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  1. Oh my!! What a find! I love Jenny Lind trunks, and this is an exceptional find. The six brass bands. The beautiful interior. And an excellent quality trunk maker. You hit the jackpot with this one!
  2. Beautiful old trunk! Nice find! I love these older ones with the hand forged nails, and all of the brass tacks on this one really add to it.
  3. Great zinc trunk! I’ve only ever seen maybe two zinc trunks and never seen latches like this. Great find!
  4. Beautiful trunk!! I was intrigued by the lock. I did a little searching and this is what I found in connection to other similar locks. Some folks, on more than one site, believe that the VR and crown ...
  5. Great find! Wonderful condition!
  6. Great job! What a beauty!
  7. Beautiful trunk! Yours is the only one that I’ve ever seen. Excellent work on it too!
  8. Beautiful trunk! Great work!
  9. Beautiful! Another great find.
  10. Beautiful! I particularly love the embossing on the leather. What an incredible find!
  11. Beautiful work!
  12. Great work! Beautiful trunk!
  13. Thanks trunkman!
  14. Thanks everybody. Greendog, I am planning to replace the screws on the lock for sure! Jscott, the inside isn’t too great. Has some paper that is coming off in a few places and no tray. The outside ...
  15. Merry Christmas!
  16. I agree. Strip it! And they do all throw some kinds of curve balls. I’m sure you’ll make it look great!
  17. That is beautiful! I love it. You have the best luck! Can't wait to see finished version.
  18. Another beauty! I like that you didn't paint it. It kind of looks like a monitor top. Love it!
  19. Another beauty! Looks like a lot of work but I know it will be beautiful when you're done!!
  20. Wow! What a great find. This is beautiful!
  21. This is beautiful! So unusual. I love it!
  22. What a great little doll trunk!! It's unusual to find one with this much of the interior in tact. I can't wait to see it after you clean it up. I have several doll trunks but none as nice as this one.
  23. Another beauty!
  24. This is great! Not sure how I missed it when it was first posted.
  25. Love this! You guys find such incredible trunks. I'm so glad that you share them for the rest of us. I love the inside as much as the outside. It's beautiful!
  26. Very cool! What an unusual piece. I can imagine this sitting in the window of an old store luring in trunk shoppers but not taking up a ton of space.
  27. Love this! Great interior. I've never seen one with these types of lithographs.
  28. Great job, so far. I would never have guessed that you could use furniture stripper on leather. I'll be interested in seeing the final result.
  29. The trunks are very cool and I love that piece of furniture in the background on right. So, beautiful!!!!
  30. Another incredible trunk! You and Scott seem to have a knack for finding the most amazing trunks. Can't wait to see what it looks like when you're done. I always struggle with leather.
  31. This is amazing! I had no idea that a doll/toy trunk like this was ever made. I, too, have several of them and look for them on EBay all the time. I have never seen one of these. Thanks so much for sh...
  32. You find the most amazing trunks! I've never seen one of these before. Thanks for sharing. It's so nice to get to enjoy these beauties that some of us might never come across.
  33. Beautiful trunk. Extraordinary job of restoration.
  34. That's a beauty. I love the copper! I've never seen such a fancy tool chest.
  35. It is definitely gorgeous!
  36. Another beauty brought back to life with your magic! Great job!
  37. Once again I'm blown away by your work with leather. I always struggle to get leather back into shape but yours always looks incredible!!
  38. Oh my!!! I love this. What a beauty. You truly have an incredible trunk collection.
  39. Love the double lock, too. I'm sure you'll probably have it done in the next couple of days and it will look great!!
  40. Love this! You have an incredible collection. I have an old leather covered apothecary box. It's made a little differently than this. It has the dividers for all of the bottles.
  41. That is an amazing find! I have a few albums and all only have a few photos. Thanks for sharing.
  42. Beautiful!
  43. Nice job once again! It looks beautiful! What kind of leather conditioner do you use?
  44. Thanks for the comment on my moon and stars trunk. Yours doesn't look like it has the unusual paint colors that mine does. So, I'm going to guess that someone repainted mine. I love the lithograph o...
  45. No, Leventin, I don't have any more info on this trunk. I did get it refinished. It looks a lot better now and serves as a table between two chairs in my sunroom. Good luck!
  46. Amazing interior! It's very rare to see one in this condition. I have a few doll trunks in my collection but mine all need a lot of TLC.
  47. Great work as usual!! It's beautiful.
  48. Love it!!! Absolutely beautiful!!
  49. I love this!! Never seen one like this in this size.
  50. Wow!! That is beautiful. I haven't seen anything shaped like that either. It looks like a variation of a Jenny Lind trunk. Great work on it!
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