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Western Massachusetts

I have been in the trunk business of collecting and refinishing trunks for the past 25 years. Love, love, love antique trunks. Working on trunks is a passion of minI have been in the trunk business of collecting and refinishing trunks for the past 25 years. Love, love, love antique trunks. Working on trunks is a passion of mine - I enjoy frequenting area flea markets and auctions, always on the look out for the "hard to find" trunk. Favorites include Jenny Linds, Saratoga Trunks, and Oak Slat Trunks. We are Blue Caboose Station - where we restore, rebuild, and refinish "stuff". (Read more)


  1. THank you scotto363!! Wild that I haven't posted on here in forever. I was trying to do some research on this size and who the maker might be. It has 5 slats on the top. Have a great day. k
  2. Great restoration, I know a year ago but just got back on CW. I love trunks and have been collecting and restoring/refinishing for 25 years....Love the MM trunks!! have a great day.
  3. Hi, this is such a gorgeous trunk - extremely rare to find the wall trunk as an oak slat. I missed one at Brimfield Flea market last spring by about 10 minutes when another fellow trunker bought it f...
  4. Nice trunkman - great unique trunk!!
  5. Happy New Year blunderbuss2 - hope to make it to your neck of the ocean this year.
  6. Measures 13/16 x 7/8.
  7. thank you fellow trunk aficionados - wishing I had a little more room in the house to keep these special trunks.
  8. What did you use for a liner - does it pop out? I am toying doing this with a junk trunk that I just came across - yours looks super.
  9. thanks for the info Drill - loved seeing the patent image of the hinge. I love the metal edge guards - can't believe how heavy this trunk is empty - I usually can move the trunks by myself but this o...
  10. Keeper!!
  11. Gorgeous trunk Marvin, can't wait to see it when you are done. I love the Dog picture.
  12. Hello Rob17 - I would check in with Bretten's Village Trunk Shop or This Old Trunk - they might have parts for sale or at least steer you in the right direction. When you say early, does your trunk h...
  13. thank you BelMal for your comment - I enjoyed reading and seeing your website and the work you do!!
  14. Drill, this trunk in fact did come from NH and from the barn of the gentleman you mention. We drove up a month ago and purchased 11 trunks. This one had belonged to the brother-n-law and then Pat an...
  15. Thanks Jim for great info - I am waiting for you to publish a book on the history of trunks - I am still learning after all these years. The person I purchased the trunk from told me it was tar cover...
  16. Thanks Drill for all this great info. The inside label was stripped and there are small remnants where I can read Aine and Goyard, but the bulk of label is gone - bummer. This one is all metal edges...
  17. Great find trunkman - in my 20 years of collecting trunks I have come across only 2 - and one was on the side of the road, the other at auction. Hoping that I can add one to my collection in the next...
  18. Nice collection trunkman and a very clean basement.
  19. just looked at the website Drill - WOW!! thanks, k
  20. Thank you Drill!! - great info - love to always be learning.
  21. Cool trunk trunkman. I am working on a trunk right now that has that lock face, only going the other way - I love the intricate decoration of it.
  22. Thank you TubeAmp :)
  23. So cool - I want to find one like this - nice Jim!!
  24. Hi fhrjr2 - yeah, I know, I thought the same thing - it also has a black mark maybe a date or something on the bottom, need to take a better photo of that and upload that.
  25. Hello artbyjackie1 - look forward to seeing pictures of your project. I will post mine next week as my mom is lining the trunk. Question - original paint of inside our outside? I used a sanding spo...
  26. Thanks Trunkman - I will post photos after I clean it up. Have a great day.
  27. Thank you Marvin for this great information. Slowly but surely this cube trunk is coming to life.
  28. Thank you Jim, I do appreciate all your knowledge. Where did I get low profile from I wonder? Will rename this guy correctly as a Cabin Trunk. When did you start collecting? I love seeing your trun...
  29. Hi HMS Antique Trunks - kept is original and it went to a new home in NJ. To a musician who loves it - nice that it will be kept as is. Thanks for your comments.
  30. Double WOW - and I love the story how you came across it. Here in Western Massachusetts there are so many barns and attics that are holding these treasures - being in the right place at the right tim...
  31. Thanks JazzBabies for the great information. I think I would have enjoyed spending "some" time during the 1870's - 1900's.
  32. good morning trunk friends - great reading these comments. The Oak Slats are a favorite of mine, as the hat trunks - and I also love finding the trunk trays with the colorful lithographs and envelope ...
  33. It is funny, I can't remember some people's names but I always remember where and when I have found a particular trunk. Thanks for the comments trunkingfor fun and trunkman.
  34. Will post pics tomorrow of a new trunk that I just came across - can't believe it - my favorites of favorits - an Oak Slat Trunk. This gentleman found it on Cape Cod this summer and was going to give...
  35. thanks all for your great comments - blunderbuss2 - I wish I had a secret - the drying time is key and I am constantly struggling with patience.
  36. Hello blunderbuss2, after sanding, I did one coat of Minwax Golden Oak, then I waited till completely absorbed and dry - next day, did coat of Tung Oil, then two coats with a brush of Satin Poly. In ...
  37. I looked for some patent dates, but didn't see any - and it was funny, when I found this in my friends barn, we had no idea it was a wall trunk until we opened it - the latches are on the top rather t...
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