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Restored Martin Maier Antique Dome Slat Trunk - Furniturein Furniture
Restored/Refinished Barrel Top Trunk - Victorian Era - Furniturein Furniture
Refinished Antique Trunk - Furniturein Furniture
Restored Round Top Trunk - Furniturein Furniture


  1. Great find. I love that feeling you get when you first see/find a high end trunk.
  2. Thank you Kathy! I got lucky on this one. Keep your eyes open. You'll find one!
  3. Thank you for the nice compliment Sherwood. Many people out there have treasures and just have no clue as to there value. Another funny not on this trunk is that when I picked it up that they had look...
  4. Thank you Windwalker!
  5. Thank you manikin and ICollectglass!
  6. Oh and thank you for the nice comments trunkman. Really I think the key to getting nice trunks is putting in a huge amount of time into looking for them.
  7. I keep my eyes open all the time. I live outside of Dallas, TX and there is over 7 million people living here in the area so I keep my on classified adds and estate auctions. There are so many estate ...
  8. Really really beyond nice find! I am just taking a stab in the dark as to why there is a number on this trunk. People number things for a reason, mostly to identify something or to keep track of multi...
  9. Nice aircraft. 1940's/WWII generation were very special people. The world united to defend freedom and sacrificed more than I can imagine. I really appreciate all veterans, even non US military vetera...
  10. Nice bevel top and good condition also. Would make a great restoration project!
  11. Thank you Old KY!
  12. LOL... Thank you Roy!!!
  13. HOLLY COW...WOW.... BREATHTAKING....I don't know what else to say!!!!
  14. Your welcome trunkingforfun. Feel free to contact me with any questions or suggestions. We all learn from each other!
  15. Thank you trunkman that is very kind. I love restoring history! Especially American history.
  16. Blunderbuss, No I don't have to steam bend the Veneer. I buy it in thin, backed sheets that are only 1/42 of an inch thick. You could almost veneer a pencil, its that flexible. There are also venee...
  17. Thank you Michael!
  18. Thank you Blunderbuss! It took me about 80 hours of labor to complete this trunk because of the detail and it being such a large trunk. I completely dissemble my trunks and press wood veneer onto the ...
  19. Thank you Pops and Roy! Appreciate it!
  20. Thank you. Look forward to speaking with you.
  21. Thank you Passion! Aimathena you are more than welcome to contact me at if you are interested in having your trunk restored/refinished or take a look at my website www....
  22. That's neat. I like it!
  23. Thank you! Its easy to do nice work when you love what you do!
  24. Thank you Aimathena. That trunk on legacy is a higher end trunk than mine.
  25. Really great find!
  26. Yes its real wood. Thank you Phil!
  27. Thank you Phil!
  28. Thank you Sam! I was going for a more formal look on this one and I also enjoy the rustic style also!
  29. Thank you both!
  30. Three ringed Minie Balls are most likely union.
  31. Nicest trunk I have ever seen!
  32. Some of them have the embossed on the sides as well, just depended on what that maker wanted to do.
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