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Brass Statue - Fine Artin Fine Art
Antique Oval Frame with Bubble Glass and Baby Photograph - Photographsin Photographs
Air Scout Manual (1942) - Boy Scouts of America - Sporting Goodsin Sporting Goods
Swiss Linden Wooden Doll - Dollsin Dolls
Scrader Universal Tire Pressure Gauge - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Cameo Pins - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Seth Thomas Goodrich Tire Desk Clock  - Clocksin Clocks


  1. Thank you for the history on this one. I have it, as well. Very nice.
  2. It is a Marine Corps Marksmanship Qualification Badge earned during Boot Camp (at least my son's was). It is the highest level, meaning best shot. I'm not sure of the requirement to obtain that leve...
  3. My mom has the same dispenser. It was always a "staple" on the table by the kitchen phone. I love it. Thanks for reminding me of it.
  4. I love the Wilson Flea Market. Got a wine slushy across the street before strolling through this year. Best time ever!
  5. I don't know anything about restoring something so great, but I love the door and love your plan. Best of luck and please share a picture of it when it is all done.
  6. Oh, that's too bad about the seat. Keep your eye out at flea markets. But, it would still look nice to restore the base and maybe reupholster a nicer top. Still a great stool!
  7. I'm wondering if, under that padding, there isn't a beautiful wood seat that unwinds to make the seat higher. Not fond of the padding. This might be a good stripping project to bring it back to the o...
  8. Looks like a piano stool, to me. I have one that is not cushioned on top, but very similar wood work. It went with an old upright we used to have.
  9. What a nice variety of necklaces. I'm sure you'll have fun with them. The glass ones you are holding in your hands are very recent. I actually purchased two like those at a gas station/convenienc...
  10. Hello, Tenbelow99. I have either this exact same lamp or one that is only off by a shade or two. You can find others like this Tiffany style lamp by doing a search for Slag Glass Tulip Swag Hangin...
  11. Ok, so I remember those chairs from elementary school, but without the gnome on it. I would assume that someone added that much later. Maybe after they purchased from a school district that updated ...
  12. Treenware I love this piece! So, I had to search for it...I may be way off base but it may be something called Treenware (see below). Do a internet search of Treenware and you will find similar ...
  13. Thank you, Loumanal. At least you gave me something to research and I believe you are right about it being Spelter. I had never heard of that before. Thank you.
  14. Hi Phil, The piece is mounted to a wood base, stands about 18 inches tall. I unscrewed the base (have not seen screws like that before) and taken a picture of the bottom. I don't feel that the pi...
  15. Thank you, ttomtucker.
  16. Thank you, Cameosleuth. I just say your comments. I do appreciate the education. And, thank you, for all the loves.
  17. My mother-in-law had those. I wish I knew where they were now.
  18. Very nice. I remember these in the Catholic school classrooms where I had to attend Catechism classes. The bottoms lined up to create the row. Sometimes "squeezing" in was not pleasant. I have two...
  19. As always, I love your posts about your dollhouse. But, this time, it's eerie. I have that hutch in my house...and...I have that exact vinyl flooring in my kitchen. No wonder I have taken to your d...
  20. Thank you, Efesgirl, for the education on the marks. Being new to my appreciation for antiques, I truly appreciate when you all share the knowledge and history you have learned.
  21. That is too funny that you are contemplating opening a wall because the room is too small for the desk. That just shows you the strange priority set we have as aficionados of fine things.
  22. As for the maracas, yes, they are sock darners and I......still use mine. The other things look like really big thread holders/bobbins for really big sewing machines.
  23. Your attention to detail is amazing. It is so inspiring. Thank you for sharing your progress. I, for one, will always look forward to your next update. I love the framed sampler.
  24. Thanks EJW-54, it did open and the markings are in even better shape than the picture I scabbed from the internet. They are cleanly marked in white. Thank you for all the "Loves", not being a tool per...
  25. Ah, SpiritBear, gotta love the ole tire gauge, umbrella or even calculator/ruler corporate gifts...Life just doesn't get any better than that...Haha
  26. I love it, especially the windows. Very nice.
  27. Absolutely beautiful! I have a dollhouse that I constructed 30+ years ago (never worked on the inside) and have just developed my love for antiques. Your passion has just shown me what I want to do,...
  28. Oh, I loved our banana seat bike. Most times, they were pieced together bikes but so comfortable to ride. Easy to maneuver and loads of fun.
  29. Oh, to the beautiful art of letter writing. This took me back to letters my Grandmother used to write me, as a child. We have lost so much of that. Thanks for sharing. I now plan to revive that wi...
  30. We love the Flea Market in Wilson, NY every Memorial Day. It is fun, too. You should check that out this year.
  31. I agree about Western New York. It has so much to offer. I grew up in the Southtowns, but moved north after getting married. I do love the color of that basket. It is beautiful.
  32. Scroll down on this link and you will see it in what they call "Sunset" color.
  33. I love to look up glass pieces and I found one like yours that said it was Indiana Glass - the pattern is Monticello. Beautiful piece. By the way, I am up in Niagara County!
  34. Thank you, Valentino97 and Gillian, for the references. Thank you, Courtenayantiques, for the love!
  35. I just looked through the set we have here and I don't see a place to record the family names. Which volume is it in yours?
  36. Very nice! I have the same set but with the name "John P Connor" embossed on the front. Obviously, not my family. Very nice for display, though. It's nice to see that someone has kept up the famil...
  38. Try this website. It may help you date it, at least.
  39. It is absolutely gorgeous!
  40. My personal opinion on an item like this's obviously old, but has no markings, so a little more difficult to identify. But if it "speaks" to you, if it is something you like to look at or us...
  41. How big is it?
  42. Yes, 1930, that is what the listing said. You are welcome. I love researching and, hopefully, finding the exact item. I am doing that with a lot of my mom's items that she has had forever. Enjoy!
  43. Marigold Crackle Carnival Glass Footed Tumblers Jeannette Glass Company, Iridescent, Orange Glasses. Maybe?
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Swiss Linden Wooden Doll


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