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  1. I want to move to where you are. Impressive collection, cant wait to see what you do to them.
  2. I have still to find one of these. Love the look
  3. I had seen these online but am on athe other coast. Cant wait to see the final product.
  4. I would have never expected such an amazing trunk was under all of that paint.
  5. Love this one and can not wait to see the others.
  6. Love the latches
  7. I agree with FatBoy
  8. Fatboy64 A JL in this collection is on my bucket list. Great find. I keep coming back to this post to just drool.
  9. TrunkerMarvin Of all the trunks that I have seen you do, my favorite is the Brides trunk you had on you site a while ago. This is an amazing trunk and can’t wait to see what you do with it.
  10. An amazing job. I hope to be able to bring history back half as well as you have.
  11. KathyKay Not only cornered the market on toy trunks but oak slat toy trunks. Wait, is that envy I am feeling?
  12. Trunkman I am going to try your method on a JL I just picked up. Thanks for the tip.
  13. KathyKay I know we are in markets far from each other however I am still going to blame you for not being able to find a toy trunk. You seem to have cornered the market. Love the look.
  14. History made into a piece of art.
  15. Please post pictures when you finish. A friend is refurbishing a trunk almost exactly like yours however I have a feeling yours will be done long before his.
  16. KathyKay I picked up my second wall trunk, a Clinton, and it has two different types of metal embossing. As that makes it look rather strange, I am facing the same dilemma. Let me know what you...
  17. Drill I have been a little busy lately however when I can I click CL and still find myself always coming back to this trunk. Truly incredible.
  18. Impressive and beautiful results. The interior is amazing.
  19. Kathy A list of the words that come to mind: Envy, Amazement (at the job you did on the tray), Envy oh and envy. Incredible accomplishment and again the tray brings it all together.
  20. Trunkman I am in a large city and no one here is willing to give up their Excelsior trunk. Looking through the pictures it appears that there is not any damage anywhere, an amazing find. Cannot w...
  21. Drill An absolutely amazing accomplishment that I hope will be around for at least 100 years more. When I first joined CW I wanted to resurrect my trunks to pristine condition and though I still ...
  22. Amazing trunk, thanks for sharing.
  23. Love the style and beveled top drawer. A nice addition to your already amazing collecion
  24. Amazing
  25. It’s no wonder I can’t find any smaller trunks, you have them all. Love your collection.
  26. Would really like to see what you did with early and outstanding MM trunk.
  27. KathyKay - Can not wait to see what you do with this one.
  28. Drill - I agree the saw blade just says history. The back also has them. Still waiting for the Beast and I hope you use two posts to include all the detail.
  29. Still waiting to see if anyone has a 90 degree corner slat (bottom left on picture 1) or a top MM piece. I can hear all of you laughing at this request.
  30. Thank you – Kathy Official Fuel Fort Apache
  31. M Marvin – I had forgotten that they made trunks that did not use their signature hardware. Because of that remind I went back on CW and looked at the amazing MM without hardware. As far as the hinge...
  32. I have yet to see a hat trunk and I hope when I do it is of this quality. Simply an amazing piece of history.
  33. Trunkman, thanks for the post. From tall of your posts, I would really like to see what your discards look like as they must be fantastic. Drill, I have seen this before on that site. I do not th...
  34. I have been searching the internet for about 6 months now and this is the cleanest most well preserved portfolio trunk I have seen. Absolutely stunning.
  35. I keep coming back to this and your post has now added another trunk I will be searching for. Love the latches.
  36. Thank you JScott Sugar Girl Official Fuel T Tom Tucker Manikin Fatboy Fort Apache
  37. Drill Thanks for the knowledge and the links. I had no idea that they would just sell the tops to other companies however once you mentioned it, it makes perfect sense. This must have been a grea...
  38. Marvin This is a first for me as it was covered in metal. Thanks for the history.
  39. Beautifully incredible built little trunk. Any idea what it could have been used for?
  40. Cool find with an incredible lock. Can’t wait to see the reveal but what I am really looking forward too is the Beast.
  41. I keep looking in my area for a child’s trunk but so far have not seen one. The trunks you have presented are beautiful and I cannot wait to see this one brought back to life.
  42. I realize that this is an old collection but I really like your vintage Senior Chief Emblem. It was utilized sometime before Korea. I have not looked to hard but whoever this represents was in both WW...
  43. love wall trunks. I have been working on one for a while and hope it comes out half as good as yours.
  44. interested in the final product, please post.
  45. I am new to collecting and refinishing antique trunks however I just had to add to this post. As I understand it, the U.S produced millions of trunks from 1860 to 1930. Those trunks were exported in v...
  46. Wow, just wow.
  47. Marvin Thank you for the comment and I might get my hands on it early. There is a Oshkosh bureau trunk somewhere on this site. Pretty cool.
  48. JScott Thanks Marvin Thanks for passing on your knowledge. I have been to your site many times and admired the Trunks you have there. I am still working on two trunks I collected 2 to 3 m...
  49. Fatboy, Thanks Trunkman, I have hear the same thing. Heard but never experienced.
  50. Jim Thanks for the information on the corner latch. The idea of a detent pin for securing the top is incredible. I have admired this trunk on your site, great interior. Thanks again for the infor...
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