfld, That's what I thought as well. Its really the hardware that makes or breaks a trunk. This one is very consistent with the all cast iron being its main predominant feature and it shows...
  32. Very cool and Interesting Canadian Label drill. The end banding is quit unique, if its a true representation of how this company did their trunks. Thanks for another great label!
  33. Great going there Watchsearcher. I find photos not correct for anything simply cannot be viewed properly. There a beautiful Martin Maier on here with the main image vertical. I copied it to my desk...
  34. You got me on that one, I don't use an Ipad. Maybe turn the picture incorrect on the Ipad and try an upload again. Maybe it will turn it correct?? Weird why it would turn a photo by itself.
  35. I would say it has the same fluid-ness and feel to that of a bed sheet. Yes different for sure.
  36. Very smart looking trunk SamKat!! For that rustic charm, it doesn't get much better! This a before and after? Looks like it was covered in leather or are the pale spots from scratches through the pr...
  37. Great trunk! Great to see all the leather and its patterns. Its the same shape style as my last one. Also kind of different seeing that slight rolled outside edge on the banding. On my last one wit...
  38. Curious...You couldn't attack those nails from the inside or is the interior still intact.
  39. Hey Thanks Jim, Night Thanks so much for the input I'll fix that!! Oil cloth who would have guessed that. I can certainly tell it is of a different nature fabric. I have a couple of my o...
  40. Thanks for the love there Trunkers!! Cokeman1959 - Watchsearcher - greendog - TheGateKeeper - dav2no1 & Vynil33rpm All very much appreciated!!
  41. Thanks Brian! I scoured around trying to find this trunk, only to find tons of Jenny Lind trunk styles but none the same until your post, I think last week. I guess it's a fairly rare style & layout,...
  42. Thanks for the love guys!! Always appreciated!!FatBoy64 - blunderbuss2 - greendog -BigD338 & Newfld
  43. Thanks SamKat for the offer its very much appreciated. However I have an all brass double lock I have had for a while with no real home. The latches are plain but the receiver plate is also all bras...
  44. Thanks for the love! drill & fortapache You guys plus many others are always the best!!
  45. Thanks for the Love !! SamKat
  46. Thanks for the Love!! trukn20 greendog MALKEY officialfuel blunderbuss2 egreeley1976 Drill
  47. Thanks for the love guys! trukn20 greendog officialfuel blunderbuss2 egreeley1976 Watchsearcher Newfld fortapache
  48. Thanks for the love!! FatBoy64 - MarmorealMaiden & Mike78
  49. My good God Damon, That is indeed a WOW! Fantastic nail work! Even the leather pattern is something to behold. It would have been quit the looker when this baby was new. Love the metal bands and the...
  50. Thanks Mike, Yes same here! Now that I actually own one myself, I find they do have an allure about them. I have never seen another offered up here before, so I was surprised to see it. There all ...
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Unknown trunk Steamer  Trunk, Corbin Bros. lock


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