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Martin Maier trunk 1880's - Furniturein Furniture
1880's Saratoga / Barrel Top Trunk. - Furniturein Furniture
1890's 32" Palica (Common sense ) Wall Trunk  - Furniturein Furniture
Antique M. Langmuir Canada Narrow Slat 32" Steamer Trunk. - Furniturein Furniture
Antique Model 'A' Car Picnic Trunk - Furniturein Furniture
Victorian Canvas Covered Wicker Steamer Trunk - Furniturein Furniture
Victorian Canvas Covered  Wood & wicker Steamer Trunk Tinned Copper Trims - Furniturein Furniture
6 slat 34"  Flat top  - Furniturein Furniture
 1890's + 39 1/2" Malle Moynat French Trunk - Furniturein Furniture
Early 1870's Barrel Top Trunk - Furniturein Furniture


  1. By the looks of the leather straps its old. This is a snip-it from HMS antique trunks site regarding metal latches and leather straps. hope it has certainly helped me. Jim has a great deal ...
  2. By the looks of the leather straps its old. This is a snip-it from HMS antique trunks site regarding metal latches and leather straps. hope it has certainly helped me. Jim has a great deal ...
  3. Thanks trunkMan! And I hope to yes.
  4. Nice trunk !! I saw a nice one of these a month ago but was a five hr drive and 250.00 it was gone in the day.. Can't have everything I guess.
  5. Great job drill!! Very very Cool!! Not only are you a walking trunk encyclopedia but also a real and true artist!!
  6. Thanks greendog trunkman farmlady MountainGirl shughs crswerner leighannrn Designer FatBoy64 JonB Caperkid officialfuel KKK fortapache blunderbuss2 to you all...
  7. Thanks Trunkman !! He made me wait two days to get together to pick it up... So I though I may end up losing the opportunity with someone offering more than asking. But as you can see it worked out! ...
  8. Thanks Mike78!! I can't wait to see what I do with it either...But as you can see from my posts my work load is backed up, but I am getting a nice as found condition collection going..LOL!! Thanks a...
  9. Thanks Brian !! sorry for delay but have been away. After over a year of watching I just about pants when I finally seen this one and it had been listed already for two days. I was shocked agai...
  10. Excellent piece!! Gotta love the whole uniqueness of this baby!! Great find, Brian you lucky dog!!
  11. Thanks for the loves!! SpiritBear Designer officialfuel Drill EJW-54 FatBoy64 greendog
  12. Really great find there Brian Love the metal work, Style.... well, just the whole thing is great!
  13. No, But certainly interesting and they will give you input though.
  14. Again!! Absolutely outstanding!! What a find and What a Job well done!!
  15. Wow Drill!! How neat and interesting is this stuff you have posted your certainly a wealth of data my friend. Always greatly enjoy your visits and loves!! Thanks so much once again!!
  16. Thanks!! KilburnieHomestead FatBoy64 chrissylovescats
  17. Like the hardware! Another narrow slat trunk maker!
  18. I think you nailed that one DRILL right on the money as far as depiction of this trunk goes with those catalog images.
  19. I came across this restoration site while searching for moynat info. It includes Louis Vuitton. What they can do is quite amazing well worth a a view and a read.
  20. Never seen a collage of so many types of different trunk hardware on a single barrel top. Great job once again there greendog!
  21. Thanks!! leighannrn & blunderbuss2 ..It encourages one to stay a trunk nut!
  22. Thanks I say!! these fellow trunk nuts and lovers!! trunkman leighannrn EJW-54
  23. Looks great so far with the mild worn look! Amazing what you can find under a coat of paint.
  24. Thanks to you all!! blunderbuss2 greendog Caperkid Lady_Picker
  25. Thanks fortapache for the love very much appreciated!!
  26. Thanks to you all (5) others for the loves!!
  27. Thanks to you all (7) others for the loves!! Much appreciated!
  28. Thanks to you all (11) for the loves!!
  29. Thanks to you all for the loves!!
  30. I think the two tone really holds this piece to a nice looking antique foundation verses a blatant all one color completely new look for an old piece.
  31. Thanks officialfuel very much appreciated!!
  32. Thanks officialfuel !!
  33. Hey that's very unique!!! I see attributes from many different styles of trunk all in one trunk! Nice job!!
  34. Thanks jscott0363 & racer4four loves !! jscott0363 Maybe this one can just have a cleaning and stay with this patina context if you will. Decision decisions, I think my work load is backing up
  35. That was quite the dive then for you I'll say. Well worth it though for sure, beautiful piece. I can understand a 1000 hits. Its a favorite of mine.
  36. Just a little maker snip-it from HMS Trunks makers list Crouch & Fitzgerald, New York Est. 1839 3 Stores 1916
  37. You just keep knocking them out of the park Brian !! Great find, beautiful trunk for sure and fantastic job!
  38. Holy cow trunkman it took me an hour to scroll to the bottom of this must be a good trunk!! lol
  39. Thanks Trunkman!!
  40. Wow! I like the style and extra metal detail on this baby. Great piece!!
  41. MAN! I really like the whole flavor of this piece, Great Find!!
  42. Thanks jscott0363 and Trunkman always a pleasure!
  43. My father actually did leather craft for some years so I learned a lot of the basics cutting, sewing, edging, die, minor tooling, etc. The only things I will ever need for the amount of leather I woul...
  44. Thanks! jscott0363 And Thanks so much Purvis!! For the nice comment, very much appreciated!!
  45. Thanks!! antiquerose,
  46. jscott0363, Lol Thanks! Yours trunks I have been saved as inspiration. They came out exceptional, really nice job!!
  47. I had a suspicion of something like that, even judging by today's standard and observations. Thanks Trunkman!
  48. Andreamw, I like the overall flavor of this trunk regardless of the cheaper hardware. I picked up an identical one yesterday and it retains more rust which is normal to expect. It is still in very de...
  49. Thanks trunkman for the input.So with the cheaper tin hardware embellishments, your saying that it is indicative of trunks from 1900 forward?
  50. Thanks Drill ! I encounter most of what you posted during my research phase. But never encountered the last blog. Thanks for that one!! It is the best out of any that I did come across. Your efforts ...
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