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Trunk Rescue - Furniturein Furniture
Martin Maier finally finished - Furniturein Furniture
Jenny Lind -  - Furniturein Furniture
Jenny Lind - Finally getting some attention - Furniturein Furniture
Carpeles and Hartmann & Co  - Furniturein Furniture
One of Martin Maier earlier efforts? - Furniturein Furniture
Maker?  Is this CH & Co  a Carpeles Hartmann & Co? - Furniturein Furniture
Martin Maier in my collection - Furniturein Furniture
Need help identifying this one, - Please  - Furniturein Furniture
Next on my To Do List - Furniturein Furniture


  1. I just updated my finished picture of this trunk on my post from 1 year ago
  2. I just updated my finished picture of this trunk on my post from 1 year ago
  3. We recently finished restoring one just like this. It does have a tag inside for F Eggeman & Co.
  4. Ha ! Watchsearcher - Thanks - I slightly changed the brightness - saved change and it worked.
  5. I believe it might just be oil cloth covering that I’m working to remove on that really nasty Martin Maier flat top I posted a while ago. It’s a very soft flimsy material. Not at all like a canvas. ...
  6. Im4anythingOld - yes the photo on the right is how we bought it. Simply gave it a good cleaning and tung oil. The first photo is current look. More attention given to the inside made it usable. I’...
  7. I tried to pry the nail heads up to be able to grab them. Many times the nailhead just broke off. Then used a punch to push it through to the inside to grab and pull them through on the inside. Ma...
  8. You made me feel guilty that my nice Jenny Lind has been in a heap and unappreciated for over 10 years. I worked for about 4 hours carefully working off the old stub handles. Each end had two additi...
  9. Are you looking for a double lock for this trunk? I have one similar to the one on your first trunk. One of the upper pieces is broken. But it can probably be repaired. I am tearing apart some o...
  10. We have restored a couple of these - You can try a wipe on product called ReColor made by Rust-Oleum - it’s a clear (stinky) liquid and the kit includes a wipe and gloves. I think Target even carries...
  11. I have a bread loaf style in close to excellent condition. The main thing is both handles are missing. We really should replace those. But removing the old stubs while not damaging the leather will...
  12. There is some information I found on hmsantiques indicating CH&Co changed their name to Carpeles Hartman in 1890. This helps explain the different tag / labels The gator embossed monitor I posted ha...
  13. Thank you, Drill I found some information on hmsantiques that indicates CH&Co changed their name to Carpeles Hartmann in 1890. This trunk has an attached tag with Carpeles Hartmann & Co Helps to...
  14. Beautiful embossed design on this trunk. I Love It !
  15. Thank You - We want to include some historical information with trunks we are giving to our grandchildren. You are very helpful -
  16. I’m more familiar with Martin Maier trunks with the “M” hardware. We have had several. I will research this style more extensively. One that I’m working on now is probably one of the maker’s earlie...
  17. Im4anythingOld - I appreciate your directing me. We have restored many many trunks. Though most were quite common, and we refer to them more as being a “rescue.” Our main goal was to keep them fro...
  18. I am new to using Collectors Weekly. I’m sorry for confusing people by posting this one twice. - Still learning how to maneuver this page -
  19. Im4anythingOld - Interesting, Thank You. I have worked on some others by that trunk maker. I will get a better look at the top hardware tomorrow when I go to my work shop. I will be adding at leas...
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One of our favorites Awesome market place find! 1873 Martin Maier / Leather / Strap & Dowel / Barrel Top Trunk 1890's 5 Slat Monitor Trunk Steamer trunk 1850's Jenny Lind Trunk   Oil Cloth /Brass/ Wood Slats Early 1850's Leather Jenny Lind Trunk Another Maier with rare corner latches Trunk - Great Flea Market Find Amazing Martin Maier — WOW! Jenny Lind style trunk of the late 1850's to 1860's 1873-75 (Transitional Period)  Leather Barrel Stave Trunk Domed, Luggage Trunk 1890's X Slat Barrel top Trunk   F. Eggeman & Co. patented 1884 John Duguid


Interesting Trunk!


posted 2 years ago